Thursday, July 30, 2009

Respect for BC fans and other links

We need to get the Princeton Review folks on some bowl selection committees. Despite our travel reputation or the belief that we are more concerned with tailgating than kickoff, BC made the top ten in the Review's annual survey for “Students Pack the Stadiums.”

One of the ideas I've been calling for -- a bowl game at Fenway -- may be a real option. This article mentions baseball stadiums getting involved in college football. The reason I've always thought a bowl would work in Fenway is the novelty of playing there. Plus the limited capacity and city center location could make it sort of an event. Something that it wouldn't be in Foxboro.

Justin Tuggle is considered a redshirt freshman to watch.

Herzy is on everyone's mind. As mentioned in the SI article he's heard from everyone including Charlie Weis. HD promoted the Lift for Life event. Let's hope people put up pictures on Friday.

Tennant and Castonzo made the preseason ACC first team. No one from the defensive side made the list.


CT said...

I like how the BC spokesman isn't surprised about how good our fans are--according to a survey, but then urges people not to focus on other parts of the same survey about race interaction--however that's measured and whatever that means.


I'm of the opinion that our spokesman can rest easy: any survey that promotes the idea that BC fans are rabid can't be taken too seriously when talking about race interaction. See, Mr. Administrator? It's neither as good or as bad as it seems.

But maybe I'm just a cynic. Mabye Big Jack Krack can set me right.

BCDisco said...

The whole diversity thing is such a sham and, unfortunately, many colleges (BC included) have fallen for it.

BCMike said...
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BCMike said...

I got roasted for suggested a Boston Bowl game. I still think it would be a hit...even more so at Fenway.

Raj said...

How bout a Roggie's Bowl. (pun intended)

Erik said...

Can we get it to say "students pack the stadium"

No pluralization, as in attendance at Conte is embarassing by the current student population, and we don't have much of a baseball stadium, and we don't have any type of track.

Students do rock out Alumni though.

Erik said...

I have no pics, but I was at the event. Not a lot of people attended (like any BC event: spring game, non-Duke ACC basketball games, etc)

Probably more females than males there -- a few were notable.

The event was fun, I wish more people had been there to see it. Will Thompson MC'd it. All had a strength & conditioning aspect to it, I was surprised how involved the WR's were, even in the weight exercises. All events were Offense vs Defense, overall it came out pretty even.

Jayme Parker and a NESN camera were there.

Obviously from efforts other than attendance, they raised over $27,000 which will go directly to Ewings Sarcoma research. Great job by the team.

- Megwa was doing some serious work running with weights, it was awesome to see him recovered like that.
- Jarvis & Larmond look strong
- Scafe is wide, but agile and strong
- Albright put in work on a few events, he should be healthy
- Wes Davis and Marcellus Bowman were active and showed leadership

Eagle in Brighton said...

This isn't a ranking of our alumni fanabase (which, as a private schoool, is small relative to all these large state schools we compete against, and has a certain diasporic element to it), it was an informal measure of the current student body.

Though the average fan in Alumni is a passive wellwisher, the student section really is phenominal (in stark contrast). I definitely remember reading some interviews with VT players this past season citing Alumni as having the most "difficult" conference student section in which to play against.

Granted, Conte is a different story, but the accolade isn't that preposterous.

Andrew said...

I'm excited for the safeties. I like how Spaz mentioned Bowman as stepping up and being a leader (in a previously linked article). He killed someone in the spring game, and I think both of them will have big years.

Galvin said...

Raj, great post. I'm down for a Roggie's Bowl.

CatabEagle said...

Another sign of our stepchild status in the ACC..Our official ACC blog has our name as..."The Boston University Eagles"

Well done. Well done indeed.

CT said...

Again, we're not a top school in packing the stadium, but those that do show at Alumni do a good job. Go anywhere in the south and you'll see the difference. It's not even really close. Yes, we're small, we're private, etc. Anyway...

Ironically, BC could win far more in bball and probably pack Conte, but that doesn't seem to be an emphasis with the school. Or at least with Skinner's recruiting efforts. And I'm far more optimistic about the potential in the bball program than our ability to climb Everest in football...

So, yeah, I think the accolade isn't accurate. Unless they mean only football when it comes to stadiums. Which may be the case. I don't know.

Coast said...

What do you mean about the whole diversity thing being such a sham, Alex L?

BCDisco said...

I might have used the wrong term. What I meant was that it's just a front for guilty white people to feel better about themselves, and the colleges have completely bought into it (probably for marketing reasons). It just amounts to a waste of time and money. Most black and white students tend to self-segregate at BC and at most other colleges too.