Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guest Blogger: The Good Ol Blog

The Sabre has a great model for UVA sports. They've got good, active message boards, unique content and they are independent of the major networks like Rivals or Scout. One of the other cool things they have is a blog called the The Good Ol Blog. In preparation for our game in Virginia, I've asked Kris from The Sabre a few questions. His answers are below.

1. You changed offensive coordinators in the offseason to a spread specialist but have been using a variety of looks this year. Do you think scheme has been the reason for the inconsistency or is it a talent issue? What do you think we will see this weekend?

The Good Ol Blog:
The offseason hopes of a new, explosive spread offense disappeared in less than a month. After two horrid outings against William & Mary and TCU, the Cavaliers scrapped the spread and went back to more pro-style sets. Is there some spread still sprinkled in? A little, but even then it's been modified from what Gregg Brandon used in the past. Other than an impressive outing at Southern Miss, though, the offense has been awful regardless of the scheme being used.

So that gets to the next part of the question - is it scheme or talent? Honestly, it's probably a little bit of both. The spread scheme didn't suit the personnel since the line can't block in space, the receivers can't get open, and the quarterbacks are inconsistent. Of course, that sounds a lot like talent issues too doesn't it? Ultimately, the offensive line's struggles are the biggest problem because there are times the rest of the players don't even get a chance to do their job. UVa is ranked among the worst teams nationally in Tackles For Loss allowed (112th, 7.5 per game) and sacks allowed (115th, 3.44 per game) - those are some telling stats for the play of the O-Line.

2. After getting things back on track the defense has broken down the past few weeks. What happened?

The Good Ol Blog:
The defense can't stop the run consistently and it gives up too many big plays. One quarter, the Hoos will look good and slow teams down. The next, teams march up and down the field with no problems. A lot of UVa fans still blame the offense for the defense's issues; the offense goes three-and-out frequently so the D is on the field way too much. It's the fatigue argument. Late in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter, I guess that's an acceptable argument. The problem to me is that the defense struggles at times before the fatigue factor can even set in. Bottom line: poor tackling and inconsistent run defense is killing this group.

3. Is there anything Groh can do to save his job? It is interesting that many of the potential candidates were tossed around for the BC job last year (London, Golden, Holtz) are on the UVA radar. Who do you think will get the job? Who do you want to get the job?

The Good Ol Blog:
No. At this point, one more loss locks in the third losing season in four years at Virginia. That will lead to a new coach anywhere really. Winning out won't happen, but even if it did, the fans have already moved on and that lost revenue/support will make the decision easy. As for potential candidates, there are plenty of names thrown around including Mike London and Al Golden as you've mentioned. Guys like Troy Calhoun at Air Force are also on the fans' wish list. I won't pick a favorite candidate at this time, but I will tell you two things I'm hopeful for with the new coach: 1. Media friendly and 2. Wins.

4. What is your prediction for the game?

The Good Ol Blog:
Virginia is far too inconsistent on defense and special teams to make up for a putrid offense. So really, this seems pretty simple to me. If the Eagles score 17 or 20 points, they'll probably win. If they score more than that, they'll probably win easily. At least basketball season starts Friday!


modest34b said...

Good 'ol blogger:

I see you say: "I will tell you two things I'm hopeful for with the new coach: 1. Media friendly and 2. Wins."

Given that you did not exclude "nut case", let me suggest a very media friendly winner: Jeff Jags!! (ATL can tell you all the good things about thim)

Unknown said...
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mod34b said...

BC 38 UVA 14

Matt said...

wow, the UVA fan base sounds pretty depressed if this is representative of how most of them feel. How could Groh possibly keep his job (and who will hire him next)?

Action seems to be going towards UVA based on the line movement, does the gambling community know something we don't?

Raj said...

we suck away from home. Until we win one away game, vegas will hate us.

almost_paul said...

I missed out on the "BC Rule" discussion yesterday, so I'm going to post my question here.

Is the "BC Rule" known as such because BC is the only school regularly in a position to take advantage of it? There are other ACC schools that don't travel well (Wake, Miami, Duke come to mind). But Wake happened to win the whole bowl of oranges in 2006, so they didn't need the rule. Miami has sucked in the recent past and Duke doesn't even know what a bowl is. Thus, BC is the only team that consistently (always) finishes between #2-5 in the conference and therefore is always in a position to take advantage of the rule.

Is this an accurate statement?

If so, then this whole “we are pathetic because they had to make a rule for us” complex is way off. It’s just that the team out-performs our travel reputation. Wake, Miami, Duke, and Virginia need the rule too; they just haven’t performed as consistently above-average as BC has recently.

mod34b said...

right on ~Paul.

I do not know the specifics of why the BC rule came to be (I know it was in part a reaction to BC at 9-3 being sent to the Boise Blue Toilet Towl around 2005).

but i agree, BC is not only one to benefit from the rule. Wake probably wants the rule to protect itself from Clemson, and Miami to protect itself from FSU (in a different year than this year!); Virginia to protect agaisnt Va Tech (ditto) etc.

But you just know that 11 schools south of the Mason Dixon line did not vote for a rule to help the lone "Yankee"!! They each from time to time benefit from the rule to.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm hopeful that our bye week gains us a little advantage in our trip to Charlotteville, and therefore we are able to take away our first road victory of the year. I hope our players have reflected properly on what it takes to win on the road.

I'd like to think we'll win by 10 -14 points, at least, but I'm much more cautious than that.

Let's not forget that Virginia absolutely destroyed Indiana 47-7 - worse than Ohio State did - so the Cavaliers have potential for sure. Indiana is not that good, we say?, but they've come close against Wisconsin and Northwestern, etc.

With all of the bad rain storms going through, Saturday won't be half bad in Charlottesville - More clouds than sun. Highs in the mid 60s and lows in the mid 40s.

Go BC!