Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conroy captures the moment

Great lead from Conroy in the Herald.
You’ve got to hand it to the Boston College football team. When the Eagles lose a game, they don’t exactly torture their fans with a lot of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens.


TheFive said...

And precisely the opposite type of comment from Spaz -- Va Tech's defense was "sophisticated" and really confused us.

He can rest assured that no one will ever consider his offensive coaching staff "sophisticated."

Dan said...

Any info on OC succession plans? I'm not a Tranquill hater but I really doubt he is a long term plan even for his buddy Spaz. He is what he is. A really seasoned OC who could come in quickly and teach a lot of rookies the basics pretty quick but isn't gonna wow anyone with aggressive play calls. Any word on if someone is being eyed for down the road or just the usual it's Day's job when he develops into it?

mod34b said...

Aside from OC succession plans, let's talk DC plans. (Dan -- good points; I agree it would be great to see some new outside OC talent)

On the DC front, I think Spaz needs to take a page from Charlie Weis' approach.

This year Weis took a step back from the pure CEO head coach model and resumed offensive play calling, his expertise. That tactic has improved ND for sure this year.

Spaz should do the same for BC on defense. Spaz has been among the better defensive coaches for years, but now as a HC our defense is awful.

Yes, we lost enormous talent on D from last year, but still the defense, particuarly the pass D, is horrendous. It would be great to see Spaz step back into that role to extent he can. McGovern does not seem to be a good DC -- just look at last 4 games!

I am certainly worried about NCSU. Their QB is talented and may eat us up.

Dan said...

Son of bitch!! Notre Dame snuck into both polls during their off week. WTF! At this point I don't care if it's us or USC (preferably both) needs to really open one up on these guys.

CT said...

um, oc or we even know who our starting qb is going to be next week?

halfway through the season. that's probably not good.

i really hope we're recruiting defensive linemen in our down time.

Dan said...

We're converting one of the receivers to a DE for next year. Also, usually not great sign.