Monday, July 20, 2009

Outsiders weigh in on BC and other links

Dr. Saturday has done a good job following the BC chaos this season. When it comes to the QB situation, he follow his hunches and predicts that Tuggle will emerge. The Doc is also covering the ACC all week and discussed the growing consensus that Florida State will win the division.

I think our DLine will be better than HD predicts. I also think our offensive line should be the best in the conference.

For some of us, our knowledge of BC history begins with the time we arrive on campus. This piece offers a good glimpse and discussion into BC basketball history. I don't debate the John Austin call, but I don't think the writer gave the '80s guards their due.

More on Chase Rettig.

Minnesota trade Craig Smith to the Clippers.

Jared Dudley was back in Boston for a basketball camp.


BCMike said...

Nice find on the Dudley video. He remains, IMO, the most polarizing figure I can recall BC having since Romanowski. If he's on your team, you love him....if he's on the other team, you hate him.

I miss watching him play for our Eagles very much.

Joe Bags said...

Jared looking leaner...