Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BC hosting hoops regionals and other links

BC will host the NCAA East regional in 2012 at the Garden. What I want to know is does the rule restricting hosts from playing in their region still apply?

Ron Brace is ready to face Matt Ryan for the first time.

The Florida State game will be televised. However, the kickoff time is still TDB.


Big Jack Krack said...

We drove to Atlanta from Clemson, and had a nice dinner, etc.

Going to the Falcons game on Sunday took some of the disappointment away. Matt Ryan is marvelous. He made one mistake when he forced a pass (intercepted). Other than that, he was just about perfect.

The Falcons are up in Foxboro this week - should be interesting.

On our front, let's see how the staff is addressing our issues. I don't think we can put all of the blame on Coach Sean Devine for the OL problems. Our veterans looked confused, so there's a disconnect there somewhere. Where do we think it might be?

Let's work it out BC.

bcball2418 said...

There was serious disconnection between the coaches and the o-line. Tuggle was better than stats can prove and i think we're ready for a decent wake D
hopefully we do well enough to make the fla st. game a big one on TV. i would want nothing more

morrina said...

Atl: yes, that means BC will not be able to play in the East regional at the Garden in 2012. At least it's 2012 and not 2011, when we should have a team prepared for a deep run. On a selfish note, I'm glad BC is hosting. That means season ticket holders get first shot at tickets. I had a courtside seat for Pitt-Xavier-Duke-Villanova (and that classic Pitt-Nova final) last year. Without a doubt, one of the best basketball experiences of my life. Right up there with beating Duke at Conte last year, and beating Syracuse at Conte back in our worst-to-first year when we were still in the BE.