Monday, October 05, 2009

NC State kickoff times and other links

TOB's latest return to the Heights will be a 3:30 kickoff with regional coverage on ABC. TV coverage from here on out is not looking great. Central Michigan has a 1 pm start meaning ESPN360 at best. North Carolina, Maryland and UVA are all toss ups. I expect at least one to be a Raycom game and one to sneak onto ESPN U, but there is a real chance that all could be 360 based on their respective records.

For those who missed the Herzy story on ESPN, here are some of the clips.

EDSBS compared Bobby Bowden situation at FSU to an old man driving his car into a crowd. Is it wrong that I laughed?

Here are some of the better signs from GameDay. I like the idea behind Spaz as Mario, but isn't he supposed to be Luigi?

HD finally moved BC up in her power rankings.


BCDoubleEagle said...

Did anyone DVR Gameday? I'm looking for one particular short segment. Thanks.

BCHysteria said...
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Nick P. said...

Does anyone have a video of when they predicted the outcome of the game at the end of the show. I was there in person, but am really curious how it looked on TV.

Erik said...

My DVR stopped before they got to the BC pick. Typical!

CT said...

The smallpox effort...I probably shouldn't admit to chuckling.

The long division sign...nice.

BCPD...Kim Jong Il would be proud.

CT said...

Amazing what losing to BC has done to the Bowden chasers down in T'see.

I think I'm insulted.

bc1900 said...

The BC police department are like the SS. Seriously that department has issues and I have complained to the University on numerous occasions. My favorite was at my 10 year class reunion this year. Police in the tent telling people what to do. Basically pushing people out at the end and telling them to leave. Nice welcome back to campus. My gf who attended with me and went to Duke could not believe their actions, it was embarassing to me and to BC. The administration won't listen, I just don't get it.

mod34b said...

As a proudly private (and Catholic)university, your first amendment rights do not apply when on BC property.

Your rights vis-a-vis BC cops are similar to your rights against a Mall cop!

Plus, the smallpox sign was in very poor taste that reflects poorly on the university. Glad they took your stupid sign!

BCDoubleEagle said...

I gotta side with mod34b on this one. Gameday was a great opportunity to showcase BC, not to insult other schools or make references to 19th century ethnic cleansing. I could have done without the "what's the matter with Florida State... Florida State sucks" chants from the students, too. That just sounds stupid.

BCHysteria said...

Fair enough...great game anyways.

SectionKK said...

mod34b: not to go all lawyer on you, but you still do enjoy First Amendment protection on the campus of a private university like BC--just not the same as you would in a place like a public park. That's a common misconception, like when I was a student there and people said the BCPD had an absolute right to search your dorm room because it was on BC property. Not true. Anyways, I thought the crowd looked awesome on TV. My friends and I were pessimistic about how it would look and were all very pleasantly surprised.

mod34b said...

Will --

You are confusing the First Amendment (freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc) with the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches.

The Bill of Rights limits governments and state actors, not private universities.

But given that the BC cops may have some police power granted to them by the state (they have guns and jails, right?), maybe students do have some constituional rights, but I doubt that gives them First Amendment rights to say whatever they want on BC campus. Could abortion rights protestors come to BC and demand the right to speak?

CT said...

BC looked great on Saturday.

The Herzy piece was terrific. As were the students when he was on the set.

With a couple more hours of tailgating, I'm sure the chants would have been funnier.

Good day for the school.