Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The overlooked aspect of the ACC-Fenway problem and other links

As most of you know now, the ACC pulled out of Fenway for the 2010 ACC Baseball Championship. Swofford spun the reason for the move as travel costs during an uncertain economic climate. I am not buying it. My guess -- and with no scoop from anyone closer to the deal -- was this is tied to Mike Dee's departure from the Fenway Sports Group. The ACC already got screwed when the Fenway Sport Group doublebooked the historic park for this year and forced the conference to move the tourney to Durham. Now with Dee gone from FSG and the Sox, I imagine Swofford didn't want to mess around and face another scramble. In my opinion, blaming the economy is a face saving move until FSG gets its ducks in a row.

On the women's side, BC will take on FSU in the ACC Softball championship.

Dallas's bubble collapse has BC prepping our bubble for weather issues.

For those who haven't notice, Eagle Insider is beefing up their content. Here is their interview with Gene.

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