Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bubble watch and other links

Baseball America lists Duke as a bubble team and thinks BC is in already. Official announcement and pairings are announced Monday.

BC had two players make the tournament team.

Attendance has been an issue in Durham this week. Can you imagine how things would have looked in Fenway?

Some may remember the name Arthur Ray. He committed to BC out of high school and then made a last minute switch to Michigan State. He has yet to play a down for the Spartans as he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after signing day. His courage and positive influence should serve as a good model for Herzy. (Thanks to Scott for the link.)

I asked this on Twitter, but if anyone has experience with DirecTV's DVR vs buying another stand alone Tivo DVR, please let me know.


Eagle1 said...

"If anyone has experience with DirecTV's DVR vs buying another stand alone Tivo DVR, please let me know."

Bill - I priced these out about a year and a half ago. At the time, an HD Tivo was something like $800+, but it had an absolute ton of storage capacity, i.e., something to the tune of many of hundreds of hours. The DirectTV DVR comes with no such outrageous cost and has something like an 80-hour capacity, which is plenty for me and the wife.

That said, due to reliability issues, DirectTV sucks major giant monkey balls. Several storms blew through Boston over the weekend, and I lost reception thrice for about 10-15 minutes a pop. The equipment is completely unreliable, and if you need a tech to come fix your giddy-up, it's usually a minimum of a 4-day wait and a $150 charge. If the supreme idiots at Comcast (probably ND grads) would pick up ESPNU and the NFL package, I'd be back there in a heartbeat.

TMDavin said...

Get the Tivo HD. We love ours. Also, my folks just switched from Tivo to DirectTV when theirs died, and they find the DVR's interface lacking and say it is missing a few important features.

Unknown said...

The HD TiVos don't work with DirecTV. So if you already have DirecTV and don't want to switch, then you're stuck.

As far as ESPNU goes, last week, Comcast announced that they are going to start carrying it, along with espn360. They also worked out a deal to pick up the NFL network (not the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package, that will never happen).

I live in the DC area and just got FIOS. I'm very happy with it. I use the TiVoHD box, and it works great. The only limit with the TiVoHD box is that there is no on-demand unless you get a separate set top box.

Unknown said...

I have DirecTV and have had the HD DVR for a few months now. I don't have any real concerns or complaints about it.

Yes, the TIVO interface is better, but DirecTV has made strides in their DVR interface over the past 2 years.

DirecTV charges (I believe) $5/month for "leasing" the DVR. And if you have an issue, then you just call them and they'll send you a return package and you ship it back. If you have programs on it that you want, not exactly sure how you can get them off, but I'm sure you can google it and find options.

I live in CA and I've never had issues w/the reception. And I use AT&T for my DSL and they have a partnership with

Personally, I find DirecTV much better than cable.