Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Blogpoll ballot

This is the point of the season where my ballot is a total, hot mess. I like rewarding based on record, but should I punish teams like USC or Oklahoma who lost to other good teams? I considered Clemson in my Top 25 but have they really done anything yet. Am I unfairly snubbing Notre Dame? I don't know. My only consistency is keeping BC out due to superstition. Ultimately I think my Top 10 is solid and based on record and resume. Everything else...eh.

Games I watched

BC-Central Michigan 100% (twice)
NC State-Florida State 50%
Wake Forest-Miami 10%
West Virginia-South Florida 50%
South Carolina-Tennessee 25%

1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Cincinnati
5 Georgia Tech
7 LSU 1
8 Iowa 1
9 Boise State 1
10 Oregon 1
11 Penn State 1
12 Pittsburgh 1
13 Houston 2
14 Oklahoma State 2
15 Utah 2
16 Miami (Florida) 4
17 Arizona 6
18 Troy 6
19 Ohio State 6
20 Oklahoma
21 Southern Cal 14
22 Virginia Tech 4
23 Brigham Young
24 Temple
25 Idaho
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Central Michigan (#14), South Carolina (#19), West Virginia (#21), Mississippi (#22).


eagleboston said...

You may have Iowa way under-rated. What other team could turn the ball over 6 times and still win? Watch them sometime. I swear to God they are BC's twin, right down to the corners' soft coverage, great linebackers, and their thin running-back depth.

mod34b said...

I know some have respect for the Clemson scene, but check out yesterday's comments from the Clemson blog, Block c

1. Alright fellas, this is your turn to apologize to the Boston College Eagles who went to Hell and back and have now arrived as the 3rd team for the ACC (and only team in the Atlantic) to be bowl eligible. You know you were snickering in the preseason. Also, give a high five to Mark Herzlich for finishing his last treatment of chemo.

Did you start out our post by jacking it? You just thread jacked our post. We’re not apologizing for shit. It’s not our fault that we fieldgoaled the Eagles to death. They haven’t gone to hell and back. They stink and it’s going to be horrifically evident as the season comes to a close. Even if they do go to a bowl game, they’re going to be sent to some terrible location with a ton of empty seats. That is, if the ACC doesn’t run out of bowls and they somehow secure an at-large bid. They don’t travel, they can’t play football, nobody likes them. There. We said it. Also, good jarb on beating cancer Mark, but the media has shoved it down our throats so much at this point that we kind of can’t stand to talk about it anymore. WE GET IT, you made a miraculous, one-in-a-million turnaround and have been an inspiration to teams and fans. MORE PEOPLE GETTING TACKLED, LESS MAKING US TEARY EYED.

Eagle1 said...

Can't take guys from South Carolina seriously.


Big Jack Krack said...

I'm looking forward to defeating Clemson in Chestnut Hill next fall. It's especially fun to see their fans after the game trying to figure out how the heck to get back to their hotels - tired, hungry and beaten.

Sure Clemson has won the last two - enjoy it guys - next year is ours. Hope your flights aren't too costly.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey Clemson - have fun at the Meineke Car Care Bowl this year - you're such a great program!

Wish we could all live in the upstate of the great State of South Carolina!

Galvin said...

God I hate Clemson more than ever. Go 'Noles.

modest34b said...

these Clemson blog guy are dopey and cocky, and seem to reflect Tiger Nation views. Let's hope this is also the attitude of the team. Given their history, this is exactly the attitude they need to lose on saturday.

Go 'Noles (yuk...can't beleive i said that)

Chili said...

I can understand how the comments might be taken in the wrong manner if not read carefully or taken out of context of the generally tongue-in-cheek nature of the blog, but it was an attempt at media critique gone awry, not any shot at Herzlich, whose story we've highlighted in the past.