Friday, August 07, 2009

Shinskie makes his ESPN debut and other links

I believe the coaching staff when they say QB competition is open. But they may be tipping their hand a bit by sending David Shinskie on a media tour. Shinskie's story is a good one, but why would BC send him to ESPN if he wasn't expected to do much. (Thanks to Andrew for the link.)

Brandon Robinson is having a good training camp with the Eagles. (Thanks to Justin for the link.)

Surprisingly, BC received 3 votes in the preseason coaches poll.

Raji remains in Green Bay -- unsigned, underappreciated and bored.

Quinton Porter is still the starter in Hamilton.


Wesley said...

I agre with you atleagle... you don't send someone to get all this press.. just to have him ride the pine.. its a great story; I believe he is our starting QB

EAGLE_IN_LA said...

This is already a great story. I wish Shinskie nothing but the greatest success. He could help make this a really special season. Good thing we're starting off with Northeastern.

Big Jack Krack said...

EAGLE_IN_LA - Why is this such a great story?

Nothing personal at all - but I don't like this Shinskie thing. I may well be in the minority, but this is moving too quickly. Although the coaches are trying to toughen these guys up with competition, etc. - let's send out Tuggle and Boek for ESPN interviews. And what about Alexander Atiyeh? Nobody mentions this guy - is he no good at all? He has the size and the "pedigree" to stack up with the rest - Shinskie is #4 as far as I'm concerned - until he proves something. Hopefully this will help build the team, but it could backfire. And if our coaches are leaning towards Shinskie before practice even gets going smoothly - that's really not good.

Raji may be making a big mistake - hope not.

Wesley said...

Jack, I do think you are in the minority on this one... BC needs press, this gets press.. and we needed a starting QB.. but I definitely understand your point of view.

blockparty said...

i think if anything, shinskie has the confidence that comes with age. or at least thats what i hope.

tuggle fits the qb mold of jags/logan. i am assuming that we will move back towards a tob-type of offense that utilizes our rbs and rely less on the matt ryan-types throwing the ball 45-50 times a game.

i think this year will be tough for bc, but i am get really excited for this team regardless. maybe its the last ten years of production on and off the field that has spoiled me, but i do believe we will surprise some people.

Lally said...

Shinskie to start isn't guaranteed still, but the staff basically acknowledges that he is the early favorite, as ATL was mentioning.

BlockParty - early word is Tranq has put together a spread offense similar to Logan's. I think we will most certainly run out of it more this year than last, though, and comments by Spaz and Tranq about the strength of our running game support this.

Wesley said...

It kind of sounded like we would see a lot of dual TE sets., did anyone else get that feeling?


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Erik said...

I'm so sick of Shotgun formations

Big Jack Krack said...

Erik - I don't like the shotgun either - personal preference is part of it. I'm sick of it too.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

I am livid that Notre Dame is ranked 23rd. What in God's name have they done to deserve that ranking. Just another chance for all those Domers to pat themselves on the back for absolutely nothing. Looking forward to October 24 and we can put them back in their rightful place as second to the Eagles.

Sorry about that, can you tell I went to BC?

CT said...

The ND ranking is based on expectation. They have a really easy schedule this year. Be prepared for many "ND is back" stories this fall.

The perpetual shotgun can be annoying--not if you're a Florida fan, however--but watching a QB run out of the spread offense with the speed of a water buffalo, the girth of a pelican and the accuracy of an SEC co-ed at calculus...not good times.

Darius said...

I hate preseason polls for this very reason. Given a generous August placement, ND could finish 8-4 and inside the top 20 without beating a single team of note. USC's the only team they play that's ranked in the preseason, and only three others significant enough to get any votes (one of which is Michigan, 3-9 last year). Meanwhile, BC (scheduled to play four pre-ranked teams) could go the same 8-4 with a win or two over ranked teams--including ND--without ever even sniffing a poll spot. Especially if they start 3-3.

Nothing would shut down the media like a 3-4 start for ND. But if ND gets past both Michigans and makes it to 5-0, even if Michigan is rancid again and ND looks terrible squeaking past those 5, you'd have to move to the Maldives to avoid an around-the-clock hypefest.

Bottom line is that as talented as ND may be, they've got a HUGE impediment--utterly incompetent head coaching. The players don't develop, and they still won't look competitive against USC or any other legitimately good team they may play. Coach Cheezborger, as my wife calls him, is probably going to cost them games, and I hope one of them is BC.