Sunday, December 06, 2009

San Francisco sounds good to me

As expected, BC is headed to San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl. What wasn't expected until late last night was BC's opponent -- USC Trojans. Yes, that USC. The one with Pete Carroll, a slew of five-star recruits, history, tradition, etc. This happens to be the worst USC team since Carroll's first year, but it is still USC. It is not only a real bowl opponent, it is a college football heavyweight. I will not be in San Francisco, but I encourage any of you who have the time and don't have other obligations to head out west. This bowl might not have a storied history, but you'll get to see a good team in a good park in a great city.

Here are the pros and cons of the Emerald Bowl. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

-- Great destination
-- Great name opponent
-- In prime time
-- Will be the only game on at that time
-- In a city with a good BC alumni base
-- USC won't bring the same crowd that other potential opponents like Cal or Stanford would have
-- USC might not be especially motivated or excited to play in this game
-- AT&T is a cool park (for fans)
-- A chance for a signature win for this year's team
-- A chance to get to nine wins
-- A chance to see and be seen by California recruits

-- USC is USC in name only and not that good this year
-- December 26
-- Very far from most BC fans
-- While a great city, San Francisco won't be all that thrilling or warm for the players
-- The game is played in a baseball stadium, which is part novelty but part joke. The endzones but up against the walls and both teams share a sideline
-- No history for the bowl and very little excitement among casual fans or recruits

This is a great opportunity and better than most of the recent bowls BC has been in. I don't expect a huge showing, but hopefully BC fans can rally behind this event. And one final reminder to anyone going: buy your tickets from BC! We only get credit when you buy from our ticket office.


chicagofire1871 said...

I'm definitely going to this game. Of all the potential ACC bowl opponents, USC is preferable to nearly all, even Iowa. Save for the name attached to this bowl, BC fans have little to complain about. This softens the injustice of FSU getting the Gator Bowl.

Unknown said...

We play USC in the regular season in 2013 right?

If we lose I would love to see Shinskie/Marscovetra come back as seniors and beat them...

Dan said...

If ever there were a time for BC fans to come out in numbers this is it. Big time opponent on prime time on a saturday. Given how far this game is from most alums, GDF might wanna consider extending the buy one get one offers from the end of the season so California alums can round up as many random office buddies/ disgruntled Californians who just want to see USC lose.

mmason said...

Damn--What else do we want at BC? Sure, we'll play USC during the coming years--but this time AMERICA will watch this game--because it's bowl season and it's USC goin'up against this college called BC that most people in"everyday USA" don't know diddley about--(my next door neighbor is an ND fan because they're a Catholic school--He's not an idiot,but he still doesn't know BC from A.D.! Get it? More people know who Sarah Palin is than who know about BC. Ergo--we need to show up BIG for the BC vs.USC game and raise some hell. I'm going and dragging every person I know to that game--Yeah, I'm living in L.A, now, but we're going North to beat these Trojan dudes in S.F. ALL BC FAITHFUL need to show up for this historic big upset because we will make this happen with our Eagle Nation presence. If there was ever a time for Eagle Pride it's NOW. We need to show the USA that we're down for our guys C'mon--you all know that this is a big moment for
Damn--If you can't show for a BC Bowl game vs. USC in the best damn city in America then what's left?
That's right. SF is the best city we have goin'on the planet--it's smackin' gorgeous. This will be a super cool historic moment-like when we beat Georgia or ASU in Bowl games past and everyone thought we were an afterthought ready to forget.



You're right, Dan. It's prime time!
We'll slam dunk all those ACC folks who think we can't bring it if our Cali alums show up ( with some help from the other West folk, of course!)
Let's do this thing.

Erik said...

Chase Rettig is probably having a good week since this news broke.

Can we use this exposure to land some of those big nasty Samoans that the west coast schools always get?

Bravesbill said...

MMason, love the enthusiasm. However, San Francisco is not even rmeotely close to being the best city in America. Ever hear of "America's Finest City?" That's right, it's San Diego, not San Francisco. Hey, at least you got the "San" part correct. You are right about the need to attend the game though.

conlonc said...

Ah, Whale's that place.

Get pumped BC fans. THIS is a game.

conlonc said...
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BCDoubleEagle said...

We have over 7,000 alumni + about 500 current students from California. Hope they show up.

Adam said...

Don't forget to buy through the ticket office so we get credit for selling out our allotment:

Dan said...

Every last one of those 7,500 need to show up and they need to bring their whole damn family and the dog in a BC Snuggie.

My best friend from high school went to USC and said the fans are extremely disappointed and a lot don't plan on making the drive. They'll still outnumber us but it would be awesome if BC had almost as many fans there.

Betting note: Said friend and I will be wagering on this game and becuase he's not going, his requested prize will be a framed photo from the bowl off some USC picture page. Any thoughts on a cool BC piece of memorabilia less than $50 ?

Dan said...

One last thing in our favor this year from an attendence stand point- ATT park sits only 42,000 compared with approximately 70,000 for all the other bowls we've been going to so even our usual 5,000 showing will look a little better and if the big opponent could get that into the 7,500-10,000 range and it starts to look like we have a decent presence.

A33Jim said...

An idea for a fun prize for you if you win, Dan-

Since the game's going to be on ESPN360 as well as on TV, when BC wins make your pal use his computer to watch through the broadcast again and take screencaptures near the end of the game when the ESPN camera's start showing a frustrated pete carroll, USC seniors with dropped jaws, and teary-eyed fans. Could also include some images of BC celebrating. Then have him print out the images on photopaper at Kinkos or wherever, tape them to a board, and make a photo collage.

The cost in dollars would be low, but the torture/gloat factor would be enormous.

BCDoubleEagle said...

We need a good overhead photo of the ballpark packed with maroon and gold- clad fans. From the blimp, you won't be able to tell if they're wearing maroon and gold for BC or USC, and we'll just take credit for all of them.

BCDoubleEagle said...


Nice BC photos under $40:

Kevin said...

Baltimore's the best city in America.

I know this as fact.

CT said...

Ha. Baltimore. Now that's funny.

Good strip clubs. I mean, or so I hear.

Mmason channeling BJK. It's not even gameday and I'm feeling the electricity across the country.

Come to think of it, we could use a nasty samoan or two. I'd settle for "really fast and doesn't suffer concussions" though.

Whale's Vagina wins. Military yes...Pelosi no...

It's the coach's job to get the team motivated for the games that aren't "big." The players get up for the big games themselves. That's Carroll's responsibility for this game, their first non-BCS game in, what, seven years? It's Spaz's job to make sure his moustache is properly trimmed and his headset works. It's, what, his second bowl game ever?

Come on. Spaz crushed Navy on a last play FG after an embarrassing fumble by the Midshipmen. What has Carroll done?


rumple said...

I am not so sure about the USC game and wonder if the travel is worth it.

Clearly, can we really say we are competitive with USC? No way. Its an absurd comparison. We are just totally mediocre. A study in mediocrity - at best. We are actually worse than mediocre. Every team that had a winning record beat us and we only beat losers -- losers. C'mon, we need to get serious.

I agree with others that we are the worst 8-4 major team in the USA, but I would add that there is little doubt that USC with its 5-star recruits and overall team speed is the best 8-4 team. As someone said here, that overall USC team speed will make this a blow out. Sorry, I am just being a realist. USc needs a big score to finish inthe top 25 and we are the patsy lined up for the job.

I wish this would be a boring game, but that is not reality. This will be a blow out and major party for the Trojans. Spaz vs Carroll... um.. well that . . um that says it all. Good one about the moustache.! ha!

Sorry, to say, the game is going to expose us as a really bad team. I am just basing this on facts and being a realist. Shinksie, Harris and Keuchley would not even make 3rd string on USC, and none were recruited by USC, and they are going to be in for a day that will make Clemson , VT and UNc seem like fun. Especially Harris. 40 carries a game with a QB who can't pass under pressure? SC probably has a Harris dummy they are tacking now.

No recruits are going to be impressed with what will befall our beloved Eagles.

Given this outcome, I wish we were playing our usual no-profile bowl, and not sticking our neck out, particularly in this rebuilding year. But i guess it exceeeds pre-season expectation, so in a sense that is sorta of ok. um, i guess.

But on the other hand, this is going to be a serious set back for BC football. I wish I could say otherwise, and wish I could say BC will rock or be able to win, but that's just is not reality.

I hope USC goes easy on us in the second half -- the most we can realistically hope for.

Minuteman Pen said...

I don't think you have to be a Homer to be a good fan. A true BC fan can say they believe that BC will lose a game, or even that we are outmatched. But to spend paragraph after paragraph talking about how great USC is and how crappy BC is...well, that's just sad.

eagleboston said...

For the record, Gorgias is not my alter-ego.

I'm actually excited about this game. USC will draw television viewers and this is the only game on that night. I think it will take an absolutely tremendous effort by BC to win this game, but I do think we have a shot if our defense plays its usual stellar game and the offense limits turnovers. I think we are about even at the QB position, have the advantage at running back and defense while USC has the advantage at wide receiver. The big question is will USC come to play?

neenan said...

glad its hoops now. bad bowl and no recruits worth talking about.

agree with gargius. can't see much against sc. way it is.

chicagofire1871 said...

I swear some BC fans won't be happy until we're as popular as Ohio State and play like Florida every year. Jeez, people celebrate your successes and support BC where you can.

Bravesbill said...

EB--I'd take Barkley over Shinskie in a heart beat. Barkley is a much better passer and decision maker and has won huge games on the road (Ohio St.). Shinskie has done squat this year. As for the QB position, I'd give the slight advantage to USC. McKnight is a beast and is very fast. Plus, USC has way more depth. BC has Harris, . who is a baller, but is not as fast. Also, given BC's lack of RB depth, Harris will have to carry about 40 times. He's going to tire himself out eventually. USC has a big advantage in the WR department. On defense, I would give BC the edge, given that USC has struggled all year with injuries. USC does have better safeties though with Mays. USC has way too much speed and athleticism for BC to keep up and should win. BC needs to shut down USC's offense (which is shaky at times, but still better than BC's) in order to have a chance. Plus, Shinskie can't make any mistakes.

rumple said...

Excellent insights BB & EB.

I too agree that BC has only a very slight chance to beat USC.

Especially when you consider overall team speed of BC vs USC. If you add rival stars team avg's and football tradition & success, BC's head will be spinning and seeing stars. It's a rebuilding year.

CT said...

Well, if we're relying on Dave not to make any mistakes, we'll have to convince him we're playing NC State at home.

Yes, USC is faster. So are a lot of teams we play, no? And beat. I don't think you're giving enough credit to Larmond and Gunnell, who are legitimate burners. If you can run by FSU, you can run by anyone.

The question is if you have a QB who makes the right reads. We don't.

Harris isn't fast, but I'll take him over any 'SC back. That's a real advantage. And USC struggled against the run this yr. Harris in a heartbeat...not even close. Dude is ridiculous. He'll have a month to get rested for the game and six after to recuperate. If Old Man Tranq can call a game like he did in the first half vs. FSU, we can surprise.

We're not playing a name. We're playing an 8-4 team that lost badly to Stanford, which lost at Wake. There's hope in Mudville...