Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Guess the catty coach

With the preview magazines hitting the stands, Dr. Saturday reminded me of one of my favorite features -- the anonymous coaches comments. BC was one of the schools to receive a snipe this year. An opposing ACC coach said this regarding our offensive line:

"I think the offensive line has gone down every year since 2006, when I thought they were the best offensive line I'd seen. But they've deteriorated since then." -- An opposing ACC assistant coach.

Not terribly biting nor terribly accurate. The 2005 team had five guys who would all make NFL rosters one day. The 2006 unit didn't have the same level of play or depth. 2007 was a transition year. But 2008 saw major improvement with four of the five starters making an All ACC team. But who cares if they were right or wrong. More important is who was the coach who felt the need to needle BC.

First, let's narrow the field. I am guessing it is a coach we see on an annual basis. That eliminates most of the other division. I eliminated Clemson since they had turnover in their defensive staff. I was tempted to predict someone from FSU, but we ran over them in Tallahassee last year. The 'Noles know our line was good. I also crossed off VT since their speed actually gave those 2005 and 2006 Olines trouble. Could it be Wake or Maryland? Maybe. But my guess is actually from former BC assistant and current NC State assistant Keith Willis. Willis was always known for his blunt forms of communication and didn't leave BC under the best of terms. I am sure he has no problem sharing his opinions and like some of the former TOB staffers, keeps waiting for things to fall apart now that they are not in Chestnut Hill. But like I said, that is just a guess and is pure speculation. Let me know who you think it might be.


Erik said...

I like Maryland more than most ACC'ers do, but this wouldn't shock me if it was someone on their staff. They seem to hold bitterness toward BC.

cjack said...

1st three game times to be announced soon.
9/5 v. Northeastern - 2pm ESPN360
9/12 v. Kent St. - 2pm ESPN360
9/19 @ Clemson - Noon on Raycom

BC requested the 2pm starts from the ACC.

brog2423 said...

The sad part about this is that i agree with the coach. That 05 line was massive and dominate. When jags tried to chance to zone blocking, he needed a smaller line, yet faster line, and guys like costanzo would not have started their first year. Don't get me wrong, i think costanzo is great now, but his freshman year he was liability on the right side

Big Jack Krack said...

Our O-line was awesome in 2005, except in the VT game. I was at the Clemson game in Death Valley and it was good old fashioned smash mouth football that won it for us.

This year I am really looking forward to how some of the younger guys will fit in - we are a little thin depth wise. In addition to Castonzo, Claiborne, Tennant, and Lapham - we have Goodman ready to step in, hopefully. I hear he can be awfully good.

Have Cleary and Halloran put on a little weight? How is Richman? Will Rossi play OL or DL?

What happenned to John Elliott? Injuries? Concussions? I guess he's done.

Coach Spaz will have to recruit some "hogs" in the 2010 group for sure to keep this thing going. We've got to get them ready for USC in addition to the ACC slate.

Go BC.

Charlotte Wolf said...

I doubt a classy guy like Willis would denigrate his former team. More likely someone just make the logical assumption that a drop off was likely after losing a coaching staff that was nationally known for producing top notch offensive lines.

TheFive said...

Unfortunately, during Matt Ryan's senior year (especially after the injury at Notre Dame), we had the worst offensive line we've had in a decade. But last year's line was so greatly improved that the two are not even comprable. That coach literally has no idea what he's talking about. None. I'd bet he's from a school that didn't even play us last year. Either that or he's lying.

EasyRider said...

I think our line last year was superb and will only better this year. Can you name any other school in the country that has two 6'7, 300+ tackles, a wide load like Claiborne, and a smart center like tennant? The other guard is a question but out of the large number of great o-line recruits we've had I'm sure we'll find someone

eagleboston said...

I have one sentence to describe last season's O-line. "BC defeats Florida State with an 8 minute drive in Tallahasse."