Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Basketball takes care of business and other links

Facing one of the worst teams in DIA, the basketball team cruised to victory over NJIT. There is little if anything to read into any of this. The real test comes against Clemson this weekend.

BC recruit Shakim Phillips is keeping a diary during his stay at the Army All America game.

This article is sort of all over the place, but it does have a forward looking perspective on our football program.

Remember Joe Boisture? Well this article wonders if he's been coasting on his reputation from the recruiting gurus as opposed to his on field productivity.


JP from Dorchester said...

I know Ryan gets some criticism around here every once in a while, but this is worth the read:


Dan said...

Rivals said Philips is playing with a gimpy shoulder. Supposedly he injured it in his last game and it hasn't healed. I hope its not serious because another offseason of injuries to big players might do me in.

Big Jack Krack said...

I wish Danya and his daughter and family well - I have asked my brothers in MA to participate in the screening process. What an awful thing.

Big Jack Krack said...

I may be wrong, but in Iowa I saw what BC wants to be. Their offensive line was very impressive, giving the QB plenty of time to work through his progressions and options. They didn't seem to do anything extra fancy - just great, fundamental (smash mouth) blocking. The running backs made good blocks as well.

Their defense was stout and I liked the way they didn't use the "Nickel package", but kept their tough linebackers on the field when GT had to pass at the end of the game. While our defensive ends have been pretty good, we need some guys who can really get a good push towards the QB.

Coach Spaz - if this is the direction we are going - great! Bring on the hogs, build a tough defensive front four capable of pressuring the QB in their own right and the rest of the team will be able to really shine. And please don't use that soft prevent zone defense when the game is on the line - ever!

Go BC!!!

mod34b said...

I read the "all over the place article." Interesting, especially the point that BC is again recruiting "big boy" OLs, presumably to resume the "smash mouth" football ways. I like that too Jack Krack.

But, here is a point that really shows how bush league GDF can be:

"the school recently announced it wouldn’t send any members of its band to the Emerald Bowl because of financial constraints, even though the ACC picks up the tab for hotel rooms. Instead, the BC band was represented by San Francisco area high schoolers performing all of the school’s songs. If that doesn’t sound like amateur hour, what does?"

What kind of crap is that!!! High schoolers? That is embarrassing. Wouldn't no band be better???

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - I'm with you on GDF - I'd be willing to participate in a funding drive every year in order to reward our band mambers and send them to whatever bowl we reach. If BC won't do it, let the real fans raise the money - even if it embarrasses the AD.

Gene needs to figure all this out, but I'm not holding my breath. I think the man has reached his level of incompetence in many ways.

Hey, that's harsh - but this is a BC Blog, so let's have the discussion.

I couldn't believe he accepted a game with Webber State - no disrespect to them. We had a chance to schedule a good opponent, and he didn't even pick up the phone - until it rang.


CT said...

agree with your 10:33am post, bjk.

iowa physically dominated. #94 was unreal. they missed very few tackles.

of course, they had 15 extra practices to get ready for one game, but whatever. still impressive.

and the acc suffers another big-game defeat. somebody get that bcs record a life-preserver.

Dan said...

Ultimately it would be great if Boston embraced BC as their college football team but that just isn't going to happen until we have a perfect storm sports year of:

1) Red Sox all but eliminated by late August.
2) Pats losing their first 6 games.
3) BC winning their first 6 games
4) Half of the Celtics retire.

Since this probably won't be happening next season, BC needs to understand that a large majority of locals are either attending or affiliated to other Boston schools and are not inclined to go cheer for a local school that isn't theirs.

However, BC does play tons of high profile nationally known teams every year that the casual fan may have more interest seeing live. Imagine thousands of people passing a billboard on the Pike into the city every day that says "College Football Lives Here" and has the logo of all the well know teams we play on it (ND, FSU, Miami, USC, VTech, Clemson)

Might be a good promo.

Unknown said...

That Boisture article is hilarious. Some genius in the comments section called BC a MAC school compared to... Michigan State.

As for BC attendance, Boston doesn't necessarily need to embrace it, but Boston and Newton need to stop actively giving us the proverbial finger. Could you imagine if you couldn't park on public parking streets around Fenway during Red Sox games? That would never happen. Add in the asinine tailgating rules, fees, and the convenience of satellite parking and you have to wonder how they get anybody to go.

Harry Collins said...

Dan, I don't think the main problem is Boston's interest in the pro sports teams (although that's part of it), I think it's the fact that BC is an elite, private school, and not the State U. When it's the State U, everyone gets into it, because everyone has a connection to the state, if not the university. We saw a little of that when UMass and Calipari were big in the 90s. And I saw it when I was down at Virginia for BC-UVA in November. UVA sucked, but Charlottesville was hoppin', and the stadium was packed. Pretty amazing with a 2-9 team and a lame duck coach.

A lot of people who didn't go to BC dislike BC, they think we are blowhards about how great a school it is. I'm sure you've heard the joke about how you know someone went to BC ("they'll tell you"). Chicago is the same way with ND.

JP from Dorchester said...

Was at the Emerald Bowl.... and there was no BC band at all. Not sure where they are getting high schoolers, but they must also do a pretty good invisibility act, cuz there was no one playing BC songs.

Dan said...

The State school thing is relevant but speaks more to a point I think you and I are both hitting on. BC is a small private school surrounded by dozens of other small private schools.

State schools generally have huge draws for several reasons unrelated to state pride.

1) They're usually giant and therefore have huge student sections and a proportional number of devoted alums.
2) They're usually situated somewhere far from any other major pro or collegiate draw. What is there to do in Charllotesville? Gainesville? College Station, PA? Tallahasee?

No one issue is the magic bullet. They need to hit on all main factors.

Tailgate Nazism
Increase Promotions
More quality OOC games

and my favorite SimCityesque environmentally unfriendly solution: Buy the resevoir, fill it and build a brand new stadium that allows us to have more room for tailgating, easier access from the D & C lines and most importantly the ability to tell Newton to go F themselves

CT said...

I agree with Harry. There is absolutely no comparison between the passion involved with THE state school and a smaller, private school. None. Zero. To compare, for example, BC and UGA would be doing a disservice to all the English Bulldawgs who have died after patrolling Between the Hedges. Yes, state schools are bigger. But, in almost its entirety, the culture is different wrt football. The Red Sox are the closest thing I can think of in Boston that would remotely equate. Even that might be a stretch. Culturally, Atlanta is a college sports city. Boston is a pro sports city. We know this. Can't change it. Never will. I think a lot of people in Boston don't like BC. Most people outside of the city don't know very much about the school. Hopefully that's changing with the conference switch. I agree with Richard. The city of Boston and BC? Who cares? Now, Newton and the gameday environment? That would be a cultural evolution.

Big Jack Krack said...

Great idea, Dan. How much are we paying the Fenway Sports Group? Seems like our PR has gone downhill since they came on board. I'm way out of town now, living in SC - but I could not believe the scant - if any - coverage of Luke Kuechly's national awards. The true freshman made First and Second Team All American, for crying out loud, and I didn't even see it mentioned in the papers.

Seems very odd to me. There must be many other general college football fans in Greater Boston who are not affiliated with any Boston school - hence they don't have a built in disdain for anything BC. Why can't we figure out ways to get these folks into our stadium like Dan suggests?

A little enthusiasm goes a long way, Gene. But you thought Donor-Based-Seating was the answer (I maintain my season tickets, and donate to the Flynn Fund - so I can criticize).

I think the Athletic Department needs to reach out to the true fans and figure this thing out. Our attendance was down about 5,000 - 6,000 at Alumni this past season (although it seemed to be much more). We need to put fans into the seats.

Speaking of Tailgate Nazism - I don't see any reason why we can't have at least picnic-style tailgating on the Brighton Campus. No open fires/cook-out grills, etc - but open it up to general picnic tailgating. The neighbors wouldn't see it or hear it.

Increase Promotions - hear, hear.

More quality OOC games - double hear, hear. When everyone is getting ramped up for college football, we're opening up with Kent State and Webber State - nice going, Gene - you really make us proud!

eagleboston said...


I live in Iowa and have always thought BC and Iowa are very familiar in their approach to the game. Both the offensive and defensive schemes are similar and both teams have had successful seasons over the past few years. Iowa had taken that next step of not only getting to a BCS bowl but winning the game, which is what we all hope for BC.

Iowa's Defensive Coordinator, Norm Parker, is one of the best in the business and I knew that if he had a few weeks to prepare for the triple option, Ga Tech was in trouble. Are Spaz and McGovern smart enough to analyze the Orange Bowl game tapes to learn how to defend the triple option prior to our next meeting with Tech?

Prayers are with the Abrams. They are also with former BC linebacker Ron Perryman who is suffering from ALS.


Harry Collins said...

Jack, I believe the Tailgate Nazism is one of the concessions BC made to the Cities of Newton and Boston to get them to drop their opposition to the expansion of Alumni Stadium in the mid-1990s, so I'm not sure what you can do about that now. It sucks. The tailgate scene circa 1994 was incredible, I remember being at Shea Field after a noon game and partying until 9 PM, only leaving because I couldn't drink or eat any more.

Ryan said...

Richard - The comment on that site comparing BC to a MAC school was Observer College, a resident BC fan/satirist. Enjoy.

mod34b said...

CT --

you say "There is absolutely no comparison between the passion involved with THE state school and a smaller, private school. None. Zero."

How about Notre Dame?

How about USC?

How about Wake?

How about BYU?

How about Syracuse (when it had a good team)?

How about Duke in basketball?

all private school, all excellent attendance, all have passionate fans. BC can get there too.

Erik said...

BC is wearing some commemorative jerseys for the Frozen Fenway. Check out the BC Eagles site.

Harry Collins said...

Mod34b - ND and USC are brand names because of their steep football trasitions, ND has a little hoop tradition too (history of stopping winning streaks, 78 Final Four). Duke is a counterpart brand name in basketball. As for Syracuse, have you ever been to Western New York? If so, then you'll know why people go to the Carrier Dome in droves in the middle of winter to watch a basketball game. BYU I know nothing about, but I assume they serve milk there, good clean fun with no temptations. When Wake sucks, there are a lot of empty seats, trust me. I've been there.

CatabEagle said...

Any Brighton locals notice how the Reservoir is at a historical low(you can walk about 30 yards into it). If it keeps depleting, we may have campus expansion just yet!

Coast said...

Touching on what Harry Collins said, I think the difference between Chicago and Boston is the generic Joe Chicago will support ND even if he had no ties to the school (subway alumni). Generic Joe Boston doesn't support BC.

As for mod34b, I don't think it's entirely fair to compare ND and BC past small, Catholic school with great academics. I don't think it's entirely fair to compare ND's program to the program of any other private school, of any size.

The reason I believe this is because Notre Dame is the beneficiary of an incredible perfect storm. They made the most out of the underdog role in the past; they traveled and played anyone, anywhere; they welcomed outsiders (subway alumni); they were iconic and played (and achieved) much better than a school of their size and profile should have. They won over Catholics and immigrants in trying times for the country. If you were Catholic, you rooted for ND, period (obviously, that condition isn't the case anymore). Football led to improved academics, and the ND brand we know today is a result of their history. That is why a school with 8000 undergrads in the middle of a cornfield can sell out an 80,000 stadium and is known around the country.

I think they struck at a time when the iron was hot and the nation was receptive of what they sold. I don't know if a program can do that overnight in today's sportsworld. It has become too specialized with conferences and divisions. I think it would be pretty difficult for a newbie to break into FBS and establish a long tradition of winning. College football likes its brand names and tradition. We already know how hard it is for mid-majors to get a BCS bowl. How would a mid-major do it with consistency? Maybe Boise State has something.

But then again, maybe Brandeis or UM-Dearborn can develop an amazing football program over the next 80 years.

Dan said...

Ok so in looking at the reservoir on google maps it is really waaay bigger than I thought. There is definitely more than enough room to build a megasports complex there and have a full fledged tailgate/parking zone.

However, since that would cost millions and filling it will upset a lot of people I have a plan B. Buy it, only fill half and turn that into a full fledged tailgate area. This kills the pesky satelite lots and you can then categorize the different tailgate areas: dry/parking, parking/picnic and full fledged tailgate debauchery zone. You could also then price according to zone.

None of this will ever happen but it all feels nice in the BC Football Monopoly game in my head.

Big Jack Krack said...

Bostonfoodie - The resevoir's historical significance has been recognized through its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places and its designation as a City of Boston Landmark. There used to be two basins making up the resevoir - Lawrence and Bradlee - Bradlee is the remaining basin.

Perhaps the most significant change occurred in 1948-1949, when Lawrence Basin – phased out of use after the construction of Quabbin Reservoir and the City Tunnel, which connected Quabbin to Boston – was sold to Boston College. The reservoir was (mostly)filled and Alumni Stadium was erected in 1951.

When I was a freshman at BC (Class of '68), they were still completing the fill in of the water that went all the way to the hillside - roughly the parking lot by the mods to the parking garage.

If we could at least get control of "Bear Can Hill", that would be something - but I understand that will never happen. Why, I don't know.

This is better than talking about basketball for now.

Big Jack Krack said...
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Big Jack Krack said...



Darius said...

Regarding the BC band fiasco, I'd be curious to hear what the other ACC schools thought of the decision. Obviously the ACC places significance on the traveling party and band if their policy is to pick up the hotel costs. Seems to me like GDF's move would really rub them the wrong way, as being contrary to the spirit of the league and refusing to represent it well.

Big Jack Krack said...


rumple said...

i'm with dan: buy the res for $ 100,000,000

and let's make admissions 4 athletes easier by starting a sport's trainer major in the nursing school! that may help with gender diversity in that school too - an important social goal.

America said...

There is a nasty rumor flying around Boston that there will be no beer sold on Friday at the game at Fenway. Has anyone else heard this? This can not possibly be true. Is it?

Big Jack Krack said...

Can't drink beer at NCAA events, correct? Besides, who wants to drink beer in 15 degrees and maybe some snow.

For those so inclined - get lathered up a bit after work or school in a nice warm bar - then place your flask strategically in your BVDs - and go have a great time.

You're right - I'm in a hotel room with nothing better to do :-)

theguymoney said...

Ok I got it - we don't fill part of the reservoir and erect a new state of the art stadium. We leave the other half filled with water, outside the stadium and tailgate on boats a la University of Washington. We quickly go to worst tailgating to best tailgating.

Big Jack Krack said...

If the resevoir is controlled by the MDC and not Boston - the idea might work :-)

Although the MDC probably hates us as well.

LeFevour is about to pull off a 90+ yard two minute drill to win the bowl game.

Big Jack Krack said...

Duh - maybe I misunderstood.

Dan said...

Wow LeFevour is definitely a poor man's Jesus Tebow.

mod34b said...

Good one Georgias'

Make admission easy for athletes by starting a sports nursing (trainer) program.

everyone does not have to be a chemistry major like Castonzo. (that's impressive given the time commitments demanded by football)

mod34b said...

coast -- think you misunderstood my point.

Adam M. said...

That would be weird if they didn't serve beer...considering Agganis Arena does and I'm pretty sure the Garden does during the Beanpot and Hockey East Semis too. I could be wrong about the Garden but I know for a fact BU serves beer at home hockey games.

Dan said...

As should Alumni at football games. It would help get people in a little quicker if they weren't trying to cram 4 hours worth of buzz in before coming in or drunkenly figuring out where to hide their flask. But I'm sure this is another stipulation of the 4th Reich Newton, MA.

America said...

Big Jack Krack

You are wrong about beer sales at NCAA events. Some college stadiums even sell beer. BU sells beer, The Carrier Dome sells beer, they sell beer at UCONN, they sell beer at the Garden for Beanpot and Hockey east, they sell beer at all the bowl games.

They do not sell beer during the NCAA Tournaments however. Not sure why that is.

As for everything else I think it's more of a city to city thing.

It would be upsetting if they didn't on Friday.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Vinny - I thought beer was prohibited at college games, but I was mistaken.

Coast said...

mod34b, my bad, I did misunderstand. You were talking about passion in the base, I was bouncing more off someone else's post.

CT said...

mod34b, my point being that if you talk to most anyone in south georgia, from valdosta to savannah to macon to albany, to someone in east georgia like augusta, or to someone in atlanta (even with tech located midtown/downtown), they root passionately for uga and there's a 93% chance that neither they nor their family attended the school. but generation after generation wear their uga sweatshirts and hats and have an opinion on who uga's defensive coordinator should be.

atlanta sports talk radio has literally spent more time talking about who uga's next def coordinator should/will be than talking about tech in the orange bowl. they know who butters the bread. now that's a fanbase.

it's cultural and it's passed down...i guess that's my point. i'm pretty confident that bc is never going to replicate that, like most private schools, save notre dame, which is of course in a league by itself in terms of tradition/culture, etc.

just gotta revel in the whole underdog, little engine that could thing. i dig it.

mod34b said...

If BC intended to be the BIG Dawg in Georgia (Texas, Florida, Alabama, etc.), I could undestand your point. But that's not the goal.

USC, a private school is big dawg in So Cal

BYU, a private school, is big dawg in Utah

BC has no real football competition in New England, and almost no competition in the North East -- a very large population.

So CT -- ye who ever aspires with your buddy Bravesbill to not be average, to not be mediocre, to not be that pathetic little engine -- you are again being schizoprenic.

Why can't BC grow its fan base by leaps and bounds? Why can't we rule the North East? It's a tall order, for sure, but we can aspire to that goal and makes strides in getting there.

mod10aeagle said...

In addition to a crappy gameday experience outside the stadium, isn't it fair to say that BC football has had a pretty dull on-field product since Ryan left? The Crane/Davis offense was not entertaining and neither was this year's edition. Compare the entertainment value of BC's offense to that of Boise State. Okay, maybe that's not fair, but if BC needs to appeal to non-alumni and has to compete with the Sox, Celts, Pats and Bruins for a share of the consumer's entertainment budget, the product is going to have to be something special.

I think Dan has a good idea in trying to broaden the brand to encompass the entire ACC, or the home schedule (the "big time football is played here" billboard). But that takes years, and the likes of Weber State, Kent State, Central Michigan, Central Florida, Northeastern, and Rhode Island kills that story.

CT said...

my buddy bravesbill...oh, mod34.

i'm being a realist. let me be succinct. at what point in the past has bc won over the northeast? never. nor will we. if you want "bandwagon" fans, then try winning something sometime. other than a regional sport like hockey. and then win again. that's the only way. we all know too that we don't recruit to do that. nor are we likely to. usc is a big dog b/c they are a dynasty. they made the compromise. fine. there's only one usc. byu? come on. have a few mormons in utah, anyone?

you want casual fans to cheer for the elite private school, yes? then get a dynasty. win repeatedly on the big stage. for once in the modern era. and lastly, again, the market in boston is pretty saturated.

i'd settle for one al skinner signature win and one tob/jags/spaz signature win. baby steps.

mod34b said...

CT -- is the glass half full or half empty? We have a different perspective

You say "at what point in the past has bc won over the northeast? never. nor will we" (really, nor will we ??)

The Flutie days won over the NE, and I certainly think we can do it again. The next Flutie, the next Ryan, the next Hasselback etc. might already be on campus! Or maybe he is a junior in HS.

I choose to see the glass as half full -- its the rational choice .

Remember the motto engraved into Bapst Library: αν ριστεύειν

Ever to Excel!

"Ever to Excel" It is derived from the sixth book of Homer's Iliad, (Iliad 6. 208) in a speech Glaucus delivers to Diomedes. During a battle between the Greeks and Trojans, Diomedes is impressed by the bravery of a mysterious young man and demands to know his identity. Glaucus replies: "Hippolocus begat me. I claim to be his son, and he sent me to Troy with strict instructions: Ever to excel, to do better than others, and to bring glory to your forebears, who indeed were very great ... This is my ancestry; this is the blood I am proud to inherit."