Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dissecting the Depth Chart

The depth chart for Northeastern is out! It answered a few questions and raised a few more.

What we now know

-- We will start two freshmen linebackers and a third freshmen will be on the LB two-deep.
-- This is a very young team. There are 57 slots on the chart. 15 are freshmen and 15 are sophomores.
-- Montel Harris is going to get a lot of all purpose yards. He's our No. 1 TB, our No. 1 KR and our No. 2 Punt Returner.
-- Cleary did get the final open offensive line spot at LG. Let's hope this is the start of another great BC lineman's career.
-- Fullback-Tight End...what's the difference? Since we have no experienced or healthy full backs, Anderson and McMichael are listed there on the depth chart. I have no idea how Tranq will use them. I imagine they will still be pass catchers and also used at their previous position interchangeably.
-- Geiser's hurt. Walk on Sean Flaherty will be the long snapper.
-- Alex Albright is back (or at least healthy enough to reclaim his starting spot).

What we don't know

-- How the QB position is going to play out. Tuggle and Marscovetra are both listed as No. 1 on the depth chart. I assume that means both will play. Who gets the first series or how they will split snaps is still unknown. And what happens when Shinskie returns? I am encouraged by the fact that Marscovetra is a Co-No.1 as it probably means we won't be redshirting him.

More to come once Spaz explains this to the media.


Joe Bags said...

Do you have any info on Geiser's injury?

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

How frustrating is this article from the Sporting News (cited by Blaudschun in his blog).

Why are we getting lumped in here, two straight ACC Championship games and we're hopelessly trying to "stave off the inevitable" decline. And how is NC State "thriving" after 2 straight losing seasons?

I'm nervous about Spaz making the jump to head coach, but shouldn't we at least let him coach a game before declaring he's a bust? Maybe give him a full year of recruiting before declaring that he can't hack it?

CT said...

That Sporting News article simply proves that most any college football fan can get a gig writing about the sport.

What. An. Idiot.

Michigan St. and NC State are "thriving?" Really? To have that barometer of success gives every mediocre person cause for living.

We relied on emotion to hire Spaz? Good to know. I'm sure the guy has absolutely no knowledge of anything BC other than Matt Ryan.

By the way...our defense looks pretty good on paper (does the SN know we were 5th in the country last year in total defense under Spaz?)

Gotta hope the QB situation finds some direction quickly. I hate the two QB thing. That's indecision, not talent, talking.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with Joe - what do we know about Geiser's injury? Also, how badly did Momah injure his knee? Will Thompson be back by Clemson? By the way, Clemson feels as though they will beat us handily this year - perhaps by 3 touchdowns. I'll be there to help cheer the team on to shut them up.

I don't like the waffling at fullback. I'm with CT also - I don't like the waffling at QB either. Frankly, I'm hoping that Tuggle shows some real ability this Saturday, so we can get some direction going here.

I didn't see anything in the Globe today (a brief mention of Herzy's return to campus) and the Herald had articles on Notre Dame, Stanford and Michigan - pathetic.

Erik said...

CJ Spiller against freshman linebackers scares me. A LOT.

conlonc said...

Newest post on Globe's college blog posted that Shinskie will practice Tuesday. He was quoted as saying "This stinks." while standing on the sideline watching practice go down.

EagleEye2002 said...

Matt Ryan and Peter Mehlman