Tuesday, August 11, 2009

F off Brian Bennett

I know many BC fans dislike Heather Dinich, but her colleague and Big East blogger Brian Bennett proved himself to be a pompous dickhead windbag. Here's what happened, Bennett decided to post a mailbag about Big East expansion. With the BE coaches whining about their short schedule it makes sense to address the topic. However the floated mega conference or ACC poaching will never happen. Bennett knows -- or should know -- this. When challenged by a Bob V (occasional photographer for this blog) this is what happened:
Bob V. from Washington, D.C., writes: Did you actually talk to any BC fans? I coordinate all the game watches for BC alumni in DC, and have never, EVER heard anyone express displeasure with the ACC or a desire to return to the Big East. BC's biggest Big East rivals were Miami and Virginia Tech and the Clemson series has been a hugely popular success. Besides that, academically the ACC is a much stronger fit. Why would we want to play Louisville and Cincinnati? This is not the first time you have raised this, and not the first time your column seems completely out of touch with facts and reality.

Brian Bennett: Ah, yes, the storied rivalry that is Boston College vs. Clemson. I bet that gets pretty heated at the ol' office water cooler, because so many BC and Clemson fans work in adjoining cubicles. It's been known to tear families apart. And enjoy your bowl trips to Boise and Nashville, even after you play in that hugely popular ACC title game. That move to the ACC has worked wonders for the Eagles, all right.

So instead of answering Bob's valid question on what BC fans think, he mocks him and brings up the water cooler debate. Excuse me but the water cooler bullshit is one of the lamest straw-men out there. Unless you work in some place in Boston filled with BC grads and alums, there is no water cooler talk about BC football. That doesn't happen if we play Rutgers or West Virginia or Clemson or USC. The ACC wasn't about generating buzz. It was about money and stability and playing in a conference of equals. If Bennett doesn't know this or get this, he's dumb. The fact that he mocked Bob just means he probably put two minutes into his blog post. As for Nashville, Boise, et al bowl nonsense...our bowl situation wouldn't have been any better in the Big East. Turnout for Tampa? The Big East doesn't even have a championship game.

I guess I shouldn't get worked up over this stuff, but Bennett is wasting his time, his platform and his opportunity to do something cool so he can take cheap shots and be an internet tough guy/funny guy. I wish and hope ESPN holds their bloggers to higher standards. Thankfully we have HD.


BCNorCal07 said...

Wow. That's just terrible. I haven't been saying much this summer because there is so much uncertainty around the football team, but this got me a little riled up. I was in school when the switch was made, so I never had to opportunity to talk with Big East alumni. However, I live outside of the Northeast and have yet to meet any alumni from Big East football schools. I meet ACC alumni all the time (I don't live in the Southeast, either) and it's always fun to chat about ACC sports.

Bottom line: I do not, nor does any alum I know, want this school back in the Big East. BE fans and schools have shown themselves to be very classless in the aftermath of our. On top of that, BC - not just athletics - is thriving since the move. Why does no one realize that?

EAGLE_IN_LA said...

ATL Eagle ... don't back down from being angry like that. Nice to see a little emotion out of you like that.

The Big East can go f off for all I care. It's a sh*tty conference with sh*tty teams and is garbage all around (except for the non-football schools like Villanova, Providence, or Georgetown, among others).

Never do I want to be back in that joke of a conference. Never do I want to play UConn or Rutgers or WVU again in any sport.

That writer from ESPN is an absolute tool.

TobaccoRoadEagle said...

i water cooler converse with many in the acc on a daily basis. the only way to have a water cooler conversation with a rutgres, yukon, or west virgina is to catch the guy while he's delivering the water.

this guy stinks on ice.

p.s. nice of you to work in a pro-HD comment. it blows my mind your wife still lets you talk to/about her.

blockparty said...

hooah atl, love the emotion! gets me fired up baby. bennett makes no counterargument to any of bob's points. even though i grew up in new england and still live there presently, i have absolutely no interest in ever rejoining the big east.

Lally said...

I view this as progress... they're no longer making the "travel costs" argument

max said...

I posted this over on that comment board:

I (BC Alum), do indeed share a cube with a Clemson alum and we both enjoy the newly forming rivalry (not one of history, but definitely one that has started to form since joining the ACC). In fact we traveled with a group to Boston last year for the BC/Clemson game and will travel to South Carolina with an even larger contingent for this years game. Look at the final game scores since joining.

2005 @ Clemson W 16-13 (OT)
2006 Clemson W 34-33 (OT)
2007 @Clemson W 20-17
2008 Clemson L 27-21

It might not ever be Ohio State-Michigan, but new rivalries can form, and this one has better potential than some of our old "rivals" from the Big East.

Tony77019 said...

The comments on this blog are an anomaly compared with all the other blogs on college football & the ACC. Many of your fans are not all that thrilled with the ACC, don't travel to away games including playoff games and bowl games, and have no connection with the southern culture that pervades the league. I see no value in BC in the Big East anyway. Your basketball program would be mid-level in the league and your stadium size is about average. Say good-bye to ND since the Irish have BE obligations which supersede the "catholic war" or whatever you want to call it. Lastly, you were the ones sniffing around to renew eastern rivalries with Syracuse in football and Villanova in hoops. The majority of BE schools want nothing to do with you. So let's just ignore each other and get along.

BCNorCal07 said...

Anthony, I have met absolutely zero BC alums that are unhappy with the ACC. Zero. Maybe this is because I don't live in New England or the Tri-state. Whatever the case, I feel more comfortable speaking for my school's fan-base than taking the word of a non-alum.

Ryan said...

I have not met one student who wishes we were in the Big East, nor any alumni through my job who believe that it would be better playing schools like Rutgers every year. If you happen to meet one, let me know.

Ben Hinchey said...

the southern half of my family went to clemson and the northern half went to bc. so maybe not, "tearing the family apart" but a much more fun rivalry than i'd ever have with rutgers/syracuse/pitt/cincy/luh-ville (all shitty away games to go to btw).

so suck on that brian bennett.

Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan said...

Also, thanks Anthony for telling us what our fans do. I think we know a little better about what our fan base does than what you read on some irrelevant ACC blog.

Unknown said...


I agree with you. "I see no value in BC being in the Big East." That is because BC is far better off in the ACC. And not just in football. I go to as many games as I can, and this applies to basketball, soccer, baseball, field hockey, etc. For the most part, the criticism you may see about the move is not coming from BC's side but from the big east. We are happy where we are. Therefore, we have no reason to complain. And when the attacks do come, we defend our actions, and it is helpful that it is so easy to do so. So, go back to following your conference and I wish you well. Because, I am confident that BC will be doing just fine in the ACC for a years to come.

Unknown said...

It probably won't amount to anything, but if you are really not pleased with the comments from bennet (as I was), send an e-mail to the ombudsman at ESPN.

Here's the link:http://espn.go.com/espn/columnists/archive/_/name/le-anne-schreiber

CT said...

Anthony...clearly, clearly out of touch. But that's okay, I guess. You have far less contact with BC'ers than we do. He's just trolling for a response.

I'd echo what has already been said about the move--it's a non-issue precisely because it was the right thing to do and precisely because BC is better for it. And because the big money generator, football, is simply a bigger deal in ACC schools, and the south, than in the B.E., with the exception of perhaps WVU. Okay, football, check. Not to mention...um, how about baseball? The team has benefited tremendously from playing southern teams (all those B.E. baseball powerhouses must miss us...like...I take it back). And playing ACC basketball...a real downer.

I'm all for disagreement. But disagreement based on facts. And the fact of the matter is if BC never plays another B.E. school in anything again...so what?

I almost love the fact that non-BC'ers still talk about this, b/c I'm not aware of any BC alums who do. Ha.

As for Bennett...hey, smart guy! I don't know his background, but he sounds as ignorant as most of the other whining northeasterners about BC leaving them behind.

Funny, too, b/c a couple of hosts on ESPN Radio have actually been talking about taking away the B.E.'s automatic BCS bid b/c the conference is so...well, you know. Nothing lights a fire these days like an old Syracuse-Cincinnati rumble.

Hmmm....nah, you can have it.

You know, reminds me of the old saying: it's far better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you're a fool, than open it and prove them right.

BTW, in ACC FOOTBALL NEWS: Va. Tech starting RB Darren Evans tore his ACL in practice and is out for the year.

Let's get back to more salient things.

eagle1331 said...

On a positive note, we received a commitment from CJ Jones tonight..

downtown_resident said...

Way out here on the other side of the country, some 2000+ miles from ACC country, alumni of the 12 schools are joining up this Sunday to watch major league baseball at the second annual ACC Day at the Ballpark. A couple weeks ago the same alumni got together for the 3rd annual young alumni happy hour. These events are a lot of fun and the BC alums definitely feel welcome (albeit probably a little less welcome thanks to our successful football and basketball teams, and now baseball too).

You know how many events we ever had like this in the Big East? None. Zip. Zero. There was no interest and to my knowledge, most of those schools don't even have alumni clubs out this way. Guys like Brian Bennett have no clue what's going on in the real world outside of ScarletNation.com and the like.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mike Tranghese was very shortsighted when he was the Assistant or Deputy to Dave Gavitt when the Big East was formed as a Basketball Conference. By the time they realized that football should be added, it was too late to form a very strong conference - they had already refused entry to PENN STATE - what a blunder.

Our main "Eastern" rival was Syracuse (45 games), and it makes perfect sense to renew that rivalry - plus it will be good for both teams (and both leagues perhaps). If BC was ever going to have a good to great year, they had to beat Syracuse - often late in the season. They absolutely broke our hearts on November 27, 2004 - that's a rivalry.

The point is, we'll play Syracuse in the future - and Army and the rest of it wasn't a great fit anyway. BC is much more comfortable with the schools in the ACC both educationally and sports-wise.

Once the ACCCG moves to Charlotte we'll see sold out games. I'd love to see BC vs UNC for the Championship in 2010 :-) BC fans will travel to games that make sense.

ScreamingEagle said...

I'm a current student at BC... maybe it's just because I wasn't here for the Big East Era, but I really like the ACC. I've traveled to plenty of away games, the football away games, championships, bowl games, and the basketball games, even the Women's ACC Tourney (surprisingly fun!), so I've had a lot of interaction with our fellow ACC schools. I've enjoyed talking to other ACC fans, and while we may not have the huge, high-profile teams, we have great fans, and there's strong and exciting competition within our conference. Overall, BC just fits so much better with the ACC, because here we can be with similar schools, both academically and athletically, which makes it that more exciting. The ACC is where we belong, and I've never seen or heard of any BC person who regretted the move.

And who expected the BC-Clemson rivalry to develop overnight? Even the biggest rivalries in football don't just spring up immediately, they develop over years, and we haven't been playing Clemson that long, but it's showing good signs of becoming a good rivalry. I already see strong opinions developing amongst students about some of the other schools *cough*VirginiaTech*cough*, which could develop into rivalries. Rome wasn't built in a day, give it time.

BCDoubleEagle said...

We're so desperate to rekindle those northeastern rivalries that we just signed a deal to play South Carolina:

Good riddance, Big Least.

conlonc said...

The only BC people (and you'll see why I say people in a moment) are older alumni who are very out of touch and semi-fans to begin with and the "others" in our fanbase who root for BC because it's convenient but have clear agendas that include other BE schools.

No one with any semblence of a clue or with any real pride in our athletics can say anything bad about the ACC. With each passing day (and about 1,500 have passed already), it becomes more and more obvious.

Brian Bennett is a terrible blogger that goes more for quantity than quality. It's too bad he couldn't make a single counterpoint to the perfectly legitimate question posed to him.

Groundhog said...

I've flown JetBlue Boston to Raleigh-Durham a number of times. Its quick, cheap and i'm a thousand times more likely to fly down for a UNC/NC State/Duke/Wake Forest game than go to Syracuse or Piscataway, New Jersey.

morrina said...

Just one more BC fan that is thrilled with our move to the ACC, for all of the reasons mentioned above....and one more. Just because you are a rival or an opposing fan, doesn't mean you have to be a complete a**hole. It's a lot more fun going to a game without a drunk idiot yelling in your face. My worst experience EVER was our football game at UCONN. I hope we never play them again.

downtown_resident said...

One more point to add to all of this is that BC does have history with Clemson prior to 2005. In fact, BC and Clemson have faced off 18 times (we're 8-8-2 against the Tigers) including 12 times before 1961. The highlight was a meeting in the Cotton Bowl in 1940.

But, hey, why let facts get in the way of a good rant for this Bennett guy?

Craig said...

Not sure who you all are talking to, but I'm a BC alum who longs for the days of the Big East. The ACC teams inspire no hatred from me other than Miami and V Tech, both former Big East schools. But, when we were playing Big East football and basketball, I HATED Syracuse, UConn, G'Town, Pitt, St. Johns, etc. with a passion, along with Miami and V Tech. Conversely, I have nothing bad to say about Duke, Virgina, UNC, Clemson, Maryland, etc., etc.

I do acknowledge that the move to the ACC made sense money-wise and in the long run will be deemed a success. I just don't like the teams we play now and liked the old, gritty, Northern-based Big East conference. Big East basketball was awesome and there was no better conference tourney than the BE tourney at Madison Square Garden.

I thought the writer's email response about the BC/Clemson water cooler talk was hilarious. Lighten up, folks. He was kidding around!

conlonc said...

Groundhog: great point. Our farthest trip is to Miami - which it was in the BE too! We're not in the days of horses and buggies here - NC is a 1.5 hour flight. Name me one ACC town that is inferior to Morgantown, Storrs, Piscataway, Syracuse, Cincy...no brainer.

People also seem to forget the non-revenue sports and the positive impact its had on the athletics program as a whole.

conlonc said...

Craig - is hate the only thing that matters? I agree, I miss the BE tourney at MSG. After that, I struggle to come up with anything else I miss about the BE.

Having traveled to both BE and ACC locations, I can tell you it's not even close when it comes to general fan knowledge, friendliness, desirable destinations, and all other imaginable comparisons.

CT said...

Craig, I think Bennett was feigning a lighthearted attitude, but his last sentence about it "really working out well for the Eagles (paraphrasing)," tongue-in-cheek is simply wrong. It has. And will continue to. Nobody in their right mind would disagree--again, financially and marketing-wise. If you're fine with BC being a provincial school from the northeast, I could understand why the Big East made sense. I think, however, that BC is aiming, especially in light of the campus development, to be a national university, a la Stanford, only with a better football team. And again, football is the king of sports and as much as old basketball rivalries are nice, it's football, the split bowl pots, and its TV contracts that bring in the most money.

Besides, Bennett made fun of our trips to Nashville and Boise. Nice attitude toward those towns.

And what exactly are the Big East bowl tie-ins again? Well, the Gator is trying to drop the Big East in favor of the SEC, the Meineke Bowl, Papajohns.com Bowl, Sun Bowl, International Bowl, and the St. Pete Bowl (vs. C-USA).

Wow. Yeah, those are fantastic.

And the bowl comment neglects the fact that it's not a conference issue with BC going to Boise, but a fanbase travelling issue--hence the "BC" rule. Bennett is a moron.

If you read the whole transcript, he talks about Big East expansion and mentions the possibility of that conference "grabbing back" BC.

I don't think the guy knows much about this issue and instead of admitting as much, lashed out, rather unprofessionally. I don't think it's an overreaction on our part, but you might. He wasn't just wrong, he was a tad condescending. Not Fonzi.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Love the passion ATL: this BE angle is ridiculous.

Few schools have developed more in the past 25 years than BC: we're not a provincial school in 2009, nor do we need a provincial, lowbrow conference.

The ACC move has been fantastic for BC: financially it has been a boon for the athletic department (relative to the Big Least), academically we are finally with peers, and the level of competition (football, basketball, baseball) is highly superior.

And the few decent BE relationships worth preserving ('Nova in basketball; 'Cuse in football), either are in the works or already locked down.

The ACC move's been a no brainer for BC and there really is no looking back. All this empty talk is just sensationalized filler for Bennet and NY Post columnists to reach their off-season word counts and post requirements.

morrina said...

craig, since it all seems to be about hate...if you don't hate duke, there's something wrong with you.

Willis said...

The Big East acts like a scorned lover. I'm waiting for them to fly a plane with a banner saying "Boston College Stop Pursuing Married Women!"


Craig said...

Sorry I used the word "hatred." Don't fixate on that word. My point was that BC had built up rivalries with a lot of the Big East schools during their time in the Big East and, as of yet, none of the matchups with ACC schools are bringing that same passion. I suppose with time this may change the more we play certain schools. One more punch from a Greg Paulus-type player at Duke might help continue to generate a rivalry with Duke; however, I doubt Duke will ever view BC as a true rival. Because Duke has UNC, I don't think the BC/Duke relationship will ever amount to much more than a regular season game.

BC, for many excellent reasons involving it's high academic standards and the effect they have on recruiting, will never be a Top Ten, BCS football team or Final Four basketball team. I'm fine with that so Bennett's pot shots about bowl games doesn't bother me. I'm happy with having above average football and basketball programs that make bowl games and the tourney every year, but wish we had some great rivalries to go with it.

Part of the reason our hockey program is the best program at BC right now is that it has historical, long-standing rivalries with other programs. BC/BU is as good as NCAA sports gets and the rivalry has been built by playing each other year after year. Perhaps 50 years from now I'll feel the same way about a BC/Wake Forest football game, but right now I do not.

That's all I'm saying. I'm not saying it was a bad move or that BC shouldn't have done it, I'm just saying there was a significant price to pay in terms of losing those great regional rivalries within the Big East that we all enjoyed so much over the years.

conlonc said...

Craig, while I value your opinion, the "price BC paid" by leaving the BE was in no way "significant".

BE football goes all the way back to 1991. That's only 14 years of history prior to our departure. Let's not pretend this history is glorious and lenghty. It will take all of 10 more seasons in the ACC to cover that "tradition".

Let's see who we left behind:
UConn - 12 GP (10-0-2)
WVU - 33 GP (11-21-1)
Syracuse - 45 GP (17-28)
RU - 26 GP (19-6-1)
Pitt - 29 GP (13-16)

The most significant one we've lined up to play again. SU, RU and UConn are regional, but Pitt and WVU are as regional as UMD and UVA.

I fail to see these "great rivalries" of which you speak. Just because you got used to seeing them in Alumni and Conte does not make them "great rivals".

I think if you make the effort, one will find that the new and budding rivalries will be more exciting in all regards.

Also, I have news for you on your "never" comment: BC was #10 in the country in 2007's final poll. The basketball team was 6 seconds away from a FF in 2006. That's pretty recent.

I'm still confused as to where the significant price is. I just don't see it.

Ben Hinchey said...

we last finished in the top ten in football in '07, led by players that probably played for bc BECAUSE we had high academic standards. clemson also has high academic standards - so do plenty of other schools. that's no excuse.

Lally said...

Even if the statement that we have "no rivals" in the ACC is true, who are the "traditional rivals" in the NBE that we miss? Certainly not the newly-added Cincinnati, USF and Louisville. Not UConn - they're new to D1 football. Pitt and WVU have each other. Rutgers? Please. We do have a bit of a history with Syracuse, but for the most part, the notable games were over come the 60s (except for the 2004 game which NEVER HAPPENED).

BC has been playing football since 1898. Our most historic and established rivalry was Holy Cross. Since they chose not to invest in d1 football, we basically are rival-less.

I've heard people lament the loss of BE basketball and the playing in the Garden for the tourney. And that's fair enough to a point, but what they miss ended a long time before we left for the ACC. They miss, really, the 80s and early 90s when the BE was a coalition of private, mostly Catholic schools playing a big brand of basketball.

Now, it's a mess of a conference with a lot of dead weight at the bottom and trips to Northeastern enclaves such as Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend. No thanks.

Eagle in Brighton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig said...

For football, I would consider Syracuse, WVU, and then the two other BE teams that left, Miami & V Tech, as rivals in the old Big East. The new Big East lineup for football stinks, I get it, but if it was still made up of the same BE teams as when we left, I would enjoy football more. Sorry. ACC football, before and after the switch, just isn't great. It's always been a basketball conference. I can't get into playing UNC, Virginia, MD, NC St, et al, in football. Sure, I get fired up when we play Miami and V Tech, but they were old BE schools.

Turning to basketball, and I date myself here, but I am a fan of BE basketball from the 80s and 90s so I consider UConn, Syracuse, St. Johns, G Town, Providence, Nova, Seton Hall all great rivalry teams. BE basketball was fantastic prior to the switch. 3 out of 4 final four teams the year Nova beat G Town. I agree that the new BE bball is too big and a strange mish-mash of teams from across the counrty, but the old BE was phenomenal, physical basketball amongst great programs, most of which were in the northeast. The championship tourney at MSG was always a dogfight. ACC basketball, while it has always been a great basketball league, just doesn't appeal to me as much as the old BE because, again, I'm not that excited about playing the other schools. Yet.

I accept the argument that perhaps I should just shut the hell up for about ten years and maybe I'll be more satisfied. But, for now, I miss the old Big East, especially for basketball but also for football.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Lally: Couldn't agree more.

Here's the money quote:

What "they miss, really, [is] the 80s and early 90s when the BE was a coalition of private, mostly Catholic schools playing a big brand of basketball."

The BE of the 1980s, where basketball was elite and the conference was narrowly defined, (to quote the man of the hour this media-cycle) "is not walking through that door."

Even with the 2005 conference realignment, there still is potential for renewed home and homes with the likes of Nova and Cuse.

Today, the BE is a hollow shell of what it once was, and BC is better suited (academically, athletically, and financially) with their southern brethren.

Lally said...

My view of the whole thing probably comes from the fact that I wasn't a BC fan until I got to campus in 2000, so I missed the basketball glory days.

Bottom line is I like playing FSU, VT, Clemson alot more than I'd look forward to Rutgers, WVU and Louisville.

I like Cuse, and am happy we're playing them in the future again.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Retrospectively, fair points Craig.

In terms of the "debate" circulated today, I just think we need to take a prospective view on the matter: BE tradition was great, but looking forward, the conference (in both basketball and football) is just a bloated shadow of its former self.

Conference familiarity obviously was the greatest loss of the ACC switch. But I'd argue more is gained from these new ACC relationships than we would have derived from perpetuating the BE status quo.

I'll take the potential for greatness with the ACC over fleeting memories from the BE; memories that just don't resemble the BE in its current (unfortunate) condition.

Sean OLeary said...

Boston College: the most irrelevant BCS college football team in history.

Do you guys realize that you play in New England...no one in New England gives a crap? And that you play in the ACC...and no one gives a crap. The bowls don't want you. The ACC championship game doesn't want you. Heck, there isn't even a network in Connecticut or RI that will show your syndicated games. I can watch Louisville beat up a I-AA team, I get Big XII games, I get Mountain West games...but most weeks, I can't watch BC 90 miles away.

Just accept the fact BC means nothing and the move to the ACC was the worst thing an already irrelevant athletic department could've done. And don't give me this "but we make more money" BS...that doesn't help BC get fans, attention or notoriety. It doesn't do anything.

And the worst part...you're scared to play UConn in football.

SectionKK said...

@Ed James:
I live in CT too. The reason we don't get BC games on TV, at least for many basketball games (and sometimes football) is because of TV deals between the Big East and NESN. The JP Sports syndication that is on TV 38 in Boston (when BC gets bumped down to those) obviously isn't show in CT because we only get the Hartford stations. Still, I've had no problem watching almost all of the away BC games on TV here (I usually go to the home games) because they're almost all on ESPN/EPN2 or ABC.

As for your other comments, I'm not taking the bait. They're too ignorant to even respond to.

CT said...

UConn has a football team?

Ed...not even a good effort, buddy.

Craig, reasonable points. I'm not convinced we had any BE football rivalries, since it's a relatively new football conference. That's why it's sad that ND doesn't want to lose to us every year anymore. ND was a budding rivalry. As for basketball, all fair points. Perhaps b/c the ACC has the same schools for bball and football, rivalries will more quickly develop than were we to play Providence in bball and Cincinnati in football.

Ben, I would disagree. Most other schools don't have high academic standards for their football team. Recruit different players, get different results. It's a handicap I'm happy to live with.

Coast said...

I love it when people blow sports out of proportion.

BCDisco said...

Why is it that the burden of proof is always at the feet of BC fans? Opponents said we wouldn't be successful and that we wouldn't make any money and that the fans would hate it. All of these things have easily been proven false. Yet here we are 4 years later still having to prove that the move to the ACC was a good idea.

For a change, I would love a solid, rational, unsnarky argument given as to why BC should return to the BE. No more of BC fans having to prove anything. We've been doing it for 4 years. We're done. It's your turn, BE fans.

Coast said...

As an ACC member, BC wins games and makes money. They came out winners in the move from the Big East to the ACC. They don't really have a reason to move back to the Big East (I find most of the people calling for the BC return are not BC-related, such as other ACC schools or people who prefer geographic conferences). You can call them outsiders and say they don't belong in a Southern conference, but I don't think you'd pass on the money, given the choice between BE/ACC.

That being said, BC still has to travel better to catch the eye of big bowls. I don't know how well fans traveled while BC was in the Big East, so either BC has a historical traveling problem or being in the ACC makes travel more difficult.

It is purely speculative, but I believe BC could have won a Big East title (had they remained in the BE) and won their ticket to a BCS game as an automatic bid. That's where the trade-off is in my opinion.

Ben Hinchey said...

ct - all due respect, but let's not pretend like bj raji, if not for his football skills, would have been admitted into any other acc (or be!) school but not boston college. think he met the average 1300 sat score that a bc freshman has?

i love that we're an elite university as much as the next guy, and i appreciate that we're not admitting thugs left and right just to play ball, but c'mon - football is a different story. if notre dame can do it, why can't we?

CT said...

Ben, that's a fair point. But I think it's also fairly well acknowledged that the kids BC goes after have to value something other than Autumn Saturdays. There is an explanation for not recruiting the same kids other Top 25 programs do. There's plenty of talent to go around and lots of playing time to be had. I'd argue it's brand recognition (people in the south simply know very little, if anything, about BC), geography, and BC's approach. But I accept your point. I would say BC seems to have more Herzlichs than William Greens.

max said...

Craig -RE: " I can't get into playing UNC, Virginia, MD, NC St, et al, in football"

Et al = Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forrest all over the last four years who have proven to be very fun opponents, given us great games to watch and been great places to travel to on the road.

Unknown said...

I'm very happy with the ACC. So is every BC fan/alumni I know.

Why do we keep having to prove that we're happy with the ACC?

Rowdie said...

Well, I'm in a family torn apart by the BC Clemson rivalry. Although, I don't consider Clemson much of a rival. They certainly don't seem to like BC fan. I don't get invited to clemson games anymore.

Also, I was dreaming about joining the ACC before there was any whisper of such things. It's been great.

See you in Tampa!