Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another wasted opportunity

In a way this game was as frustrating as losing to the midmajors earlier in the year. The team played well defensively and controlled most of the game, yet fell apart on their late possessions. Supposedly one of the benefits of everyone coming back this year was that they would have more experience. We have the benefit of spending more time on strategy and execution. Yet, with the game on the line we took bad shots and let Florida State escape with a victory. Here are my thoughts. Leave yours in the comments section.


-- Trapani getting good baskets and playing good D.
Trapani picked up a lot of points on putbacks. That should be a big part of his game every week. He also played very good D -- probably the best of all our frontline guys.
-- Trapping with Elmore. This is becoming a nice change of pace and threw FSU off its game for long stretches.
-- Hitting big 3s. They finally started falling for us. Of course it wasn't enough.
-- Sanders improving. He still made dumb mistakes (like getting in foul trouble early) but did provide many positive plays. I wish he could do it without the mistakes.


-- Too many wasted possessions because of the shot clock.
A lot of this is on Jackson, but the guys are not moving to help him. Still, Reggie has to have a better idea of when to go to the basket.
-- Not enough passing. Sanders and Jackson were both black holes where the ball did not escape. They need to be patient and get others involved.
-- Late game strategy.
None of the possessions were great but even the last one was nonsense. Why are we taking so much time and not even getting a shot off? Terrible.

Who knows what to expect. The team is playing better, but they've now squandered two conference games with poor decision making. So much for turning a corner.


Nebby A said...

Very disappointing loss...good crowd at Conte, winnable game, and we blew it down the stretch.

I am a big supporter of Reggie, but it was definintely one of his worst games this year...two critical turnovers in the final minute of play killed us.

I am not giving up on this team, but at 3-5 in the ACC and a few bad losses on the resume it is going to be very difficult (many would say near impossible) to make a tourney run...we basically need to go 7-1 in our remaining conference games or win the ACC tourney. Given this team's consistency problems, it is hard to see them accomplish either at this point.

Short of a tourney run, the best thing that can come out of this season is for us to find an established leader on the court. Right now it remains unclear who that guy will be, but someone needs to step up. The FSU and VaTech losses were the result of a a lack of toughness, leadership, and execution down the stretch. Al is partly responsble for these losses, but he can't do it alone...he needs a guy on the court to step up, lead the team, and execute when the game is on the line.

On a note unrelated to this season, Brady Heslip looks to be a legitimate 3-ball machine. Watching him in warm-ups is a side show...guy does not miss. I won't get too carried away yet about a redshirt freshman knocking down wide open threes in warm-ups, but I haven't seen this pure a three point shooter at the Heights in a long while. Given our woes at point guard and shooting behind the arc, he may be a big part of next year's squad.

Erik said...

I hope Brady is our savior. We need guard help. One thing I'm scared of is that if Brady (who isn't big) needs to be open then our offense ever seems to move the ball fast enough with enough crisp passes to get guys those easy open looks. Hopefully we can get Reggie to drive and draw in defenders and kick it out to Heslip for open looks.

Other than that, I really don't feel like commenting on the FSU game. It won't make me feel better.

Shifting my focus to the Beanpot tomorrow.

Eddierock said...

Al has to stop blaming the refs for close losses. We lose because of inexplicable turn overs and a lack of mental toughness down the stretch. Blaming others ensures we won't learn our lesson.

B. Traven said...

Those of you who are saying we're on the verge of being out of the tourney are delusional. We aren't going to the NIT.

Pearl Washington said...

I think Al is great (i think our assistants stink, no player development, same mistakes over and over) but do the players watch game film?

Against VT last week Reggie made 4 crucial errors all involving too much dribbling. Twice causing shot clock violations, the travel on the jump stop up 1 less than a minute left and then dribbling into traffic on the last play.

So I assume they watch the game film and Reggie gets his a** reemed don't do it again.

OK yesterday 2 crucial shot clock violations then tied 54-54 with 50 seconds left he tries to dribble thru traffic, gets picked and they hit a 3. Next play down 3 he penetrates jump stops then kicks out to a wide open Rakim for the tie but he traveled AGAIN.

This is amazing, just amazing that it happened again.

He better be running the Conte steps today.

And he better not play point again. He can't do it, he is a slasher, period. Play off the ball. Biko stinks but can't have it, this it is maddening. If Reggie takes cae of it we are 5-3 , 14-8.

Harry Collins said...

Damn, if BC even gets a B game out of Jackson, they win this one by 10.

I'm disappointed but a little encouraged. I'm encouraged becaue BC played hard for the 4th game in a row. I'm encouraged because Al finally gave Backup Paris backup minutes (he still sucked - 2 points, 4 turnovers). I'm encouraged because Elmore got real rotation minutes. I'm encouraged because Sanders finally played hard. I'm encouraged because the defense, but for the final 5 minutes or so, was outstanding

This team is not going anywhere because it has no point guard. I am resigned to that. No NIT, let alone NCAA. Not a chance. So I think the realistic goals now are to go .500 in conference play, and maybe play spoiler in the ACC tourney.

matthew2 said...

A couple of observations....

Heslip knocking down 3s -- Roche can shoot the lights out in practice, and he never has a play drawn up for him. Three point shooters don't make this offense go, so I'd be more encouraged if we brought a strong frame in, or someone with ball handling skills.

And HC -- were you really encouraged by Sanders today? I thought he played awful again, despite the love he got from the announcers, and in the boxscore. I know his points were there, and that's of course the point of the game. I still don't think he took as many smart shots as he should have, and his defense leaves a lot to be desired. I can't stand watching this guy play

CT said...

This team is not going anywhere not only b/c we have no point guard, but b/c they didn't play hard the ENTIRE 1st half of the season. If the Maryland game didn't convince you...

.500 conference record and winning record overall gets an NIT bid. At least the ACC has some weight here.
The bad news is that I had to type that sentence after pre-season expectations. The great news is Rakim gets another showcase for the teams in Uzbekistan.

mod34b said...

*****Warning: new comment technology below!*******

Too bad BC can't get credit in the standing for improved effort. Maybe we are rebuilding toward next season ROLL pause CLICK but probably not.

This is intended to be a (weak) attempt to get past the soul-deadening black and white text of the everyday blog comment! Maybe one day we will be able to post a picture in a blogger comment!

Harry Collins said...

@ Matthew2 - I'm measuring Sanders by the low standard he has set for himself this season. If you've read my posts, you know Sanders and Paris are my personal whipping boys, those two guys are the ones most responsible for this incredibly disappointing season. But I did see effort from Sanders yesterday, I thought he played hard, albeit with the requisite boneheaded turnovers and forced shots.

Sanders is a particularly frustrating player because he has talent, but he is lazy and stupid. Paris has no talent, and is lazy and stupid and has no business starting but for the fact that there is no one else. what an awful point guard.

Opinionater said...

Another "giveaway". Better overall effort by most. Much better "D"--especially against the tallest front court in the nation (6'9",
7'1", 6'9").
Keep up the changing "D's";find Elmore and Dunn more playing time, and find a guard?!
If we beat Duke on Saturday, will BC's season be a success----NOT!

Lenny Sienko said...

I suppose I have been spoiled by being a BC basketball fan down the years. I expect players to listen to and learn from a coach. I expect the Coach and the adults involved in the program to take responsibility, I can still remember Coach Cousy in sneakers working on moves with Johnny Austin. Practices were open in those days. Heinsohn and Russell would show up and help out at practice, Cousy would eat a late dinner in the Eagles' Nest. while we played cards at the next table.

I am disappointed when a BC player is unable or unwilling to realize his/her potential; but I am more apt to attribute the problem to the adults involved with the program unless there is clear evidence to the contrary; e.g., Sean Williams.

No adult should call college kids "lazy and stupid" because they lose a game.

We forget that the BC players are young people with all of the problems attendant thereto.

It is our responsibility as posters to set the tone for the board in the true spirit of BC.