Monday, October 26, 2009

No respect for basketball and other links

The big news from the ACC Basketball media day was our preseason ranking. The assembled media picked BC 9th. It never gets old, does it? BC has a veteran team and only loses Rice yet no love. I am very high on our prospects. I think we are definite tournament team and can challenge for a top 4 spot in the conference. Speaking of the ACC Tournament, the conference announced that the 2012 event will move from the Georgia Dome to the neighboring Philips Arena. This makes sense to me as Philips is better for basketball and the smaller space will drive up ticket demand and prices.

The women's team got a little more respect. They are expected to finish 6th.

I haven't focused on it much, but Ron Brace continues to be a healthy scratch for the Patriots. Let's hope he turns the corner soon.

HD posted her power rankings. I can't really complain when I wouldn't rank BC highly these days. What is interesting is that she and many of her fellow media are predicting Clemson will waltz into the ACC Championship Game. I actually think NC State and Florida State will give the Tigers tough games.

The sailing team won the 2009 ICSA Sloop National Championship.


Erik said...

I've been on a hunt for articles, analysis, and interviews. All I've really seen is this poll. #9 ranking is a joke, but good thing it doesn't mean anything.

almost_paul said...

What exactly does the media see in a team that went 2-14 in the ACC last year to give them two first place votes?

Big Jack Krack said...

I hope both mens and womens bball have a great year.

Let's go BC - beat 7-1 Central Michigan. This will be a feather in our cap, because this team is good - every bit as good as ND this particular year.

It's very important for us to go into a bye week with a victory.

Ry said...

does anyone else remember last year after march madness was done, somebody (maybe Katz?) putting us at #3 in the ACC in an early preview of the '09-'10 season?

eagleboston said...

Pre-season polls are meaningless. Especially in basketball which is the ultimate sport of merit. At the end of the season, you play another team and you win, you advance. Your poll ranking has little use except for seeding, but if you want to be the NCAA Champion, you have to play the best at some point anyway.

Could it be that the media is concerned about the dearth of a recruiting class (no freshmen players this season)?

customerservice said...

We have a great early season schedule for men's hoops (play St. Joe, Purdue (most likely), Providence, Michigan, UMASS and South Carolina all before January 1) - if we can beat Miami at home in the early ACC match up, take care of the cupcakes (there always seems to be at least one slip up that hopefully we can avoid this year w/ a veteran team) and win at least 4 of those 6 tough early games we will be ranked in the top 15 most likely (maybe top 10) heading in ACC play.

Erik said...

ATL - I;m not too concerned about Ron Brace. The Patriots always bring guys along slowly, with the exception of stars like Jerod Mayo. But Ty Warren, Jarvis Green, Mike Wright, Pierre Woods -- all had slow starts as far as playing time, but all have developed into fine players who are key to New England's success. They teach and have specific tasks & guidelines for each position -- no one goes out there and just bangs away at the O-Line by using their natural instincts & ability.