Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogpoll ballot

I've tried to be consistent with the one loss teams but the logic breaks down eventually. I continue to rank primarily on record. No honors for BC yet. Maybe if the FSU game goes well.

Games I watched

-- BC-Wake 100% (twice)
-- South Carolina-Ole Miss 50%
-- NC State-Pitt 25%
-- Miami-VT 50%
-- UGA-Arizona State 50%

1 Florida
2 Texas 1
3 LSU 2
4 Alabama 2
5 Cincinnati 5
6 TCU 2
7 Houston 8
8 Michigan 4
9 Boise State 4
10 Auburn 4
11 UCLA 9
12 Southern Cal 6
13 Virginia Tech
14 Miami (Florida) 12
15 Wisconsin 2
16 Missouri 3
17 Iowa 6
18 Oregon
19 South Florida
20 Penn State 16
21 Kansas
22 Nebraska
23 Georgia Tech
24 Ohio State
25 North Carolina State
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Mississippi (#7), California (#9), North Carolina (#11), Colorado State (#16), Kentucky (#21), Pittsburgh (#22), Southern Miss (#24), Florida State (#25).


Michael said...

It seems odd to have NC State at #25, but South Carolina nowhere in the top 25.

Erik said...

One-loss or not, I still don't see how Oklahoma isn't in your poll.

Their one loss was to a good team by one point, after the shock of your Heisman winner going down early and throwing an untested and unprepared QB into the fire, where your offensive gameplan is 100% based on impeccable timing between Bradford and the receivers.

Their other two games were landslide shutouts (64-0, 45-0) that made BC's victories over Northeastern and Kent State look like nailbiters.

It just doesn't make sense Bill, and I keep bringing it up because it's such an obvious omission.

mod34b said...

Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State ahead of V-Tech...no way..

Michigan #8????

But Miami only one below V-Tech after getting rushed by Vtech??

I am starting to doubt your football prognostication!

andy d said...

heres some tailgate/parking info for saturday:

After discussing the parking situation at great length, the group decided the best course of action would be to open all lots for pass holders from 8:30 to 10 a.m. to allow for GameDay parking (with no tailgating allowed), then close the lots to re-open for the regularly scheduled time at 12:30 p.m. Three hours of pregame and one hour of postgame tailgating will be allowed.

Erik said...

Not bad. Is this the official word?

BlockParty said...

my favorite part with the blogpoll ballot entry each week:

Games I watched
-- BC-Wake 100% (twice)

I love it.

John said...

How can you quantifiably justify having LSU ahead of Alabama? They've been less impressive against a weaker schedule.