Saturday, August 01, 2009

Spaz speaks

Here are two clips from last week that have now been put up online.

This clip wouldn't embed put here is Spaz chatting up a local reporter.


CT said...

Heard Heather Dinich on ESPN Radio this morning. Basically just gave a capsule of each team in the ACC--nothing of note and pretty superficial. ACC 101 for 2009. Finally got to BC, noted the Herzlich and McLaughlin losses, then mentioned the QB issue. Said, "BC fans usually get upset b/c we underrate them and they're usually right. But (paraphrasing), probably not this year." Said FSU has the best OLine in the league.

Anyway, I don't know why I just wasted two minutes typing that. I've never gotten into the debate about BC being respected--it clearly isn't and it doesn't matter. Dinich doesn't do very much for me, but neither do most media types, and I'll never get back the last three minutes of my life.

I see Rice signed with a Greek team. Somehow I think I saw that uniform on him during certain conference games last year. It must give Chinese guys playing for Harvard hope that one day, they too can experience the alluring and varied cultures of Europe.

eagleboston said...

Gang, don't get sucked into this pre-season BS. BC never, and I mean NEVER is picked to do anything at the start of the season. We will never earn the respect of the pundits and I don't waste time worrying about it. Last I checked, no games are played in August.

Camp just started. A QB has yet to be selected. How can Phil Steele and Athlons possibly know how BC will perform this year? We have about 16 redshirt freshman from a very good recruiting class. Young players are going to have to step it up and I believe they will and BC will be competitive. They may not win 9 games, but I think they will be better than the rest of college football nation does.

Go Eagles!

Brett said...

This is a stupid question, but the "witness protection program" comment was a euphemism for being a non-name coach, not a literal story, correct?

Erik said...

I think we'll be fine. Somebody has to be picked at the bottom. It's essentially a division of 6 3rd place teams.

It's easy enough to see we'll be a little worse, and many teams will be a little better. Maybe everyone finishes 4-4.

Lally said...

Every year recruiting experts look at BC's classes and say "meh." There's never any elite talent to compete with the rest of the conference and because of that, we're on the decline.

Something happens during those five years those "meh" recruits are at BC, though, because at the end of every year, those same experts proclaim that we've graduated too much talent to expect to do anything the next year. Of course, at the end of the next season, there's been a number of players who "Surprised" or "came out of nowhere" to help BC to another winning season.

Bottom line, CT, no one knows what they're talking about.

Brett - I believe Spaz is talking about being in the CFL after being unable to find work in college football. He probably sees ending up in Canada as the same thing as disappearing.

BCMike said...

Hey Brett--Lally is correct. Spaz has long referred to his time in the CFL as "being in the witness protection program", which is why he's still very grateful to TOB for plucking him out of there and back into the NCAA's.

Lenny Sienko said...

Spaz was hardly anonymous in Canada. He was the defensive coordinator for the Calgary Stampeders, when Doug Flutie was their qb and they were winning the Grey Cup.

Wally Buono was the head coach and had versions of the open offences we see today.

I traveled up to see them play in Ottawa and Toronto. Great fun to see Flutie throw for 500 yards plus in a game!