Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More recruiting news and other links

Bobby Swigert is the latest prospect to join Spaz's staff. What's interesting about him is that he's been injured most of the year, yet still earned a scholarship AND he plans to play baseball for BC too. Swigert had a decent list of offers from schools like Michigan, Stanford and Nebraska.

SI.com predicts we will be in Charlotte for bowl season. I would be shocked if they had us back for the third time in six years. If we don't luck into the ACCCG, we are going out to San Francisco for bowl season.

BC guy Brian Leetch was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame Monday.

BC will host first and second round games of the NCAA women's soccer tournament. The Eagles take on Harvard on Friday. Get out there and make some noise.

Brian Gibbons earned Hockey East Co-Player of the Week honors.


Erik said...

I'm not too passionate about our spot in the bowl pecking order this year. Maybe because I don't expect to go to the Orange Bowl the way I did the past two seasons. Also, I feel like if an Atlantic Division team loses the ACCCG, they probably don't have a good argument for the #2 position unless the top Coastal teams starting falling more and more.

I'm more just ready to watch BC play an extra football game with some friends or family.

Here's my order of preferences for a bowl game this year:
1. Weekend
2. Time of Day
3. Opponent from BCS Conference
4. Warm weather location
5. "Status" of the actual bowl game.

What I'm saying is screw Chick-Fil-a and their lame Dome on New Years Eve. Meinekee Car Car or Emerald on a Saturday (Dec 26) is fine by me.

ObserverCollege said...

NOTE--This is a serious comment: What a thoughtful post Duquette wrote. So true that the official visit should be the key component of a kid's recruitment, and that a parent/guardian should accompany the kid on the school's dime. Also true that there should be a standard date, before senior year starts, at which point official visits could commence. Obviously all of these things would help BC, but they also happen to be the right things to do.

CT said...

Screw the Chik-Fil-A and the Dome? Yeah, okay, it's only the best non-BCS bowl there is. The best attended, most competitive, etc. BC would love to play in that game. But, yeah, screw them. Let's just play on a weekend at 7pm.

Since when are we ever passionate about our spot in the bowl selection process?

Bowls = money
BC = no money

We need to stop griping and go to the bowl games we do get invited to. It's the ONLY way to change our reputation so we don't have to go through this every year.

mod34b said...

A few comments

1. Miami does not travel well (do a quik Google search and you will see), but this is rarely mentioned in the bowl biz. I guess packing the wallop of several National Championships solves the "does not travel well" problem. But Miami does not travel well and did not even use its complement of tickets for its in-state away games this year.

2. If all goes well, we would be 6-2 in conference and tied for the second best record. Same as Clemson, VT, Miami. Yet ATL you assume we would go from #2-5 spot to #7?

3. As I noted in prior posts, we cannot fall below #5 unless BC agrees to so fall. BC holds the cards here if it is 6-2 and UNC is 4-4 or worse.

BC may in fact prefer to go to SF for $750k for reasons of broadening its exposure, or it might opt for the Music City Bowl for $1.6 million. Even though the ACC shares bowl revenue, why would BC opt to be less of a contributor to the tune of $850k short?

4. ATL why you are relativley confident that BC is going to the Emerald Bowl ("If we don't luck into the ACCCG, we are going out to San Francisco for bowl season.")? What am I missing here? Do you think UNC will knock off Miami and then beats NCSU to deprive BC of the benefit of the BC rule?

Big Jack Krack said...

Go BC - beat Virginia in our first visit to Charlottesville.

blist said...

Re. Bowl attendance. The Miami comparison is a good one - not a lot of non-UM folks love Miami in Florida. How much do TV ratings play into bowls? Even if Miami doesn't travel well, I assume they get decent ratings. I also thought BC got good TV too, esp Boston/NY, but this season of ESPN360 purgatory makes me wonder if that's so.

Another thought: could the rumors of a return to the Big East have some semblance in reality given the bowl situation - i.e., we'd be much more attractive against a backdrop of Cincy, UConn, Rutgers and more likely to win the league's BCS bid year after year - just an idle thought, not saying I'm for a return to the BE or believe the rumors.

CT said...

Why is there such a thing as the "BC rule?"

What is it about if it's not our reputation? How did we earn that reputation, do you think?

Or is it all just a big conspiracy?

I don't blame the bowls.

What's the definition of insanity?

You guys are all over this 6-2 conference record...cart before the horse, anyone? How many road games have we won this year? Let's try beating UVA. Then I'm sure I'll read about where we should be ranked next year.

Coast said...


I agree, BC would regularly be one of the prettiest girls at the dance if they were still in the Big East.

Anyway, before I get harassed, I know it's too late to put that genie back in the bottle.

mod34b said...

CT --

The ACC agreed to the rule based on fairness and merit. While nominally called the "BC Rule," it was not instituted just for BC's benefit.

Do you think 11 other ACC schools would go along if it just benefited BC?

We are not that special.

As for BC's reputation, geography (northern school vs largely southern bowls) has a lot to do with our travel rep. How is the travel reputation of Syracuse, UConn, Rutgers? I do not know, but I would bet the reputation of those schools are similar to BC's.

As for 6-2, its very dobale and starts with UVA. I think we are solid favorites over UVA and MD. UNC will be a tough game and a determinative game.

Big Jack Krack said...

Big East Bowl Tie-ins for 2009

I bet they have trouble filling the stands as well.

Champion: BCS

Birmingham, Houston, International, Meineke Car Care, Toyota Gator, Vitalis Sun.

Big Jack Krack said...

Oops - that was last year.



Eagle1 said...

ALERT: Jenn Sterger had her boobie implants removed. This is a tragedy.


It's official: FSU now does nothing right.

CT said...

I didn't mean to convey that it only applies to BC. I'm well aware.

I don't know the travel reputation of Syracuse, UConn or Rutgers. Not the point. First, BC is a better program and shouldn't be compared to them. Second, you would skip us if you were on the bowl committee, too. Third, other northern schools draw. Geography doesn't wash. Not for me.

If Clemson wins out, just go anywhere for the experience and the seniors. It's all the same.

mod34b said...

As for geography, I assume you mean the Northern mid-west teams travel well. I agree.

It must be some regional thing. Many times when I have been on vacation in Florida I often find that more than 90% of Northeasterners FLY to Florida. In contrast, more than 50% of the midwesterners seem to drive to Florida. Drive 20 hours EGAD!!

So it seems the Big10 teams travel well partly b/c they are more comfortable driving long distances.

Interestingly, the Big East has tackled this travel problem head on by starting the Yankee Bowl. No kidding!

The Yankee Bowl will get the fourth selection from the Big East and the seventh selection from the Big 12. The bowl will be played beginning after the 2010 regular season.

Wouldn't BC love to play in the Yankee Bowl. (won't happen tough)

Maybe BC can lean on NY Giant owner and proud BC grad, John Mara, for some help getting a bowl in the Meadowlands!

CT said...

Just wanted to wish all the guys and gals from BC who have served a Happy Veteran's Day!

mod34b said...

I second that!


(recent BC mag interview with BC vets)

eagleboston said...

Eagle 1,

I don't understand the modern male's fascination with implants. If women have that much extra money they should keep the much better real breasts and donate the difference to a food pantry (I'm talking cash, not saline).

Dan said...

Thanks mom