Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Shinskie getting more attention and other links

HD interviewed Shinskie. For all this talk of poise and maturity, Shinskie's quotes give off a certain vibe of uncertainty and second guessing about school and baseball. Regardless his play on the field the past two weeks has shown no uncertainty. In fact, I think his energy and emotion seem more like a younger kid having fun, not some baseball player in a fallback position. His progression is going to be very interesting. Others are taking notice of Shinskie too. (Thanks to Andrew for the second link.)

Hoops recruit Rod Odom is still very interested in BC.

Here is a little factoid, Spaz has faced Virginia Tech more than any other coach in Hokies history.

There is this rumor floating out there too. We will see how it plays out. I think Louisville would be a good fit as Jags tries to rebuild his career.


mod34b said...

ATL -- You say ... "Shinskie's quotes give off a certain vibe of uncertainty "

I did not get that take from my read.

Are you still pining for Tuggle? Tell the truth.

Very intersting tidbit on Jags, which news items obviously must have been spun to the media by Jags himself ... Guy seems to be a nut. Given the events of the past 12 months at BC and TB, I think he needs a lime and a corona and a tropical island to chill on for a while

blist said...

I didn't get uncertainty from Shinskie either. In fact, he seems kind of refreshing, athlete-wise, in giving pretty straightforward answer. no doubt the guy still feels he could've made it in baseball. My opinion of him has really turned around the past few weeks, no surprise.

Raj said...

i want a qb with swagger and not a guy who didnt know if he could compete on this level. he has definitely turned it around, but I'm used to a confident QB. He's 25 and he's having a hard time adjusting to learning materials. Is this a story of can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I'm with ATL on this, i wish he kept somethings to himself. I am also really worried about him playing away from home this weekend against a very good v-tech defense. Hopefully he proves me wrong...

Eagle1 said...

Shinskie: "After the games I’m sore and stuff like that, and I might say, ‘Oh, man, why did I do this?’”

Let me help you, Dave. You're 25, single, have money, are the starting QB of the BC Football team, and face FOUR YEARS of dating hot women aged 18-21. You should go to church each and every morning and thank Sweet Jesus that you are who you are. I would trade several limbs to trade places. Dumbass.

BCBCBC said...

Atlanta loves spaz and hates jags. Therefore, he loves tuggle and hates shinskie. That is why he inferred from that interview something no one else did. Atlanta - you have lost all objectivity in this blog.

CT said...

I don't get that at all BCBCBC.

Since when is this blog about objectivity? It's about BC. The least objective thing on all of our minds, perhaps?

I didn't get the second-guessing vibe, either. But I agree big-time with Eagle1 about the "soreness" comment. Can you imagine Tebow or McCoy saying something like that? Further, he's made it clear that he didn't want to get a job after baseball--the vibe I get being, "yeah, this will do for now."

Eagle1 is right. Shut up and play hard. Kids dying in Afghanistan and he wonders if being sore is worth it? How about some perspective from the 25 year old?

Grow. Up.

BCBCBC said...

"kids are dying in Afghanistan"??? Jesus, I think you are the one who needs perspective. I guess you should never say "this food sucks" because kids are starving somewhere in the world. Can you make a bigger irrelevant leap?

And as far a Atlanta's objectivity goes - he used to be tolerable because he had some sense of objectivity even while being a "fan". He has lost all of that because of his undying commitment to the previous staff.

Ted H said...

There is no way that Jags gets the Lousville job. He showed no committment to wanting to stay in the college game. He was a lazy recruiter and he is coming off a job where he was the offensive coordinator yet he could not remember any of the plays. If Lousville did hire him he would be looking for another job within two years. That is his history. I have no sympathy for him and hope hes stays unemployed for awhile.

Nebby A said...

CT - relax with the kids dying in Afghanistan and try to think about the context of the interview. Do you ever complain about anything? When you do, do you think about the kids dying in Afghanistan...give me a break. Shinskie is playing well and seems to have the support of the team (see Jarvis quote)...how about giving him a bit of respect for leading the squad to back to back ACC wins.

eagleboston said...

I'm a complete idiot. A local radio station asked for nominations for Outstanding Women You Should Know, so I nominated my wife since she volunteers with disadvantaged kids in the public schools. I thought it would be just a nice mention on the radio. But, no, there is grand ceremony at a reception hall and it just so happens to coincide with the BC-Notre Dame game. AHHHHHH! Thus, I am in the unfortunate position of supporting my wife or supporting my passion. I've been married 18 years so of course I'll be going to the reception but just my luck that I try to do something nice and it comes back to haunt me. I guess I'll have to fire up the DVD recorder.

Andrew said...


Get a clue ATL is the best we have. If you don't like then don't read or post for that matter. And for God's sake he was only wondering what was up with some of Shinskies answers.

Beat it, Merryman.

CT said...

Nebby, perhaps I should've been clearer. The tone of Shinskie's interview struck me as...ungrateful on the second read. He got what he wanted. He has won one of life's lottery tickets. Big bonus out of high school to pitch. Now a QB at a competitive football school.

Things could be a little worse for the guy.

And, no, I wouldn't complain about being sore after playing football ("is this worth it???"). And, yes, I often do think about people who have it much worse overseas when I'm tempted to complain. I have my own reasons for that. Nevertheless, that, to me is perspective.

Some are born leaders, some are made. Hopefully, Shinskie is learning how to lead. All of his previous interviews suggest to me that he has a lot of learning to do.

I've given him plenty of credit the last two weeks. You may have missed it.

BCBC, you always have a choice. Read something else. Or complain.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Agreed: I don't come away questioning the man's heart, just sounds like a guy who obviously fell into this QB situation and is still figuring things out.

Rather than lamenting his lack of gratefulness, I'm a bit more pleasantly surprised by his frankness in reflecting on his situtation. Would more sanitized answers been less controversial? Sure. But as long as he's putting in the time and effort to develope his game on the field (which is abundently clear), I can overlook the subtle tone ATL picked up on. Play trumps rhetoric.

Speaking of ATL, his coverage as a fan is fantastic. BCBCBC (not a frequent commentor I should add) reeks of a troll. Relax son.

Frank C. said...

I don't often post on the blog but religiously read so thought I would come to bat here for Bill like some of the other commentors have.

BCBCBC - really? really?? This blog is head and shoulders above any other BC coverage out there, including the globe, HD, herald, etc. And what makes it better is that Bill will post commentary and his personal opinion from time to time (something we rarely see from the lack of coverage our school gets). And I don't know if you can tell from reading some of his posts, but he seems to know a thing or two about football. So a good football mind providing daily BC news/rumors/links etc can only be a good thing, regardless of whether you agree with his opinions.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with you disagreeing with ATL on this or that (personally, I think this whole Shinskie thing is a little overblown myself) but at least respect what this guy has done rather than lob baseless attacks like "you have lost all objectivity"

I am fairly certain that this blog is still "tolerable" even though ATL liked the previous staff more than the current. If you are a real BC fan, I think the expansive coverage and sometimes insider info Bill provides would be enough to keep you coming back. But try and cool down on the "objectivity" attacks.

Just my two cents. Go Eagles!

BCMike said...

The fact we're debating what Shinskie's "tone" was in a LNH interview is awesome.

Now THAT's the sort of QB trouble I don't mind having. Amazing how much different the BC world looks three week after Clemson.

blockparty said...

agreed bcmike. a nice problem to have. lets see how shinskie handles the hokie d. hopefully we can get montel going and the o-line steps up again to have another great day. buy him time.

what are people's thoughts about tyrod? he went off last week throwing the ball (vs duke...) also ryan williams seems to be running like a madman. i remember when he was deciding between bc and vt.

conlonc said...

Perfect comment by Mike. Everyone's a critic I guess.

If a dude who spent 6 years away from the game wakes up one morning in August after BREAKING A RIB and questions whether it's worth it, kudos to him for evaluating his life and not just being a robot. Obviously he decided it was worth it, so what's the problem?

To repeat something I learned through my years in Catholic school - it is normal to question your faith. Those who don't question their faith are mindless followers. Those who question their faith are getting the most out of the experience and making that faith stronger in the long run (or deciding they don't want to be a mindless follower).

By the way I'm not very religious, but seemed like a good parallel.

Erik said...

Well no one has shown Louisville commitment lately (John L Smith, Bobby Petrino), maybe they'll take 2 years from Jags.

He better hire well, since he hates calling plays and doesn't do defenense and no one can figure out what he does.

I'd love to get Odom. Seems like a good kid with his head on straight, a good student, and a great player.

BCMike said...

"what are people's thoughts about tyrod? he went off last week throwing the ball (vs duke...)"

I actually watched most of this game live and watched 50% of it again on ESPN360.

Tyrod's big gainers were on well thrown balls at guys in single coverage and letting the more athletic VT player beat out the Duke player. This happened A LOT. The VT WR's are an under rated group. Tyrod is putting them in a position to make plays, but they're having to make them.

It's not like Tyrod is slinging the ball all over the field and fitting it into tight spots in the zone.

(BTW, Duke was in man most of the game as they loaded up to stop Williams, which, by and large, they did)

blockparty said...

interesting. so do we stack the line to stop TT and williams from running the ball all over the place? man up on the outside?

i hate seeing the clips of TT from last years acccg. mclaughlin is so close to make the tackle, taylor gets away, td.

ATL_eagle said...

In defense of myself (and if you think the blog is astray you don't have to read)...

-- I liked Jags. I think Louisville would be a goo fit for him. It is not my focus hence linking it late in the day as the last link.

-- I couldn't be more clear that I thought Spaz was the wrong guy but I want him and BC to win. So far, so good.

-- I think Tuggle could and might still be an effective QB here or somewhere else. Clemson was not his fault.

-- I think Shinskie has great potential and has looked great the past two weeks. I hope he becomes our Weinke. But my interpretation of the quotes just echoes stuff I hear on campus. Let's hope he stays focused and build on his good start.

mod34b said...

ATL -- nice follow up. I guess we should keep in mind that it has got to be pretty tough for a 25 year old to be a student at college after 7 years of good times in the minor leagues. Probably a lot of scoial adjustments to deal with. But, he does seem to be committed to success, which is what it is all about.

But ATL, are you hinting at Tuggle leaving???

I think Tuggle could and might still be an effective QB here or somewhere else

mod34b said...

ATL -- I do note that you are in Atlanta and the Tuggles are conencted to (from?) Atlanta/Georgia. Are you hearing a tuggle-ain't-happy vibe?

Would not be surprising if he was ticked.

conlonc said...

If Tuggle is ticked it should be at himself for not seizing the opportunity when he was given many chances. TS.

Losers always complain about their best. Winners go home and f-ck the prom queen.

mod34b said...

conloc... geez....a bit much... you getting blog ettiquite tips from CT??

ATL_eagle said...

My Tuggle comment was pure speculation. He's smart and has a NFLer advising him. He will make the right decision. But let's assume Shinskie plays well and holds the spot. Next year you have Marscovetra (who the staff is very high on) plus two new kids and Boek. Boek is not going anywhere because he only has 1.5 years left. Marsco is probably not going anywhere given that he can still redshirt. That leaves Tuggle waiting for another shot, switching positions or transferring.

conlonc said...

It's a Sean Connery quote from The Rock. Lighten up.

CHI_Eagle said...

Jags didn't like/wasn't good at landing recruits in the Northeast. There are a hell of a lot more rods fishing in the pool of talent that Louisville fishes in. I don't see how Louisville thinks that he would make a good hire down there unless they have some great recruiters that will stay on board as assistants, because Jags has proven he ain't a recruiter. Looking at Jags' history of clashing with other coaches, I think he would have a tough time coming into a situation where he can't bring his own guys in as assitants. That said, I can't really think of a good situation for the guy at this point... he may have shot the golden goose when he left BC (or should I say, shot the golden eagle...). I don't root against the guy, but I don't see things turning around for him very quickly at this point.

mod10aeagle said...

Sounds like people are getting a little edgy. Could that be the specter of VT?

I can't imagine what it's like to be Dave Shinskie. Can you imagine coming out of high school and finding yourself getting paid to play baseball during the day and party at night -- like a rolling frat house -- and never having to go to class, study for a test, write a paper ... nothin' but throw a baseball? You do that for a few years and then all of a sudden it's gone and you don't a damned thing about anything. But wait, these guys want you to come play football, and they'll give you a college education, for nothing! Damn!

The last time he got hit hard (prior to coming to BC) he was the best athlete on the field and it was just some 175-pound kid who probably bounced off of him. He'd be lying if he didn't admit to wondering once in a while how the hell he got to where he is now. The change in his life over the last 12 months is crazy.

As for AtlEagle and this blog, it's the only place I've found where you can get informed, subjective commentary and objective analysis of BC football. You sure can't get that from the Boston Globe or Herald.

As soon as Shinskie had clearly won the starting position I (and many others, no doubt) started wondering what Tuggle and Marscovetra would do. I also wonder about the verbally committed QB recruits. How much fun did Chris Crane have waiting for Ryan to graduate. For that matter, how good can any QB be with just one season as the starter to prove themselves?
(apologies for the length)

mmason said...

Shinskie is a rookie QB--whether he's 18 or 25 does'nt matter--he is in college for the first time and he's a kid with a new life. Oh yeah, so he played ball for 7 years in the minors and led a different life than most folks ever do at that age--fresh out of high school he's a pro ball player in double A ball- which is like bush league with some money and a signing bonus and that money lasts a real long time, right? He gets to travel on busses to games, live in funky hotels and watch other guys go up to triple A or the show while he stays down for 7 years throwin' middle relief and closing for 11 saves. What fun!Has anybody out there even gone to a minor league game?

I admire the guy's guts to take a shot at BC football and take the hits that came with it. Anybody out there tried that out at 25? He told HD he was happy to be at BC and was sore after FSU. He got hammered a few times, people, and he got up and threw a few righteous TD passes. This is better than Chris Crane in his first 5 games and we're going off on this BC starting QB because he told the truth to HD? Hey--I'd be a little pissed too if I was cut with a 2.13 ERA. I like his moxy and his straight up talk. He's taking classes, learning the system and he's our guy--man, I'm surprised at this negative stuff after a win against FSU. Even the Domers give that poseur Clausen more respect than this. Chances are that BC will lose a game or two this season--I shudder to think what the slam session on Uncle Dave will be then. C'mon--let's rally 'round this guy--he's our QB and I hate to think he might read this stuff.
And ATL--you rule, man. This is the best home for BC sports posts on the planet. It's like home away from home. Keep on keepin' on, and I don't care whatever biases you might have, atleast you're informed and articulate and a BC Eagle.
GO EAGLES! Shock the HJokies!