Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gurst Blogger: Blogger So Dear

Doesn't it feel like we know Wake already? Skinner seems like he's been there forever. Grobe's teams all have a similar style. Well, it is time to find out what is unique about this year's Deacons. I've asked Marty from Blogger So Dear to fill us in our our division foe. My questions and his answers follow bellow.

1. I know it is early but it seems like Skinner is throwing more than ever. Was this due to the flow of the Baylor and Stanford games or is the scheme shifting to a more passing based system?

I think this might be the flow of the game. In Baylor and Stanford, Wake was down most of the game, so throwing naturally made sense to try and catch up. Coach Grobe has confidence that Riley can throw effectively and manage the game, whether it be through the air or on the ground. The Deacs would like to run more than throw, but really it's on a game by game basis. You could see 40 pass attempts or 50 rushing attempts on any given day.

2. You've lost a lot of defensive talent over the past two seasons. How have the new faces stepped up?

If you'd have asked me that question immediately after Baylor you would have received a far different answer from now. To be quite honest, I've been pleasantly surprised by the defensive effort since the second half of the Stanford game. The defense seemed to man up and take things personally. I would still like to see more playmakers, but it is not exactly easy to replace guys like AC, Phonz, Chip, Arnoux, Matt Robinson and Kevin Patterson

3. BC fans are glad Sam Swank is finally gone. How has his absence impacted your special teams?

The thing is, Swank didn't play much of last season, and it showed. So we've been without him for awhile now. The punting coverage is really good, but everything else needs work. That has been a point of emphasis so far and will continue to be. Coach Grobe has shifted around some personnel in the kicking game and only time will tell whether or not it works.

4. What is your prediction for Saturday?

14-13 Deacs. Wouldn't be a Wake Forest site if I didn't show a little bias, but I honestly think this will be a tough, well-fought game and really it could come down to whichever team can find the endzone.


BCMike said...

Amen on the goodbye to Swankermeir.

Erik said...

Forget Swank, Willie Idlette is still there, I'm calling the NCAA and having the police stop the game for an immediate eligibility investigation.

Erik said...

Herald indicates Shisnkie could start.

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