Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Crane a Colt and other links

Chris Crane signed with the Indianapolis Colts. It's as good a place as any for him to learn at this level. Maybe, with time, it will all come together for him.

Former Eagle Ryan Glasper is hanging on up in the CFL.

Harsh gossip on the still unsigned Toal out of Jets camp. They had concerns about: his size, attitude, and injury history.

Deadspin poked a little fun at some alleged Raji memorabilia.

The Patriots signed Vinny Ciurciu. The former Eagle has now played in seven NFL seasons.

The ACC named Pat Dean the pitcher of the week.


mod34b said...

Crane seems like real NFL material according to the article! I am impresssed!

"Taking over as BC’s starting quarterback from former National Football League No. 1 draft pick Matt Ryan, Crane led the Eagles to a 3-1 start and wins over Notre Dame and Florida State later in the season before being sidelined."

Let's remember all the naysayers (like that Bill guy) who said Crane could never be considered for the NFL...

CT said...

That Crane article is like putting lipstick on a pig.

He couldn't make good decisions in college...what would change in the NFL? You know, where it's faster?

Did you watch him play?

Brian St. Pierre is still hanging around as a #3, but he was a better college QB than Crane.

You know, maybe I'm wrong. But I doubt it.

Ry said...

I am a big St. Pierre fan, but remember he had a bit more time to learn how to run the offense and control the game than Crane did. Compare Crane's one season with St. Pierre's first season as a full time starter, and remember he had seen action the previous two years as well.

11 games, 149-279, 2,016 yds, 25 TD, 10 int.

Obviously better efficiency numbers there...but he was also playing QB in an offense that featured a top 10 RB. The next year he only completed one more TD than INT.

I agree that St. Pierre was better, but it's tough to say that Crane couldn't have equaled his progression if he had a chance to play the same amount.

CT said...

Coulda, woulda, shoulda. The fact is, after, what, four years of watching a pretty good QB run the team, and being expected to do nothing more than "manage" a game, Crane didn't live up to anyone's very modest expectations. If he had 8 years of eligibility, okay, maybe he "progresses." Maybe he doesn't. Either way, not the point.

As a BC guy, I wish him luck. But signing on for a three-day mini-camp as an undrafted free agent hardly presages success.

As an aside, did Toal have "attitude" problems at BC? I wonder what that's about.

mod34b said...

CT -- are that negative Bill guy in disguise? I did see Crane play. I was not sure if he was a stiff or just lacked confidence. After watching the season (including the painful fall when he was lost for the season), I think he had a lot of ability and it was mainly a confidence issue. I think we would have gone to win the Orange Bowl with him. If that was the case people would be singing a different tune about Crane. While you are right that a 3 day contract is not a "big" deal, it is enough of a deal to somewhat validate that Crane has got a lot of potential. Ask Toal what it feels like to not get a contract. That says it all, doesn't it?

CT said...

Maybe it was partly a confidence issue.

What it definitely was...was a decision-making issue. Dumb choices led to disastrous consequences, against Ga. Tech, against Va. Tech, etc.

I don't know if we would have gone to the Orange Bowl with Crane and we'll never know. It's just supposition. And pretty pointless. So, I'm not singing a different tune, b/c that didn't happen.

"Got a lot of potential?" I think it simply demonstrates the Tom Brady Effect--finding a gem in the rough and taking a flyer--one that doesn't hurt the Colts--on a major DI QB who just so happens to come from Matt Ryan's school.

Ry said...

the word on Toal is that instead of working himself into shape whenever he got injured, he partied a little too hard and barely composed himself as the rising star that he was supposed to be.

put another way, the first time i saw toal in action it was using his fake ID as a freshman to get a beer at a bar in Logan Airport.

mod34b said...

CT -- Crane was picked because he could be a possible Brady...that's pretty lame...see the positive in Crane, the Colts do..good kharma

RY -- r u making this stuff up?, me thinks so

Ry said...

I said that the first part of my last post was just hearsay from being around campus and still having pretty close connections with undergrads. The second part, about the airport is 100% gospel from a while back. Not trying to trash the guy, i hope he does well. I'm just saying that the stories about him having an attitude problem may stem from his reputation as a partier.

CT said...

After watching 30+ years of college football, I really don't see much positive in Crane.

I mean, come on.

I don't believe in karma.