Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tuggle feature and other links

As we spend the next eight weeks hoping that something and someone click at QB, perhaps we should take some solace in knowing that Justin Tuggle was born for this. As the son of an Pro Bowler, Justin Tuggle has the genetics and access to the best training of any of the potential QBs. He seems poised for the pressure. Now let's hope he can start making the throws in scrimmages.

Tony Sanchez hasn't had a moment to catch his breath since the College World Series and MLB draft.

For those who haven't followed Charlie Davies' path since he left BC, here is a quick summary of his career.


Willis said...

Matt Ryan up for the ESPY Award for Best Breakthrough Athlete:

Big Jack Krack said...

This will be an interesting camp for our football team - especially for our QBs. Best of luck to Tuggle and Boek, and we'll see how hard some of the others push these two guys. If Justin can still move at 6'3", 225 lbs, we're in business. I think Codi is about the same size, and he can move as well when the pocket breaks down. We're better off with Davis having transferred in my opinion. I just hope they can grasp Tranquill's offense and play with poise and leadership.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

ATL you say: "As the son of an Pro Bowler, Justin Tuggle has the genetics and access to the best training of any of the potential QBs."

What does having a Professional Bowler for a father have to do with being a quarterback? I don't think the sons of Dick Weber, Earl Anthony, or Johnny Petraglia ever made it on the gridiorn! :~)

Big Jack...what about the 25-year old-QB-guy? isn't he still in the mix? or did I miss something? Has he gone bowling?

Sr.Atlanta said...

Thanks for the coverage on Charlie Davies!In addition to my love for BC sports, I am a futbol fan. And yes I cried when the US lost to Brazil last Sun. Davies played well.

I know this will be of great interest to the (one) other futbol fan in the ATL Eagle blog!

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello mod34b - I didn't forget David Shinskie, but in my own mind he was included in the "some of the others" along with Mike Marscovetra and Alexander Atiyeh. I think those three can push Tuggle and Boek for sure. I don't know quite what to think of the Shinskie deal to tell you the truth - perhaps he'll emerge - but if so, I don't think it will be in his first year.

Ry said...

Post from Mark Herzlich on Twitter:
"Great day"

sent less than an hour ago. Was today the day his MRI was supposed to be done?

CT said...

Very proud of Davies' work on the USMNT. The team is still vastly overwhelmed in terms of talent, its ability to possess and control the ball, its first touches...but it's nice to see Davies running around and adding some excitement.

It's not everyday that a kid from BC is known for his speed and ability to create. If only our football team had the same. Ha.

Nobody knows anything about the QB situation until the new guy starts throwing it around, right?

Yeah, what's up with Herzy's post?

Ry said...

I feel like a total stalker...but this is from Mark's dad's twitter (

"CT scan today came back clean! Great news!"

I thought it was an MRI, i didn't remember hearing anything about a CT scan...but either way, it looks like a good news for Mark.