Monday, December 21, 2009

Trouble in Troy and other links

While the McKnight issue still remains unresolved, USC lost three players to academic suspensions. The biggest loss will be TE Anthony McCoy.

The Wall Street Journal dives into the recruiting ranking arguments by looking at the relative success of BC and USC. In my mind this sort of validates my argument that the rankings are skewed towards the powers. They sight 2006's top guys. By then USC was in the middle of their recent dynasty. Anyone they talked to was going to get an inflated value by the recruiting rankings. This ESPNLA article also looks at how the Trojans fell to Emerald Bowl status.

Here is news on one of our latest under the radar football recruit.

Rich Gunnell is sad to see his time at BC come to a close. It is sad since he's been a credit to the program.

There are lost of logistics in getting the team to California.

Women's soccer freshman Victoria DiMartino was named Freshman of the Year by Soccer America.


America said...

I don't know if anyone's noticed how quickly the betting lines moved in our favor. Yesterday most moved to +7, +7.5. BO DOG still has us at +9 but they suspended betting on the game.

Anonymous said...
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Dan said...

Great piece on Keuchly.

The three SC players must be music to Spaz/McGovern's ears. Freshman QB that struggled down the stretch loses his second best target and a senior OLineman and possibly his starting RB. Given their talent level I'm sure the backups at SC are probably starting quality anywhere else but BC's defense must be licking their chops nonetheless.

In fact, I hope this doesn't give BC a reason to get a little cocky and blow a huge opportunity. Time to focus focus focus and play a mistake free game.

mod34b said...

Dan -- The problem is that when a second teamer at USC gets his shot, he will try to make the most of it so as not to be a second teamer next year. This is his big break.

Given that a second teamer at USC is a first teamer almost anywhere else, and certainly a first teamer if in ACC, we might wind up seeing some highly motivated and very talented athletes looking to make their mark against BC. Yikes. An accomplished and set first teamer might feel safe in dogging it.

Anyway you slice it, USC is going to be a tough opponent -- the best we've seen all year -- and one that will require the very best BC has to offer. Yes, they didn't crush ND and did lose to Stanford, but still, its USC.

Let's start by hoping we do not perform like we did against Clemson, UNC and V'Tech and let's breath a sigh of relief that we do not have to worry about keeping our bowl win streak going.. Whew...

Big Jack Krack said...

I hope Rich and all of our seniors have a strong game and a memorable experience in San Francisco against such a top opponent as USC.

I wish Mike McLaughlin and Matt Tennant the best as well - and all of the seniors.

Let's go, Captains - you have done a great job at BC. Show your teammates the way against USC.

Go BC - we're proud of you.

Dan said...


Totally agree on the motivation for the backup TE and possibly RB if McKnight doesn't go. I think the Olineman is their biggest loss. As we've seen from our own first rate line cohesion is key for an O-Line. Hopefully this will disrupt them a little as a unit.

I'll take any slight help we can get for this one.

I wonder how far in advance Carrol knew these guys were gonna be out? It broke this week, but c'mon 2 of them were seniors so I doubt it was a suprise they were holding their academic eligibility together with duct tape. Might speak to USC's motivation if these guys didn't even bother to get a D so they could play in this game.

mod10aeagle said...

I think it could be a challenge to get a USC team "up" for an Emerald Bowl appearance. Losing a few key players just before the game probably doesn't help. On the other hand, I think BC players would be very psyched to play USC anywhere, anytime. It's not a big, sustainable advantage, but I think BC gets the edge in motivation, and we're going to need every edge we can get.

modest34b said...

For those who like/respect Kenpom for basketball predictions, note that Kenpom currently predicts BC will go 2-13 in its remaining ACC schedule. This includes an 11-game losing streak from early January until late February. Its going to be real ugly or there will be some surprise wins

For the Al-Skinner-be-gone crowd, this season will be for you! The number in (x) is the kenpom rank. BC is ranked 93.

Jan 9 (8) Clemson L, 79-63 Away
Wed Jan 13 (2) Duke L, 83-60 Away
Sat Jan 16 (42) Maryland L, 72-70 Home
Tue Jan 19 (30) Miami FL L, 70-59 Away
Sat Jan 23 (78) Virginia Tech L, 66-61Away
Tue Jan 26 (8) Clemson L, 75-66Home
Sat Jan 30 (40) Florida St. L, 64-62Home
Sat Feb 6 (2) Duke L, 78-64Home
Tue Feb 9 (43) Wake Forest L, 74-64 Away
Sun Feb 14 (40) Florida St. L, 68-59 Away
Sat Feb 20 (44) North Carolina L, 77-75 Home
Wed Feb 24 (78) Virginia Tech WIN, 64-62 Home
Sat Feb 27 (34) Georgia Tech L, 74-63 Away
Wed Mar 3 (79) Virginia WIN, 66-63 Home
Sun Mar 7 (96) North Carolina St. L, 68-64 Away

Erik said...

UMass & BC not on TV. Thank you people of Massachusetts for supporting collegiate athletics. Spend time discussing the hot stove trade proposals of the Red Sox.


modest34b said...

Erik, you little snot.

#176 (UMass) v #93 (BC) ain't worth watching. I thank the TV schedulers for saving us from such crap.

matthew2 said...

Dustbowl ----- I'll guarantee better than 2-13 during that stretch.... probably much better. c'mon man, if you're a bc basketball fan you should know better than to think kenpom can accurately predict how this season will continue.

and I would love to watch BC play UMASS... I don't know how tv scheduling works, but I can tell you personally that I would love to watch that game. If you care.

Ry said...

i forgot dustbowl's tv only gets one channel and he would be forced to watch bc and umass on cn8 if they carried it.

if we play one game with any sort of appeal (aside from unc and duke) this should be it.