Monday, October 12, 2009

Trapani interview and other links

Eagle Insider had a Q&A with Joe Trapani. I can't believe basketball is just around the corner. Where does the time go?

Men's soccer beat Quinnipic to improve to 7-6.

For those who missed it, the Draft guys talked to Meter last week.


Matt said...

I like Joe Trap. I'd LOVE to see him have a breakout year, and I think he's got the stuff to do it. I hear he's gotten stronger, and if so he could play a Hansbrough-like role for the Eagles. Yes, I understand that he's not as good as Tyler, but I think he's got a better outside touch and if he's put on some muscle he could be a factor. Having a center who makes other big men guard him will help a lot, hopefully Southern can be a bit of an offensive threat and open up some space for Trapani. Go Eagles!

almost_paul said...
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almost_paul said...

We going to hear about replacing Tyrese Rice's "leadership" in every article and tv broadcast of the season. Although entertaining as tequila flip cup and capable of dropping 46 on UNC, losing Tyrese is addition by subtraction at its best.

Remember we lost the Tyrese v. UNC game by 10. "The leadership of Tyrese Rice" is an oxymoron. BC is going to be a true TEAM without him. I can't wait to see what Rakim and Reggie and Biko and Raji and Trapani can do when they're not standing around watching #4. Don't get me wrong, Tyrese was the Man, just not the type of man BC needed to be truly successful the last couple of years.

Erik said...

Was Tyrese Rice really Mike Gundy?

TJH said...

Totally agree, paul. Tyrese often looked disinterested in the game, like he didn't care what was going on, and it reflected in the way he played. His senior season, he looked and played way too lazy - he was not the leader we needed him to be, especially on an emotional level. His loss is absolutely addition by subtraction.