Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reason 193 why it is good to be in the ACC

I know the Mobile stuff rubbed people the wrong way, but this Big East-Gator Bowl showdown is yet another reminder that our bowl situation would be worse had we stayed in the Big East. Although it appears the ACC is set during the latest round of bowl changes, things like the hybrid process help the conference and BC. The more partners involved the fresher we become to potential hosts. Right now you can write off Jacksonville, Nashville and Charlotte for BC based purely on those cities recent experiences with us. However, a new spot via a potential hybrid (especially in the west) may bring new games into the mix.


Bird said...

link's messed up.

But I do agree. BC is better with us revenue-wise. The ACC is probably the best all-around athletics department conference out there, too. We bring in way more $ in football than the BE.

Brian said...

I agree. I know we are frustrated with the fact that some of these ACC bowls have all but shut out the possibility of the Eagles playing there - namely Charlotte, Atlanta, Jax, Nashville - but it could be much worse (much worse read as: El Paso, Toronto, Birmingham or St. Petersburg in a crappy baseball dome).

eagleboston said...

For those of us that live outside I-495, the move to the ACC has been awesome. I saw live every game last year except 2. In the Big East days, I would see maybe 3 games per year. I had to listen to the rest through the Internet radio feed.

I'll tell you, I really, really enjoyed the bowl game in Charlotte. I would go back in a heartbeat.

This season, given the rookie coach, inexperienced QB and injury situation, I will be delighted if we just make a bowl.

BCMike said...

Clearly you are wrong, Bill. UWV fans...err...writers know that the move to the ACC for BC was a colossal mistake.


ChicagoD said...

Nice link Mike. I like the part where he calls BC a 6th toe. Why does it not surprise me that such a metaphor would spring to mind down there?

But anyway, thanks to him for reminding us how miserable we BC fans are. What with better revenue, better bowl situation, better television coverage, fellowship with more comparable academic institutions its just so easy to get the misimpression that that the move worked out pretty well.

The other strong point was where he says they're stuck because they can't just drop one of the 16 basketball teams to make room for another football school. But then later he says BC should come back? Um, what's up with your math skills? Oh, I know, you can't count to 17 with only 11 or 12 toes.

Coast said...

More comparable academic institutions, though? As long as you don't mean Duke.

The only ACC institutions I would compare to BC would be Wake Forest, GT, and UNC, potentially UVA.

conlonc said...

Yes more comparable academic institutions - all ACC members are in the top 100 U's (BC #34 is the 5/6th highest in the ACC). The Big East football only has one in the top 75 and too many to count in the "tiers" below. BE basketball adds in DePaul, ND, G'town and Nova as highly ranked - but that's still only 25% of schools. 100% > 25%. Math skills rock!