Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shinskie's transition to college and other links

Although he hasn't even played a down, there has been a lot written about David Shinskie. This Fanhouse post deals with his transition to the structure of college football. What I found interesting in the piece though was Chris Weinke talking about the mechanics of throwing and adjusting back to the game. The first real test will be how the QBs react in the scrimmages. Most recall that the scrimmages were the final indicator that the Crane-Davis combo would not come close to filling Matt Ryan's shoes.

Great news on the medical front as Herzy's treatments are going better than expected.

Eagle Insider posted a Q&A with Reggie Jackson.

The Charlotte Observer started their college basketball coverage including some early scouting on BC. (Thanks to John for the link.)

Finally, word leaked out that BC may play Army in the new Yankee Stadium in 2014. I would be glad to see the Black Knights back on the schedule but having the game at Yankee Stadium doesn't do much for me. Playing them at West Point would be just as cool.


mto said...

BC at Yankee Stadium would be fantastic - I'm there in a heartbeat. Good idea too - a ton of BC alum and fans in the NYC area. Michie is a really nice place to go to a game and being able to tailgate on the Hudson but I don't think a lot of people get it together to take the 2 hour drive north when we play there (which has been a while anyway). The Bronx would be very cool. But maybe that's because I'm a Yankee fan.

Coast said...

Versus Army in Yankee Stadium? That will definitely silence the "Notre Dame copycats" sentiments.

cullenmi said...

Army game is official according to ESPN


bc9292bc said...

That's crazy...a game Army would be "just another game" in the eyes of the media. BC will get much more exposure at Yankee Stadium. Not to mention you can sell this to recruits.

Big Jack Krack said...

Wow - wouldn't it be so great and wonderful if Mark's treatment continues on as well as it has been and he is eventually CURED!!!!! Hope to see you on the sidelines this fall, Mark, with the good news continuing to flow.

ND - Army at Yankee Stadium = sellout for sure.

BC - Army at Yankee Stadium = hopefully a sellout or close to it, but who knows?

As I've said many times on this blog, when I was a student at BC, our games against Army and Navy (and the Air Force) were HUGE - especially Army in my mind. West Point wasn't as far from Boston as Annapolis, and BC was an "Army School". The Viet Nam War was eventually responsible for the decline of Army's program, but through '69 they were something special.

It's always an honor to play them again, Yankee Stadium or West Point.

Claver2010 said...

BJK, given the amount of alumni in the metropolitan area and that cadets would do anything to get off of campus (not that it's not beautiful) I can't imagine this game not being sold out.

eagleboston said...

For those who get the Big Ten Network, be sure to check out the 1984 BC - Penn State game at 9:00 PM CDT TONIGHT.

Flutie threw for over 400 yards in this 37-30 Penn State victory. You younger Eagles need to see how magical Doug was for BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

eagleboston - as I recall, BC brought the wrong shoes to this game - perhaps a contributing factor to the loss.

Joe Pa was not sorry to see Flutie graduate.

Claver2010 - I think you're right that Yankee Stadium is good for this game.

mod34b said...

Flutie!! He really could light up Penn State. In fact no college QB EVER has had another teams number as Flutie did.

Consider this blurb from a Flutie-oriented site:

Flutie "Has passed for more yards against a single opponent than any other player in college history: 1,420 vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (135 in his first freshman game, 520 in 1982, 380 in 1983, and 447 in 1984)."

Flutie's break out game, for me, was his sophmore game against Joe Pa in 1982 -- 520 yards!!. We still lost ( I think), but oh boy, what a game in Chestnut Hill that fine day. And a game for which I can proudly say: "I was there" !!

I am hoping this kind of break-out game will come this season from Shinskie or Tuggle (I am betting on the Shin!). That's right, I am wide-eyed enough to think we've got the ability to pull another spectactular QB out of a hat like a rabbit!