Monday, August 17, 2009

BC's Mike's blog and other links

Friend and frequent commentor BC Mike has his own blog now. It is draft focused but well worth your time.

The BCI guys joined in on a ACC roundup.

Justin Jarvis is helping the freshman on the team.

We know what happened in our scrimmage. HD has the scoop on what happened around the conference.

Herzy was there for Ron Brace's first NFL preseason game.

NESN finally noticed that we send a lot of QBs to the NFL.

Charlie Davies' impressive play continued this weekend with his new club Sochaux.

BC is talking to Florida TE Neil Basford.

One of BC's top baseball recruits Kevin James is bypassing the Heights and signing with Tampa.

Former Eagle Brian Boyle is back east and now a member of the Rangers.

Chris Crane played about half a quarter in the Colts' most recent scrimmage. He went three for four for 18 yards.


Unknown said...

That NESN article missed Mark Hartsell who threw 1 pass for the Bears in 2000.

BCMike said...

Thanks for the shout-out, ATL!

Matt said...

BC fans, please rehearse this argument when dealing with obnoxious ND fans:

"Fredo" is not Michael’s incompetent younger brother. Fredo’s is Michael’s incompetent OLDER brother, who comes on the scene late, yet passes Fredo and renders him insignificant.

Notre Dame was founded in 1844. BC was founded in 1863.

Who’s Fredo now, bitch?

CT said...

I'll be adding BCMike's blog to the regular reading list. Good luck, fellas.

Great start for Charlie Davies! Could the next big thing not be Altidore but BC's Davies? That'd be wonderful.