Friday, May 15, 2009

Herzy speaks and other links

Mark spoke with College Football Live. He described the initial timeline which includes chemo, then surgery, then more chemo. As always he carried himself in a mature and thoughtful way.

He also spoke with HD on Thursday night. HD also took some time to look at what our linebacker situation will be like without him and McLaughlin.

If you want to leave a message for Mark, BC has but up a wall for him on their site.

In other sports news, the day after the baseball team clinched a spot in the ACC tourney, UNC beat them at home.

Skinner is one of many coaches on the NCAA's ethics committee.

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eagleboston said...

Herzy is truly a great representative of the University. My thoughts and prayers are with my all-time favorite BC player (just ahead of Flutie and Ryan).

The expectations for this season need to be lowered as with both Herzy and McLaughlin out, the heart and soul of the defense is gone. Who do we have at linebacker? Dan Williams will most likely start in McLaughlin's old spot. Redshirt freshman Nick Clancy will be one of the outside linebackers and I am not sure about the other side. Mike Morrisey has game experience but I have not heard much about him lately. Will Thompson came in with Williams and he may have to step it up. Dominick LeGrande was moved to linebacker and I would not be surprised to see a couple other players move to that position given our depth issues.

Other players listed at linebacker: Darius Bagan, John Chisholm, Alexander Disanzo, Kevin Distaso, Luke Kuechly, Andre Lawrence, Jake Sinkovec. At least 2 of these players are going to have to step it up.

The good news is that some young players will get game experience much earlier than expected and that should pay off down the road.