Monday, August 24, 2009

Shinskie update (Did Jags or TOB dream about seven cows and not tell us?)

Indulge my biblical reference for a moment:

GENESIS 41:29-31 Seven years of great abundance are coming throughout the land of Egypt, but seven years of famine will follow them. Then all the abundance in Egypt will be forgotten, and the famine will ravage the land. The abundance in the land will not be remembered, because the famine that follows it will be so severe.

I received confirmation that Shinskie did break rib(s) and is day-to-day. His status for Northeastern won't be known until much closer to game time. The endless offseason continues. Yet I remain hopeful. Like Egypt after Joseph's dream interpretation, I think we stored up enough pieces to ride through this weird plague.


BCDisco said...

I prefer the "bubble" reference. Under TOB and Jags, BC football was experiencing a bubble, much like the broader economy. And, like the economy, things started to unravel towards the end of 2008/beginning of 2009. At the present, we may experience a "recession" of sorts for the next few years.

America said...

I don't really get all the negativity. To be honest with you I think we should have a great season. Our D is going to be great and so is our O-Line and RBs. We also have some of the best WRs in the ACC. Really the only question marks are our QB and new coach (which is not really a new coach). My prediction is we win the Atlantic again and "surprise" everyone. It's the same old story. The national media wants us to fail because they keep looking stupid by failing to notice us. This year they think we have a shot to live up to their predictions. NOT A CHANCE!!! You'll all see.

eagleboston said...

I fall between the pessimists and the optimists. The only scenario where we win the Atlantic this year is if we get a QB to stretch opposing defenses. I don't think we have one right now. However, I do feel we will finish 3rd or higher and will avoid the 5th or 6th place finish that the majority of pundits predict.

I think the defense will be good but we have very little depth here and 1 or 2 injuries could be devestating. I also agree that the O-line and running game should be tremendous. Many defenses are going with smaller, quicker linebackers to combat the spread, so going back to smash-mouth running may serve to be a wise move for BC.

The big issue I see is we really don't have any playmakers. Who are we going to get the ball to if we somehow find a QB that can dish it out? We have good, working-class tough guys, but I don't see anyone that can turn the game around with break-away speed or big yardage in the open field.

CT said...

eagleboston, couldn't that last paragraph apply to pretty much every BC team all of us have ever known?

We know, or at least we think, that the defensive secondary will be good, and it should be the strength of the defense, but we don't know about the front 7. At all. Can we stop the run w/o Raji and Brace? Will Albright and whomever provide a pass rush? How good are all the new LBs?

Our D was 5th in the country last year. It won't go higher this year. Which means we'll need to catch a few breaks along the way. May happen. May not.

This year is probably a down year. But not a last place finish, for sure. The QB issue is HUGE. If we get the typical inexperienced deer-in-the-headlights rookie QB, and chances are we will, the RBs lose their significance. The bright spot would be to find some Kiwi-like talent on the d-line for the next few years. I don't think 2009 is about 2009, if that makes sense.

eagleboston said...

Bottom line, who really knows? I'm never good at predicting this stuff. It just gives me something to do during the interminable wait for the season to start. Even the experts can't get this right. Save the pre-season Top 25 and then look at the final poll in January. You will be amazed at how different it is.

mmason said...

Last year we got a full menu of what can happen with rookie QBs, did we not? It was nuts, yes, but at the same time we got big surprises in several places that were positive--the RBs, the Dbacks--heck, the Defense period, were all plusses.
This year we have a better Head Coach--and I mean a real Eagle football guy who's been around the Heights a long while and has nothing but the best interests of the U and the team at heart. I agree with VinnyBC that all this negativity is not necessary--the bad breaks have been bad, for sure--but BC has always risen above that kind of stuff. We have some great kids on this team--great kids--and talent everywhere. Guts and grit and spirit and heart are tough intangibles that this team and this coach know about from deep down. I'd take our present situation any day over the koolaid they're drinkin' in "South Bent" or any of the preseason polls voodoo that never happens. We're gonna win our share of football games this year and surprise alot of folks who always overlook what we should have come to appreciate by now: BC is Tough and you never want to take the Eagles for granted. Watch. See.Believe. Go Eagles!