Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reports on Rettig in Florida

As Shinskie struggled down the stretch many BC fans pinned their hopes on incoming QB recruit Chase Rettig. The California QB is in Florida this week as part of the Under Armour All Star game. The early reports from practice are mixed.

This report from a Gator site didn't think much of his Day 1 performance:
He has a big lead on Boston College verbal commitment Chase Rettig (Sierra Madre, Calif./San Clemente H.S.) who brings up the rear of this group.

As you can see, there is not much detail there. Read into it what you will.

On the other hand ESPN, which is broadcasting the game, had a more positive spin on Rettig's first day:

Chase Rettig (Sierra Madre, Calif./San Clemente), who is headed to Boston College, is not the most celebrated quarterback here, but he showed great underneath zip during passing drills and seemed to take control of the offense.

None of this really matters as Rettig will be on campus in a few weeks and competing on his own merits. Let's hope he makes things interesting.


eagleagleagle said...

our newest DL??? Momah?? huh? From Boston Herald:

"On the defensive line, only Jim Ramella will be leaving while fellow end Alex Albright will be back. Ifeanyi Momah, a 6-foot-6 converted wide receiver who redshirted this year, has the coaching staff cautiously optimistic that he can provide some much needed help on the pass rush. Inside, Damik Scafe and the oft-injured Kaleb Ramsey return while Dillon Quinn, who redshirted this year, will push for playing time."

Raj said...

i liked momah as a red zone target, but hey if they can convert his frame to hold 30-40 more pounds, maybe we have the next kiwi?

Erik said...

It's worth a shot, our depth at WR is actually really good, so if he can fill a need elsewhere and he isn't going to get minutes at WR, I'm all for it. Even if he doesn't overpower an offensive tackle to get to the QB, he might have the instincts to get his hands up and disrupt passing lanes.

ps - Happy New Year everyone. Go Bruins. Suck it PhillyBCEagles Alex.

mod34b said...

Thing is that most WR do no have the same nasty toughness that you find in a DL. Sure it's possible to convert good athletes from one position to another, but I am surprised that a WR could switch to DL. I have never seen that done before. But I do agree with Erik that we seem to have good depth at WR/TE so this is worth a try.

If Momah could be the next Kiwi (we hope for even 1/2 a Kiwi), Quinn might be the next Raji or Brace (I'll take a 3/4 Brace or 1/4 Raji),

This is what's great about college football: things can change quickly from one season to the next, and hopefully for the better.

Here is an excerpt from an article from August 2009 on what a potential beast Quinn is.

It would be great to have a nasty DL again, particularly with excellent LBs and good DBs already in place.


Quinn could offer Eagles raw power

By Mark Blaudschun, Globe Staff | August 19, 2009

He has yet to play his first game or attend his first class; in fact, he will debut with the football team a few days before he attends his first class. But make no mistake, Dillon Quinn’s presence has been duly noted at Boston College.

Oh, not among the starters, who will go about the business of the Eagles’ second scrimmage of training camp this evening. Quinn is still too raw for that, despite his 6-foot-8-inch, 295-pound frame as a defensive tackle. Three months ago, Quinn was still finishing up at Trinity-Pawling prep school in upstate New York. He was still the big man - if not the biggest - on a very small campus where he showed enough potential to have a dozen schools interested.

BC won that battle, edging out Maryland, which looked like a fast closer until Quinn decided that the combination of tradition and opportunity made BC the best fit.

“It wasn’t any one thing which made the difference,’’ Quinn said. “They won games and have always had a good tradition of defensive linemen.’’

The tradition continued with B.J. Raji and Ron Brace anchoring a defensive line that helped the Eagles reach the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game the last two years. They have moved on to the National Football League.

. . ..

eagleboston said...

A little background on Momah: he played linebacker in high school and he was fairly good at the position. When he arrived on campus, Spaz and the other defensive coaches were licking their chops and kept asking him if he was sure he did not want to try defense. Couple that with the fact that he dropped a lot of catch-able passes his first 2 seasons and I think the coaching staff made the right move to try him at end. We have not had a pass rush since Kiwi so we are desperate for a player that can pressure the QB.

I caution everyone about putting their eggs in the Rettig basket. The only freshman I can recall that started as a freshman was Sir Doug Flutie, Duke of Natick, and he did not start until late in the season. Even Ryan did not start until the final game of his redshirt freshman year and that was a disaster. Our best chance for success next year is for Shinskie to make major strides.

mod34b said...

Good insights, EagleBoston.

Also, good to see Momah was a successful high school Defensive End. Maybe this will work, at least on cleaer passing downs.

From BC site:

High School
Earned All-State Class B first-team honors as a senior wide receiver at Elwood-John H. Glenn High School; also gained All-Long Island honors ... captured the 2006 Dragon Award as the top wide receiver in Suffolk County ... made 47 receptions for 872 yards and seven touchdowns in 2006 ... also excelled on the defensive side of the ball, totaling 78 tackles as a defensive end; registered 12 tackles for loss (four sacks), two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery

CT said...

the better news is that the acc made up some ground with the va. tech and fsu wins.

nice to see bowden go out with a win. too bad they handled that so badly.

va. tech looked really good last night. and fast. think they'll be top 5 next yr.

auburn-northwestern the most enertaining game i've seen in awhile.

and the almighty sec lost to penn state today. perhaps the mayans were off by three yrs.

Raj said...

id rather have my eggs in rettig's basket then leave them with shinskie because he'd give them to another team.

mod34b said...

FSU and VTech both looked very good and both will be formidable opponents next year.

I thought Northwestern played well, as did Stanford, despite losing. I wonder if people still think Stanford and Northwested are not comparabe private school football programs to BC's? (discussed earlier this season in the context of recruting standards)

Here is my private school rankings (using the CBS rankings)

Hey, we are the #7 private school football program in the USA! We should be able to get to at least be #3 on this list every year, if not #1.

1 TCU (CBS #3)
2 BYU (#12)
3 Miami (#14)
4 Northwestern (#16)
5 Stanford (#20)
6 USC (#30)
7 Boston College (#36)
8 ND (#60)
9 SMU (#61)
10 Wake Forest (#72)
11 Duke (#78)
12 Baylor (#79)
13 Syracuse (#91)
14 Vandy (#107)
15 Tulane (#109)
16 Rice (#113)

mod34b said...

Given that I have got too much time on my hands today, I've made another year-end ranking.

Its the the US News & World Report top 50 football ranker.

To measure the combination of academic excellence and football prowess, I've multiplied the USNWR rank (only for schools in the top 50 with a D-1 football program) with their CBS football ranks and then ranked the schools in terms of lowest product (in parentheses) (is there some econ prof out there/stats nut who can comment on this home grown method?)

Here is the list:

1 Stanford (80)
2 Texas (94)
3 Northwestern (192)
4 Florida (235)
5 GTech (315)
6 Penn State (517)
7 California (580)
8 Wisc (663)
9 Miami (700)
10 USC (780)
10 Duke (780)
12 UNC (924)
13 Boston College (1020)
14 Notre Dame (1140)
15 UCLA (1536)
16 Vandy (1819)
17 Rice (1969)
18 UVA (2040)
19 Wake (2016)
20 Michigan (2160)
21 Washington (3192)
22 Illinois (3861)

BC is 13 in on the academic/football combo ranker. Most importantly, we are better than ND. So even if this is pure gibberish -- which it might be -- it's still good to start the New Year ranked ahead of the Dopey Domers. If BC keeps heading higher on these scales, as it should and will, we should able to get into top #5 on this list too.

Happy New Year!

CT said...

i don't think stanford and northwestern are comparable football programs, but this year they are certainly comparable teams.

remember, northwestern hasn't won a bowl game since....???

look at those private schools below BC. not exactly a who's who of football. except you know who.

baby jesus destroys cincinnati tonight. man, am i happy texas beat nebraska now.

go horned frogs.

mod34b said...

Nice seeing Cincy get crushed. Maybe it will give us a leg up recruiting the next stud from the Cincinnati area.

Tebow wearing scripture on his black face paint is pretty lame. I prefer the shades of hell Herzy gloms onto his face!

Dan said...

Speaking of which Mod...

Cincy commit considering switching to BC

Also, hearing Joe Haden's name a bazillion times during that game tonight, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or vomit about the Josh Haden failure.

I'll take the Herzy eyeblack anyday. Also the "Let me thank my lord and savior first" bit is kinda ridiculous. How much did Urban have to restrain himself from not tongue kissing Tebow right in fron of his wife?

mod34b said...

Dan == too Funny as to Urban. I probably have some Urban/Tebow nightmare now

matthew said...

Religious or not... let's not rip on Tebow for being a better role model than most athletes.

Let's say Nebraska had beaten Texas in the 12 championship... how would the whole Brian Kelly to ND thing have been handled???

mod34b said...

Tebow is a great college ball player -- even if he seems as unstable as Rex Ryan -- and he has the right to wear religion on his sleeve (or his face).

Seems to trivialize religion into slogans. But I am sure on the whole its a positive thing -- just kind of juvenile. I prefer to keep religion out of football. I cringe when athletes thank God for allowing them to win.

Personally, i'd rather hang out with Legarrette Blount of Oregon than Tim Tebow.

matthew said...

I'm sure he love to hang out with you, too

mod34b said...

Matthew, thanks for the pissy comment.

bcnut said...

Is is true that BC offered a scholarship to Leon Orr because EDSBS had some fun with us on this one. Did anyone read the emails regarding Mike Leach, TTU etc because Jim Sowell shreds Gary O’Hagan and refers to our coaching chaos in his correspondence with Kent Hance?