Friday, February 26, 2010

Baseball loses in walkoff and other links

After a strong showing last week in New Orleans, BC started their weekend with a rough loss at Auburn. The Tigers won in extra innings with Brian Fletcher's walkoff home run. Even more frustrating, BC left 12 men on base.

BC Hockey swept their season series with UMass with a 2-1 overtime win over the Minutemen.

I am sure most of you read this, but here is a nice article on Herzy's comeback.


Erik said...

i was happy with the hockey win last night. Not much atmosphere there w/out any students, but we didn't get lulled to sleep. Not a single power play for BC. UMass I think had two. It was the weirdest thing.

Watching BC-GT (sounds like ATL is there via his Twitter). I have a few reaction:
- I've decided GT has the worst court & arena in the league. Ugly Dijon mustard color, huge logo, round seating.
- I'd wish someone would tell Jackson & Ravenel that t-shirts under the uni are lame.
- This is probably the 15th straight game I've seen where the announcer calls Roche by the name "Trapani". Makes me laugh every time.

Matt said...

Man I wish bruce pearl would come to his alma mater. He engages the fan so well. Anyone see the vols fans camping out and the players walking through hanging out with them? I know bc students wouldn't do that but to think...

Erik said...

BC students would do it if other BC students did it. Everyone is too concerned w being "cool" and afraid to let loose. That is my impreSsion anyway.