Monday, November 23, 2009

Dana Bible has cancer and other links

Sad news from Raleigh as former BC assistant Dana Bible has been diagnosed with leukemia. Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

November 23 marks the 25th anniversary of Doug Flutie's famous Hail Mary. You often hear how Flutie changed BC, but Forbes notes that it changed the college TV landscape. Here is a refresh for those who were born after the famous day.

Luke Kuechly was named ACC Freshman of the week.

Both soccer teams continue to advance in their respective NCAA Tournaments. The men face Drake next Sunday. The women play Stanford on Friday.

Incoming QB Chase Rettig's season is over after losing in the California playoffs.


Brablc said...

ESPN did a pretty good video on the Flutie Hail Mary piece:

Dan said...

and in a related story, Rich Gunnell has been suspended for an unspecified violation of team rules.

blist said...

I first saw the whole Miami game on Classic Sports in 96 or so - it was before they edited the games down. And even knowing how it ended, I still found myself up and cheering when Phelan caught that ball. What a game

mmason said...

BRING BACK THE ALL GOLD HELMETS!!! Always thought that it was a mistake to change those hats and every time I see Doug's pass to Phelan on that huge day for BC--the day that really propelled BC past every college football team in the post modern era because of that eternally remembered moment--I see those wonderful gold helmets and think: Why the hell did we leave that tradition behind? (It better not have been because Notre Dame had something to do with it.) Bring back those gold helmets--and lose the maroon stripe. It's time.

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