Friday, May 29, 2009

Playing in Atlanta and other links

The BCI guys touched on this a little, but I wanted to comment on the ACC-SEC kickoff game in Atlanta. Most BC fans have probably written off our chances of ever getting in the game since we won't bring the fans. While we won't be in the regular rotation I do think BC will get its shot one day. In part because we are a proven TV draw. In part because UGA will want to play in the game in the near future and would probably want an opponent that would not travel and turn it into a home game for them. And finally because I plan on joining the Atlanta Sports Council and pushing BC every year. I am totally serious about that last point. My new real job (which has altered blogging patterns around here) has relevancy to the Council and it is on my to do list. Give me a year or two of paying my dues and I'll work my way onto the selection committee. I'll let you know when I join. Too show you how busy I've been lately though, I've yet to call DirecTV to get my DVR which means I've been TIVOless for a week. To those who know me, that is a big deal. Enough personal stuff...more links...

BC got a big recruit on the hockey front.

Tony Sanchez is climbing up draft boards.

There is a new movie about the BC-BU hockey rivalry called "The Battle of Comm Ave." You can watch the trailer here.

Former Eagle Ryne Reynoso is putting together a nice season in Double A.

Brian St. Pierre has a legit shot at being the Cardinals' No. 2 QB.

The nice thing about BC's baseball run is the attention some of the players are finally getting including Barry Butera, Jr.

HD thinks late September will make or break our season.


Coast said...

Is BC a proven TV draw because of their team, or because of their opponents in each of those games?

CT said...

Is it BC or is it our opponent that creates good ratings? Who knows? Frankly, who cares? I'd bet it's the opponent, but to the larger point about BC having an opportunity to play in the challenge, I'd think that would be a wonderful chance to get additional program exposure in a rather parochial part of the college football world. In Atlanta, if it isn't the SEC, it doesn't matter. It's absurd and ignores the cyclic nature of things, but well-earned in the last few years.

Besides, UGA might want revenge. You know, 'cuz we beat them the last time we played them. Ha.