Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reading too much into the first scrimmage

The first scrimmage shouldn't mean much, but Spaz raised expectations a bit by saying that whoever stood out would be the No. 1 quarterback. Of course, no one stood out. So what does it all mean?

-- If you go by the scrimmage results, Boek and Marscovetra had the better night.
Both have been good so far this summer too. Yet neither moved the ball much. Tuggle and Shinskie are still clearly in the discussion. Nothing has been determined.

-- The defense is going to be good this year.
I know I've just started my previews, but I believe the D will be very good this year and tonight was the another sign of hope. If you remember the D dominated in the scrimmages last year and continued that dominance once the season started.
-- Some of the young talent is ready to step up. In past scrimmages you would see random names pop up and then disappear and never to be heard from again. Yet some of Saturday's names -- like Johnson and Holloway -- have been whispered about enough that you can start predicting big things.


Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Does Marscovetra have a legit shot here to start as a true freshman? Don't really know much about him, but seems impressive that he walked right into camp and is competing. Read that he has a strong arm and is reasonably mobile. Maybe the answer comes from where we least expected it, a much younger true freshman. If he was the answer, wonder if Shinskie or Tuggle would leave.

Alternatively, if he doesn't start, do you red-shirt him for a year?

eagleboston said...

Rob, I would say it is pretty wide open at this point. Sir Doug Flutie was 4th on the depth chart his freshman year until late in the season when he was brought in for the injured starter against Penn State and immediately wowed BC Nation. He started every game thereafter.

Big Jack Krack said...

There has been no mention of RS/F Quarterback Alexander Atiyeh. Is he still in school? Changing positions? Was this a wasted scholarship?

Just curious. But if you have a true freshman in the mix, what happened to Alexander?

I've been following the posts, but unable to respond lately. How about Max Holloway - could be a sleeper this year on defense. With Albright back, we might be able to show some real speed off the ends, and then switch up a little bit with other players - Ramella, Giles, etc.

Big Jack Krack said...

By the way, I caught one quote from Montel Harris that I liked - as his high school coach would say - "Run it down their throats".

I've got a chip on my shoulder already.

Go BC.

Lally said...

Jack - Atiyeh is a walk on, so no scholarship wasted.

Lally said...

And Atiyeh is now listed as a FB in his player bio. Maybe switched to get special teams playing time.

Unknown said...

Few thoughts:

First, I totally agree about Holloway. I remember watching him play in last year's spring game as a true freshman and seeing flashes of potential. Saturday he got two sacks and a pick-six. Max could develop into the play-making weapon of a pass-rush DE that we've been sorely lacking. I hope to see him get plenty of playing time this year, even if it's as a backup.

I think it's cool that they are willing to give Marscovetra a real shot. By giving him the second-most reps at QB this week, that's definately the message they're sending. I'm still holding out hope for a Riley Skinner-type revelation and if one of these QBs emerges, we can keep them around a full four years! Keep in mind the top two QBs in contention are both true freshman who missed spring ball. It's too early to tell what we've got with them, we need to be patient and see if it starts to click for them.

Big Jack Krack said...

I didn't see any mention of Freshman Nate Freese, but I did see that both Steve Aponavicius (32 yards) and Ryan Quigley (42 and 32 yards) missed relatively short field goals.

Oh Boy - I hope we can fix this somehow. The inability to kick a medium length field goal is a huge disadvantage - never mind just plain embarrassing.