Thursday, November 19, 2009

New look for The Heights and other links

In honor their 90th anniversary The Heights has updated their web site. Definitely check it out and I recommend reading the Heights' sports section on a regular basis. Over the past few years it has been the launching point for some very good BC writers.

In other news to be proud of, BC continues to be the leader in graduating its student athletes. Football should be especially proud since it is only one of six programs with a rate above 90%.

Disney is honoring Herzlich with its Disney Spirit Award. Well deserved. I wonder if they have optioned his movie rights already!

Although we've had a special connection with the Cincinnati area, even the folks back in Ohio realize how special Luke Kuechly is.

Since we bypassed hoops recruits last year, these are the names you need to know for next season.

Like Kuechly, I don't know where we would be without Montel Harris.

The Seniors are looking to close out their final home game with a win.


Big Jack Krack said...

My how time flies - let's hear it for the seniors, who have held this team together through thick and thin.

Matt Tennant
Rich Gunnell
Mike McLaughlin

Marcellus Bowman
Steve Aponavicius
Brenda Deska
Jack Geiser
Austin Giles
Hopefully Mark Herzlich will be back next year
Justin Jarvis
Clarence Megwa
Jim Ramella
Roderick Rollins
Nick Rossi
Jeff Smith
and others who contributed much over the years.

This is a pretty impressive list, and we'll miss these guys for sure. I'll be there early to pay tribute to these players and their families. What a way to go out - beat UNC at home - preserve the perfect home record - and propel yourselves into College Park, MD to end the season on a very high note - I'll be there as well. You players deserve a good bowl game in spite of the fans.

Erik said...

Great group of seniors.

In other news, Mo Cassara's latest tweet is a little concerning:
"BC Hoops on plane and off to Virgin Islands... Good bet some Capri pants will be worn"

BCDoubleEagle said...


ObserverCollege said...

If you google "football" and "academic restrictions", you'll find article after article about how academics get in the way of the business of college football.

Think about the harm you've caused these recent years. You've done just well enough to swallow up a spot in the ACCCG, and even to hold hostage the #2 ranking in the nation. Yet you haven't brought the fans to Tampa and Jacksonville because they have been too busy studying. So the good folks at Dairy Queen, Hooters, and the Shoney's Motor Inn suffer greatly in these awful times. You won't pull out the stops and go all the way in college football.

So fine, yelp out to the rafters about your precious "academic standing" and "graduation rates". OK, Florida is at 69%. USC is at 58%. West Virginia is at 61%. Just remember that when it comes the scoreboard and, more importantly, bowl tickets sold, that (91% times ZERO) equals (69% times ZERO) equals (58% times ZERO) equals (61% times ZERO). In other words, that's right, ZERO.

So take that money you put toward academics, and use it to build a Waffle House on the Brighton Campus. Show some love to the bowl scouts who give over weekend after weekend personally scouting college football. Then maybe JUST maybe Leeman Bennett will say, "You know what, BC has its heart in the right place. Let's take a chance on them." But, you know, you have to do something more important than "graduate your players" to get to elite status. Just sharing truth is all.

CT said...

Wow, very proud of BC's academic success with its sports programs. Those 21 teams, and football, too, deserve a TON of credit. It's hard enough w/o the time commitments to stay on course. Go BC!

CT said...

Mark Bradley piece in the AJC begging for a Clemson win this weekend to avoid the disaster that is BC. Nice touch, Bradley.

CT said...'s conference-by-conference look at favorite place to play, tailgating experience, nicest fans, etc.

Or, as I like to call it, "Is BC still in the ACC?"

VinnyBostonCollegeEagle said...

I asked this question on EO but got crucified for it, so I'll ask you. What happened to Jeff Smith? Where's he been? Also do you have an insight as to what keeps him out so much, is he soft or mentally not into it?

mod34b said...

CT --

very interesting ACC fan survey by Cnnsi

BC ranks Vtech, overwhelmingly as our biggest ACC rival. VTech ranks BC as its 4th place (and very minor) rival. NO other ACC team fans ranks BC as a top 4 rival. None!!

NO other team like coming to play at BC. None.

NO other ACC team gives a Shiota about BC.

So why are we in the ACC again? I guess its better than the Big East, particularly the state it is in now

Its such a universal BC feeling; we are a very good school in so many ways, yet we feel so out of place in the world on so many levels.

matthew said...

this is only our 5th year in the conference.... rivalries don't happen overnight. I agree that we have some things to work on, but we've established ourselves as a tough game on the schedule, and that's a good start.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Remind me again why I should care whether other ACC fans think BC is a "rival"?

Boyd said...

I can't remember if Observer College is for real or satire. But I'll say this:

I live in SEC country, and it makes me hate the NCAA. LSU fans dont give a *damn* about LSU players except for football. They can enter illiterate and leave illiterate, and that's just fine.

BC not only "graduates" its players, it educates them. I tutored players like Doug Goodwin, Sandro Sciortino, and AJ Walker (hockey). We helped, but they *did* the work.

I don't even like NCAA sports anymore. It disgusts me. But I'm proud of the Eagles. They are one of maybe five schools that has elite student/athletes.

Just sharing truth is all.

Ry said...

AJ Walker actually has the letters MD after his name now...good work Boyd

matthew said...

sciortino hit a game winning FG vs. ND...... good enough for me