Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting to know Andre Williams and other links

Andre Williams seems to have a good head on his shoulders. In this Q&A he talks about his decision to commit to BC and his goals for the season.

Some current BC football players helped out at a local camp last week.

Matt Tennant and Jim Ramella will represent BC at the ACC Media Days.

HD thinks we have one of the better WR groups in the ACC.

You can catch Derrick Rossy box on ESPN 2 July 31.

Matt Ryan talking BC to ESPN.


conlonc said...

Matt should be a politician once he retires. he dodged every single question with ballerina-like grace. Or he could just answer questions in front of Congressional Committees.

In all seriousness, I can see why he wouldn't want to give a firm answer to any of those questions. I wish his answer about BC being a great place wasn't so general though.

Lally said...

Is anyone disturbed that he called Gene 'Coach' Flip? Slip of the tounge? Is it common for athletes to call the AD 'coach?' Just a reflection of Gene's hands-on approach with the football team? Is he too involved and micro-managing?

July is the worst. There's not enough going on and you end up reading too much into stuff like this. Can't wait for football season to start.

eagleboston said...

Gene is a former football coach.

Ry said...

all the athletes i know at BC call Gene "Coach"...i think the other coaches refer to him as "coach" in front of their teams as well

Erik said...

Yeah, Coach Flip is very common within BC Athletics.

Erik said...

I think yesterday (Wed 7/15) was the worst sports day of the year. The day after the All Star game, none of the 4 major sports have anythign. It's before football camps start. Not even weekend golf or auto racing to be found since it was only Wed.

Just an awful sports day. That is behind us now.

Big Jack Krack said...

HD didn't even mention Colin Larmond, Jr. Judging by his catch and run in the Music City Bowl, this is another one of our "under the radar" deadly weapons.

We have many options and combinations - in addition to these players, let's not forget Billy Flutie and now Chris Fox is listed as a WR. Clyde Lee is reportedly "super".

I don't know if Megwa will actually make it back (I'm almost afraid he will - and couldn't bear for him to be injured again) and we have other very capable receivers as well.

We're LOADED at WR.

mod10aeagle said...

I'm shocked to see such praise of BC's receiver core. How could anyone know after the QB performance last year? Sure, Gunnell has proven himself to be pretty solid, but Jarvis was inconsistent and the rest are a complete mystery.

I thought Fox looked great the one time I saw him return a kick off. He didn't get too far, but he was at full speed right away. Reminded me of Tim Dwight, in a good way.

Big Jack Krack said...

Since we're all going stir crazy with the lack of news in July before the football season kicks in - here's a funny hockey story for you.

When I saw the article that Brooks Orpik would be bringing the Stanley Cup to BC and Conte Forum this Sunday, I immediately called my friend Skip Cunningham, who is the Equipment Manager for the Carolina Hurricanes (formerly Hartford Whalers). Skip and I grew up 1 mile from Fenway Park. When the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup 2 or 3 years ago, Skip brought the Cup to Fenway Park for pictures in front of the Green Monster, etc and different spots around the Park, including the owner's area. The teams make up a nice book entitled something like Stanley Cup Travels during the year they own the cup.

In the course of the fun conversation, Skip mentions that he's at the Hurricanes' Rookie Camp there in Raleigh, and incoming Freshman Brian Dumoulin is there.

He showed up with a Yankees hat, and Skip ordered him to take it off :-) Although Skip is more Northeastern and BU, he's certainly not a Yankees fan :-) For all you die hard BC fans who are also Yankees fans - we had a little fun at your expense. Skip was then going to tell Brian that his best friend growing up was a huge BC fan and that if he ever heard of him wearing the Yankees hat again there would be hell to pay :-) Just kidding - but bring back the National Title, Brian - then you can wear whatever you want.

Skip also told me that he has known Philip Samuelsson since he was 5 or 6 years old. His dad played for the Hartford Whalers and is currently coaching in Phoenix with Wayne Gretsky.

He complimented BC very much in landing these players and the others coming in (Chris Kreider, etc). Coach York has another great team - how can we ever thank this guy?

Andrew said...

I really hope Fox contributes, and I am sure he is a hard worker. But I don't think his contribution will be at WR. I think we are too deep for him to get serious time. Hopefully he gives us some solid special teams play, thats something we definitely need.

CT said...

Ironic that we have depth at WR but likely no one to get it to them consistently.

Last year we had a really good defense and a miserable offense.

Matt Ryan graduated one year too early with last year's defense proving to be among the best in the country.

Not sanguine about the chances of a first year QB getting the job done. Tuggle, Boek, Weinke Jr....probably won't matter this year.

But just as this past season's bball team was really all about '09-'10 and '10-'11, so too is this year's football team about 2010.

The hockey team will probably have to carry the banner for the time being. Lord knows, they're more than capable.

Lally said...

Alright I'm satisfied. Tom Watson has got me all wrapped up in the British Open now and I don't care if Matt Ryan calls Gene "Shirley" or anything else now.