Thursday, September 24, 2009

BC-Wake Forest preview

Yet another test, only this time we have a reference point. Obviously we want to win, but more critical than winning this week, is to get some offensive momentum. We need to find plays that work. We also need to see how Spaz and his staff respond to a bad loss and how the players respond to him. The Wake series has produced some great football and was also one of the turning points in Matt Ryan’s career. Maybe another BC QB will use the Deacons as a springboard to something bigger.

Narrative talking point that you’ll tire of by the end of the game.
“The Eagles and the Deacons both replaced a lot of NFL talent on defense.” I understand how this is an easy theme, but both programs are established enough at this point that they are constantly losing NFL talent and replacing them with new younger, viable ACC competitors. The winner of this game won’t be about who isn’t around. It will be about who steps up. Plus as Spaz has said -- “coaching’s got to count for something.”

Three simple keys

1. Minimize missed assignments on the offensive line. We won’t get anything started offensively if we cannot reduce mistakes on the offensive line. No more ole blocks. No more double teams while letting others run free. No more tripping over one another.
2. Incorporate Tuggle’s running into the scheme (if Tuggle plays). Tuggle looked his best when he was running or rolling out. BC needs to emphasize plays that build on his strengths.
3. Good directional punting from Quigley. Spaz made it clear he is going to play the field position game this year. Quigley really only had one mistake last week and it was costly. Let’s hope he is perfect this week.

Gambling Notes

-- Jim Grobe is 2-6 in his ACC road openers
-- Grobe hasn’t had a losing September since 2005
-- BC hasn’t lost a Parents Weekend game since 1998
The current line is BC-1.

We have played Wake 16 times yet 12 of those games have been home for BC.

Scoreboard Watching
I’ll be paying attention to the Virginia Tech-Miami game. The Hurricanes have looked like the best team in the conference. If they struggle in Blacksburg it will be an indicator that the Hokies are their usual selves and will probably be our most difficult contest.

I hope to see…
A functional quarterback. It looks like a change is coming with Shinskie as the probable starter. I hope extended play gives him what he needs to click. Or maybe Marscovetra will get off the bench and play well. Or even Tuggle. I just want someone to step up.

BC is in trouble if…
The WRs don’t improve. They weren’t the main problem last week, but they were a problem. Wake, like Kent State and Clemson will probably stuff the run. We need to throw and the WRs can’t have the drops they had against Clemson.

Bottom Line
As frustrated as we all were last week I don’t think hope is lost. Our defense validated our beliefs that they would be strong. If we can just manufacture some points I think we can win this. I think this will be another close BC-Wake classic with BC holding on for the win.
Final Score: BC 17, Wake Forest 13


mod10aeagle said...

I'm cringing while I'm typing this because it's too early to throw out the playbook, but Tuggle looked pretty darn good on that little option run thing they did ... twice in the fourth quarter. Last year we saw Crane and Davis try that ad nausea and with mixed-to-lousy results. But they were both sloths compared to Tuggle (he's no Flutie or Petersen, either). Anyway, it might take a half step away from opposing LBs and DBs in the box.

Matt said...

does anyone think that if spaz could just pick one, and that QB got all the reps during the week with the first offense instead of 3 guys splitting reps, we might be a little more settled and that guy might be more comfortable? I understand no one has really stood out to earn that spot, but I can't imagine that the uncertainty and inconsistency is good for anyone at this point...

Unknown said...

The reason we haven't lost a parents weekend game in 10 years is because we schedule cupcake teams. Very misleading stat.

Bravesbill said...

This prediction has to be a joke right? Wake 13, BC 3.