Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Cup hits campus

As promised Brooks Orpik brought the Stanley Cup to BC Sunday. A very good crowd of BC fans showed up and the whole thing benefited the Boys & Girls Clubs. Now let us hope other Eagles get their names on the trophy next year.

Thanks to Tom for these photos.

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Big Jack Krack said...

Way to go, Brooks - and bringing the Stanley Cup to Conte is great for recruiting as well, I would imagine.

Meanwhile GDF is sprucing up the scoreboards! What an exciting project! While new end wall videoboards in Conte Forum are nice(three times the size of our former video screens and will broadcast Boston College action in high definition), as ATL says, what we really need is a full renovation of Conte. And reconfigure it so that the students and younger fans are very close to the action, all around the floor - yes, all around the floor.

I'm a traditionalist, so I attend games to watch the games and root for our team. I'm not personally looking for new entertainment opportunities, etc. All I want is a full arena most of the time - and that means figuring out a way to get students and younger fans into the arena - translation price and availability.

Frankly, these new video scoreboards drive me nuts - but I may be in the minority. Give me good tradition, a good band, good cheering and a good game - and I'm good :-)

Fans don't come to the games to enjoy the "entertainment" of the videoboard. Give me a break.