Sunday, November 08, 2009

New recruit and other weekend news

Jarrett Darmstatter is the latest high school player to commit to Spaz. He is listed as a TE/DE. Check out his recruiting profile here.

After starting slow the Basketball team pulled away from St. Mike's en route to a win. It was only an exhibition but you have to like the the balance.

BC bounced back from Friday night's disappointment to beat Northeastern Saturday.

Here is a nice article on Rich Lapham. The Herald also covered BC's bye weekend.

With the way things shook out this weekend, HD sees us bowling in San Fran. I actually agree with her. The only way we will be a better bowl is to win the ACC.

Future opponent UNC just lost their leading rusher to injury.


Erik said...

Based on the box score:
Rakim's line was unimpressive, but he's the last guy I'm worried about.

Good to see both Elmore and Ravenel get boards when they're in there -- we don't need them to score, we need fouls and rebounds.

Jackson & Roche combined 8 for 10 from three! I like that accuracy.

Biko 9 assists 2 turnovers. Sounds like he did the job, although I doubt St Mike's presses us like D1 teams do.

chicagofire1871 said...

While not the most prestigious bowl in the ACC's mix, the SF bowl is usually one of the better games, and playing a PAC-10 team holds much more intrigue to me than anything in the Big East. I'll be sad next season when the ACC trades the Emerald for the Independence bowl. Anyone else rather go to SF than Shrevesport, LA?

Unknown said...

A little off topic, but Peter King is listing Brian St. Pierre as the 12th best unrestricted free agent for 2010. Mentioned something along the lines of 2010's Matt Cassel. Did not see that coming.

mod34b said...

ATL -- Assuming we win out and we make a few other reasonable assumptions, here are the likely final conference records for the ACC bowl eligible teams:

1. Georgia Tech 7-1
2. Clemson 6-2
3. Miami 6-2
4. V Tech 6-2
5. BC 6-2
6. UNC 3-5
7. Wake 4-4
8. NCSU 3-5

Based on this, and (mis)applying the BC rule, I assumed (incorrectly, see below) we would get first dibs as the #5 on Music City, but it looks like that is not the case if the 5-6-7 ACC Bowls get together, as allowed by the rules, and make their own selections and Music City decides not to pick BC (which I assume is what they would do). So even if we are #5, the BC rule does not neccesarily help BC this year. (unless, of course, everyone refuses BC, then we would go Music City -- interesting wrinkle)

Apparently, the BC Rule only has teeth if we are #2,3, or 4 -- meaning it will really only kick in if we are 1 loss team and the other #3,4, 5 teams are 3 loss teams. In other words, the BC rule is a paper tiger.

Here is the 2008 ACC Bowl Selection rule (I assume the 2009 rules are the same):

After the Champs Sports Bowl has made its selection, then the next three bowl games--Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, the Meineke Car Care Bowl and the Emerald Bowl--will forward their preferences to the ACC Office. If the three bowls can agree to each take a different choice and the teams chosen agree to the choices, then their picks stand. If not, then the bowls will choose in the following financial order and must choose a team within one win of the team with the best available conference record:

1.Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl [ Nashville, Dec 27, 815 pm]
2. Meineke Car Care Bowl [Charlotee, Dec 26 4 pm]
3. Emerald Bowl [SF, Dec. 26 830 pm]

If the ACC FCG runner-up is available, and has won a minimum of eight games, then Music City Bowl must select that team, unless that team agrees to being selected by another bowl.

If there are not 7 bowl eleigible ACC teams, we might wind up at Meineke. I'd rather go west to a nice city with a PAC-10 opponent.

mod34b said...

Actually, let me change my comment:

If BC is #5, and it refuses the choices of the 5-6-7 bowls, as it is allowed to do --

If the three bowls can agree to each take a different choice and the teams chosen agree to the choices, then their picks stand --

then the bowls are not free to jump over BC and BC can insist on the #5 bowl if BC wants to do that.

I guess the BC rule does have some impact here -- ASSUMING we win out.

Thus, the UNC game, which we must win for the BC Rule to work, looms large.

almost_paul said...

Re: basketball exhibition

Love Roche's and Reggie's accuracy from beyond the arch; love Raji's 19 and 14 effort; like Biko's assist to turnover ratio; dislike the slow start (but, hey, it's an exhibition); hate Southern's weak effort on the glass (3 boards in 17 minutes from the biggest guy on the court?).

Re: Bowl Game

Let's win these last three very winnable games and let the chips fall where they may. 9-3 would be more than any of us could have hoped for before the season and more than anybody thought possible after the Clemson and Va Tech debacles.

Big Jack Krack said...

And Oh Boy, just think - next year we get the Brut Sun Bowl, in El Paso, Tex., which will have the runner-up from the ACC Football Championship Game, if available, or the third selection of league teams after the BCS picks.

We've got to win the whole thing - or come in third.

Here's the lineup:

1. BCS Bowl

2. The Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta, will once again receive the first selection of ACC teams after the BCS selections.

3. The Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Fla., will then have the second pick of ACC teams after the BCS selections.

4. Brut Sun Bowl, in El Paso, Tex., which will have the runner-up from the ACC Football Championship Game, if available, or the third selection of league teams

5. the Meineke Car Care Bowl--will continue in the ACC Bowl structure with the fourth selection after the BCS.

6. the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl in Nashville, Tenn., will have the fifth selection of conference teams after the BCS.

7. Advocare 100 Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La. will have the sixth selection of ACC teams after the BCS.

8. the EagleBank Bowl in Washington, D.C., will have the seventh selection of ACC teams after the BCS

Big Jack Krack said...

Please pardon me for getting away from Basketball.

Go BC - let's show the ACC this year!!!!

Schruender said...

9 minutes into the game I guess St. Michael's was winning. Then the team went on a 22-2 run...I hope the Harvard game is behind them, but that is a sure sign of them taking a team lightly.

Also with football, did you see the Clemson FSU game on Saturday night? Bobby Bowden's play calling might have cost FSU again. Once they took the lead in the 4th quarter, Ponder throws a jump ball into double coverage and gets picked it changed the momentum of the game. Clemson has NC State and UVA the rest of the way. Hello Music City...

matthew2 said...

Rakim better focus his game inside the perimeter this year -- shooting 8 3's in this exhibition is pure laziness. He will have mismatches that he needs to exploit... I really hope he can play a little closer to the basket this year.... hopefully he has developed a couple of moves with his back to the basket