Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can the ACC get SEC-type money and other links

Here's a good breakdown of the factors in the new ACC TV deal.

It looks like our running game will be more traditional, less stretch zone stuff.

Have you seen a red Cadillac on campus? It probably belongs to Dave Shinskie.

Despite his holdout, Raji came into Packers camp prepared and should play in their next preseason game.

I thought BC fans would appreciate EDSBS's description of the BC-Notre Dame relationship.


ClassO10 said...

Great description on the typical BC-Notre Dame relationship. Still laughing.

conlonc said...

Don't think the ACC will get SEC type money, but will still get a very large payday. I do like knowing that they are exploring many avenues for the best deal for the league.

Love the idea of Fredo re-writing the script - even though he already has.

Big Jack Krack said...

Which quarterback has the best arm strength? Which quaterback has the best speed, and "excapability"? Which quarterback is the smartest? Which quarterback commands the most respect in the huddle and behind center?

I'm kind of surprised that Tuggle isn't making a better impression, to tell you the truth. With a more traditional running game, we're going to get some opportunities to break some long ones if we can settle on the right QB. Run it down their throats, while keeping them loose - pass the ball to 10 different receivers and RBs. We have done that successfully in the past and we can do it this year - Go BC.

Regardless, we're better off than with Davis, I believe.

BCBCBC said...

I am surprised about Tuggle too, but I think he was recruited more for his dual threat ability, rather than his passing. I don't think he has very good mechanics and he was more of a "logan QB" like Crane (even though Logan didn't recruit Crane). I hope he makes #2 on the depth chart so Marcosvetra can redshirt, but it is clear that the new staff is not as high on him as the old staff.

Ry said...

i am down with us returning to a more traditional running game. we need to take advantage of our track record with producing stud O linemen to get those big bodies in here. i was never all that comfortable with the smaller zone-blocking style backs that logan and jags wanted to bring in.

Big Jack Krack said...

This is shaping up to be a strange season for quarterbacks. Former Duke point guard Greg Paulus is now the starting quarterback at Syracuse.

He won the job after transferring and getting an NCAA waiver to play football as a graduate student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications.

I was skeptical of the Shinskie deal, but who am I to say he can't make it?

EasyRider said...

Maybe we could move Tuggle to linebacker and fill the void of depth we have over there now.

Galvin said...


I think that is actually a great idea. If it becomes apparent that Tuggle will never be a starting QB here, why not move him to LB? That's where his dad excelled and I believe Justin has the size to do so (6'3" 220 lbs). I was hoping he would pan out to be a little bit better as a QB however.

Ry said...

Interesting article about the ACC by Schlabach on espn.com


GIANTS FAN said...

This is a great site that you have here. I have a sports site myself that I would like you to exchange links with you. Let me know.