Friday, July 17, 2009

Gene talks $$$

Everyone and everything is hurting financially. Once thought recession proof, sports has certainly seen a dip in demand and donations. There is plenty of belt tightening in college sports, and as Gene explained to ESPN, all schools have to make tough decisions.

In the article Gene talks of fairness and setting standards, but that ship has sailed in my opinion. Look at the easy to manage and regulate cost savors like coaching staff limitations and scholarship limitations. Yet schools get around both of those issues with huge salaries, veteran Grad Assistants and using prep schools and JUCOs as holding stations.

I am glad Gene has a platform and a plan. The entire university has been overstaffed for a long time. Tough choices should be made. But I also don't want Gene to use the economy to table long term needs like a permanent, indoor football practice facility and a full renovation of Conte.


eagleboston said...

I was shocked as a student when I learned that the BC football team stayed in off campus hotels the night before home games. What an incredible waste of money!

I was on the BC rowing team and we all managed to perform well simply by sleeping in our own rooms. I remember being awakened by drunk kids in the middle of the night. I just took a nap before my race and I was fine. And rowing is an incredibly physically demanding sport.

In these tough times, does it really make sense to spend so much money on hotel rooms for home games? If all of the non-revenue athletes can show up and perform, why can't the prima donna football players?

Timothy J. said...

Come on - the rowing team?

The football team brings in the bucks, and fans are actually interested in that team.

Maybe we should cut rowing to save money.

eagleboston said...


Men's rowing is not funded by the athletic department. The women are as it is a great way to get a bunch of women to comply with gender equity.

Anyway, Timothy, the point is why spend money to send guys away for home games? If money is tight, that is a simple cut. It would work best if the NCAA would ban the practice so everyone is on an even playing field. This one move would save millions for athletic budgets.

I just think it is an incredible waste and I doubt it has that much affect on performance.

Joe Grav said...

Agreed. I mean, I can see what the benefit would be, but not relative to the cost.

Erik said...

Are you guys kidding me? OF course they need to stay in hotels. I know how many Friday nights I spent outside in the parking lot at 3 AM because some donkey drunk BC student pulled the fire alarm.

There's no way they could get rest in the dorms, plus the temptation of loose girls & partying.

Plus that time is used for team meetings and team bonding.

You probably won't find a single 1-A football team that doesn't do this.

eagleboston said...


In a perfect world it is a nice benefit. But, these programs are losing money. Am I the only business person that posts on here? If the money is not there, you either have to borrow from a bank or cut spending. And I'm guessing banks don't want to throw a lot of money at athletic departments that are in the red.

You are right that all programs do this which is why I suggested that the NCAA propose a rule banning the practice. As far as noise is concerned, how do all of the other athletes cope? If you are worried about drunks and fire alarms, then put all of the players in one housing hall. They can bond all they want there.

All I'm saying is these AD's are whining about losing money and I have no sympathy for them when they are spending lavishly. Either raise the money to fund these luxuries or quit whining to us.