Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hulu is ignoring BC's Notre Dame history

Hulu is a great service. They are growing their library daily and have many classic TV shows. They also have an extensive library of Notre Dame games via the Irish's relationship with NBC. However, the Irish focus means that they haven't released or posted many of the best BC-ND games. Take a look. As of this weekend, the only BC-ND game available is 1995. It was a fairly uneventful game as the Irish beat a mediocre Henning team 20-10.

How can you include 1995 in the library and not 1993? Where is the 2002 game that saw BC knock off an undefeated Irish team? Where is the comeback game from 2004? Why not include Matt Ryan's 2007 game where he showed signs of the NFL QB he'd become. Does Hulu think only ND fans use their service? Does Notre Dame not want to release losses?

Being the shit stirrer that I am, I sent a note to Hulu asking when they will be adding other Boston College-Notre Dame content. I will let you know how they respond. Feel free to reach out too ( If they realize there is interest, we could soon have access to the whole BC-ND library!


blockparty said...

big fan of the term "shit stirrer". give them hell atl.

i will send them an email and let you know their response if its any good.

Ry said...

Is there a chance that even though Hulu/NBC owns the footage they need to get the say-so from ND before they put something like that up? If that's the case, I doubt any amount of shit-stirring will help...but I am all for trying.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Even if they only wanted to include games ND won, you'd think they'd throw in the 1998 game, which was close and had an exciting finish.

Sr.Atlanta said...

Are there nd grads on the hulu board/ownership group? Hopefully we'll see more BC v nd video if the Disney purchase of Hulu goes through.

ATL_eagle said...

Double, 1998 was a BC home game so ND does not own the copyright to that one. I assume BC and/or the Big East does.

KeenanWashington said...

I think Hulu only has the games that are posted on the Notre Dame page at NBC started posting full game replays of ND home games in 2006, and last year they supplemented those with a few "Classic Replays." Since it's on the ND site, they're only going to put up ND wins, but it certainly is a strange selection of games. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that we haven't had many/any big wins since NBC started televising our home games.

eagleboston said...

The '93 game was one of the greatest games ever played in Notre Dame Stadium. Notre Dame mounted a ferocious comeback and it took a Flutie-type miracle from Glen Foley for BC to win. I have that game on VHS but my VCR motor finally burned out and I'm trying to figure out how to get it converted to DVD.

For the young BC fans, you have to put this game in context. We had the shit kicked out of us by Notre Dame going all the way back to when Flutie lost in a bowl game in the early 80's. They owned us. The prior year, Jerome Bettis and the Irish won by over 30 points. I mean there were years of frustration that were finally concluded with the '93 win. Also, if I remember correctly, the Irish were ranked #1 and had just beaten Florida State and were on their way to a national title until we upset them. Great game!

I attended the 2004 game and was seated in the corner so I could not even see Peterson's pass to Gonzalez (I think that is who caught the ball). The Irish fans were in utter shock. I loved it!

Let's hope we can continue the streak this season (it will not be easy).

BCNorCal07 said...

Hopefully, Disney purchasing a stake in Hulu will get some ABC/ESPN games up on the site. The BC victories in South Bend probably won't be up for a while, though, as NBC will still have a stake in the site (and ND's increasingly tarnished prestige).

Eagleboston, I too was there in '04. Man, the ND fans were silent as we sang For Boston! and trooped our way back to the cars! Great memories of that day, man.

Ry said...

This is the response I got from hulu:

Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed your request on to our content acquisition
team. In the future, feel free to e-mail such requests directly to

We're always working with various content owners to negotiate the streaming rights
to more shows and more episodes/clips from shows we already have, and we believe
you'll see our content lineup grow over time."

Erik said...

BAH! Get it off. Right here in ATL's blog, an advertisement for Online Executive Certificates from UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME!!!

No thank you.

Eric said...

"BAH! Get it off. Right here in ATL's blog, an advertisement for Online Executive Certificates from UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME!!!

No thank you."

I'm torn between clicking on it and making them pay atleagle money or ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

BC Billy 1979 said...

I also e mailed them. I guess Don Criqui, ND 66 is the PR guy for HULU.