Sunday, February 07, 2010

BC storylines in the Super Bowl and other links`

We are nearing game time, so here are a few Super Bowl and BC links...

Jamie Silva has a professional cut his hair for the first time since 2003. Seems like bad luck to me, but this is the Super Bowl -- you want to look good.

Jo-lonn Dunbar won't play Sunday, but he will be across the field from one of his high school friends.

Recent signee Aaron Kramer has the right frame to be one of our Olinemen. Now he just needs to add some weight and strength.

New signee CJ Jones is expected to be a DB but also may get some touches on offense.


A33Jim said...

Silva got on screen a few times, but his hair was so long it covered his name.

Laxman said...

The article on Jones refers to BC as the Golden there anything more annoying???????