Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spaz TV and other links

Most of you probably saw this but here is the Globe's day with Spaz.

Mark your calendar as the long rumored BC-BU hockey game at Fenway will take place January 8. There will be a press conference Thursday to talk about the event. didn't post any pictures today, but they did have another practice update. Toal and Raji were also back on campus.

Scafe is ready for a big year.

BC landed another top recruit in Delaware DB C.J. Jones.

Et tu, Carlton? (Thanks to Matt for the link.)

BC soccer put together a good recruiting class. (Thanks to Chris for the link.)

SI doesn't think we will make a bowl. It figures since they ranked us No. 71.


Anonymous said...
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Andrew S. said...

Interesting to read the comments from that ACCNOW blog about how little the fanbase down there really cares about BC.

My thinking is that they've underestimated the impact that BC has on ACC TV ratings. The evidence that I look to is that of the recent ACC Champ games that I recall did quite well up here. It'd be really interesting to get some personal opinions from ACC brass about how they view the inclusion of BC into their expansion.

CT said...

Super cool about the BC-BU game at Fenway. Love the idea. Glad BC made it happen and gave up the home game.

Even as a bigger football fan, this surpasses any potential football game at Yankee Stadium against Army, no?

Now that's a game worth traveling to...

CT said...

Delaware's top football recruit gets offers from BC, Rutgers, and NC State. Yikes. Not quite Florida, but we'll take it. All 165lbs.

C.J., please eat.

We're cleaning up in the Mid-Atlantic!

Delaware is BC country!