Sunday, August 09, 2009

Practice! and other links

By the time most of you read this, BC will officially be practicing football. Thankfully the long summer is over. My coverage has been a little thin, but I hope to pump out some previews this week.

Spaz sounds fairly confident and I was glad to hear from Tranquill. It sounds like it is all about Shinskie.

392 BC athletes made the ACC honor roll.

Chris O'Donnell is ready for football season.

Cherilus held a Q&A with the Globe.

Good call from BC All Access.


Andrew S. said...

#94 has meant very good things for BC football over the last 8ish years. I would've been pretty happy to pick up a Kiwanuka jersey from the bookstore back in the day - he was always one of my favorite players and a heck of a nice guy as well.

I appreciate being able to buy the Herz jersey, though were I in a different mood when reading this, I might have thought that profiting from the jersey of a great player who's fighting a serious disease isn't so kosher in my book.

Andrew S. said...

I should also say that I think BC All Access really did hit the nail on the head in suggesting that a significant portion of the profits go to support a specific cancer related charity instead of wherever those dollars end up.

Erik said...

I'm not sure I agree that BC is the bad guy by selling this shirt. He was the #1 leader on our team last year. Will be a leader this year, in a differnt role. And he'll likely be the leader of the team in 2010. Giving fans the opportunity to wear his number is a good thing.

Usually the only options are some old QB 3+ years after the fact, like Flutie, Hasselbeck, or Ryan.

Would you rather them sell a Herzlich jersey or a Chris Crane jersey?

BCMike said...

I understand where Andrew is coming from...however there are two things to consider:

1) BC no longer runs the bookstore. It's run by Follet.

2) We don't know who/when ordered/gave the okay for the jersey to be sold. For all we know, it could have been after Herzy won the defensive POY award and before it was announced that he was fighting Ewing's Sarcoma.

Lastly, Kiwi was one of my favorite Eagles of all-time. It would be of no disrespect to either Kiwi or Herzy to have a Herzanuka jersey--that's at the top of my Christmas list!

Darius said...

While it'd be nice for BC to announce that at least some share of #94 jerseys go to cancer research, or even a more specified cancer fund, I don't have a problem with them selling a #94 jersey. Whenever we think about buying a BC jersey, we assume the money's going to the school or its athletic programs. I don't see this as profiting from misfortune, but as a step in the right direction. I believe the school needs to sell far more jersey numbers in general.

For players, jersey numbers have long been a matter of prestige; It's a selling point to prized recruits to offer them the #1 jersey or a number of a recent star like #12. And think of the chief honor a player could seek: ultimately having your number retired. It's a matter of pride for players to look out into the crowd and see fans wearing their number.

As a fan, it's frustrating to walk into the bookstore and find no numbered jerseys at all beyond #22.

Numbers that should be marketed by the bookstore or athletic department in a given year should include:

1) past stars of note (#22, #12, #94, #68?)
2) The #1 jersey
3) The #31 jersey, with a portion of profits donated to the McGillis Fund, Leukemia research, or a different cause voted on at the start of practice by that year's players (there could be a commemorative tag or shelf display card explaining McGillis and the current donation)
4) Current team captains
5) Any player still on the team who has been named first-team All-American by a major media outlet.
6) Any player still on the team who has already been honored as a league player of the year.

The appearance of profiting from cancer aside, selling #94 ought to be a given on the bases of qualifications #4 through 6.

mod34b said...

ALT -- no one seems to care, but i feel good at least knowing that Shinskie is penciled in as starting QB. This could really be a great development and a delightful surprise.

another interesting QB development: Chris Crane is still hanging on with the Colts, albeit seemingly briefly:

QB added
The team signed rookie quarterback Chris Crane to compensate for the hamstring injury that likely will keep backup quarterback Jim Sorgi out for a couple of weeks.

To make room on the roster for Crane, the team waived punter Tim Masthay.

From 8/10/09 news article. Crane's a gamer!