Saturday, October 17, 2009

Harris's house

It is nice to be on the other end of that type of game. Harris's day and toughness was huge, but let's not forget his blockers and for Gary Tranquill who decided to run right at the NC State defense. I also think the defense did well against one of the better QBs we will face this year.

I may have a post late tonight and will have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday.


BajaChris said...

Q: How do you tackle a ninja?
A: You don't!

eagleboston said...

Great game and an absolutely phenomenal performance by Montel Harris and the O-line. But, let's be honest, NC State is not a good football team.

Very nervous about Notre Dame next week. BC has played terrible on the road and Notre Dame is going to be looking to avenge today's heartbreaking loss to USC, their bitter rival. I don't think the Eagles get blown out a la Clemson and Va Tech, but I think everything is going to have to click for BC to win.

Eagle1 said...

Offense: A (except Larmond and Gunnell, who get Fs for dropping balls.)

Defense: C (D- for pass rush, C for pass coverage, B for run blocking)

Kickoff Team: Garbage+.

mod34b said...

Here a little egg onthe face of BC hater:

Kirk Herbstreit predicted NCSU would upset BC today.

Not. Sorry Kirk!

Lou H: Gee, I wonder what you'll be saying about next weeks game!

EagleinNYC said...

Fuuny, in general Herbstreit likes us more than most of the National media people. He deserves a "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!"
Phenominal peformance my Montel, Uncle Dave, and all the rest today. If we hadnt dropped so many passes, this could have been evern uglier...
R. Wilson is a very very good QB, and we contained him today. Now, its time to focus on the Domers!

CT said...

Herby generally likes us.

Harris' vision is one thing, but the thing I love the most is his toughness. He lowers his head and rarely gets knocked backwards against the big guys.

Let's hope he gets some national pub this week...he, along with that run-blocking OLine, gets the credit for this win.

Claussen is going to be playing on Sundays and I think we're in big trouble next week. But there's time for that later...congratulations Montel and BC!

mod34b said...

As for Herbstreit, he always seemed to me to treat BC like a D-III (or whatever such teams are now called) program.

I am not alone in that view:

ATL Oct 2007: “I do have a problem with two of ESPN's main college football analysts -- Mark May and Kirk Herbstreit. Both take a dismissive attitude towards BC”

ATL Nov 2008: “I've labeled Herbie a BC hater in the past”

ATL_eagle said...

Herbie's dad and TOB go way back so he thought of TOB as a miracle worker at BC and believed all the stereotypes as to why BC could not be a big time program.

Jeff said...

Hope I wasn't the only one to notice this: Just before coming out of the game, Harris went and shook the hand of each lineman.