Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Blogpoll Ballot

Isn't it great to have college football back? I shook up the ballot a bit this week. The biggest mover was Miami. Coming into the season, I had serious doubts about Shannon turning the Canes around. They showed me a lot tonight. As for BC, I liked what I saw but don't want to jinx us yet with one of my blogpoll votes.

Games I watched

Northeastern-BC 100%
South Carolina-NC State 100%
Tulsa-Tulane 50%
Navy-Ohio State 50%
Minnesota-Syracuse 50%
Georgia-Ok State 50%
BYU-Oklahoma 25%
Virginia Tech-Alabama 75%
LSU-Washington 25%
CSU-Colorado 25%
Ole Miss-Memphis 25%

1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Penn State 3
5 Oklahoma State 3
6 LSU 3
7 Miami (Florida)
8 Alabama 3
9 Mississippi 3
10 TCU 3
11 Georgia Tech 3
12 California 3
13 Ohio State 8
14 Michigan State 2
15 Cincinnati 8
16 Brigham Young 1
17 Utah 2
18 North Carolina 2
19 Texas Tech 2
20 Oregon State 2
21 Boise State
22 Notre Dame
23 Nebraska
24 Missouri
25 Michigan
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#4), Virginia Tech (#10), Oregon (#12), Georgia (#18), Wake Forest (#24), Central Michigan (#25).


Erik said...

Whipple showed a lot -- good play calling, mixture of formations, taking advantage of his athletes' strengths

Shannon didn't show me much -- Defense, decisions like short kickoffs.

It didn't have enough pre-season hype to get the huge attention, but that could be the Game of the Year. Awesome game, so many big plays. Both teams could make some noise.

Andrew S. said...

I'm surprised to see that you didn't give BYU a bigger boost. I didn't watch the game, so if they won because of dumb luck and played really ugly the rest of the way, I can understand it a bit more. I still think they deserve serious credit for winning in Oklahoma (especially compared to Cincy who got a boost above them after beating Rutgers on the road).

A.Simmz said...

Wow Oklahoma out? Not a lot of faith in Landry Jones huh.

That's a little harsh, they still have a good defense and an awesome running game.

Unknown said...

I wonder where the BC program would be right now if we had hired Whipple instead of Jags.

I didn't really know too much about him until the Miami/FSU game last night (other than his reputation as a good coach) but he sure seemed to turn Miami's offense around in a hurry and their schemes looked great (funny that even Donna Shalala would be commenting on his performance).

bc9292bc said...

ENOUGH ABOUT WHIPPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BCMike said...

Whipple also wanted to bring in a new DC and let Spaz go.

I'm fine with the path we've chosen, thanks.

Unknown said...

Whipple, whipple, whipple... j/k

I am happy we have Spaz, just wondering.

CT said...

Oh snap! 39th and climbing!