Sunday, February 28, 2010

Combine news and notes

Mike McLaughlin is using his face time with NFL folks to remind them he can long snap too. It is not a bad strategy. Because he played hurt last year, McLaughlin's 2009 tapes are not NFL caliber. If he thinks he can be a good linebacker in the NFL, using special teams to get your foot in the door might be the best path. The NFL Network's Mike Mayock thinks McLaughlin's bloodlines will also help him get noticed.

Matt Tennant is also talking about the ability to play multiple positions including either guard spot. A San Fran blog had the 40 times of high profile linemen. As you can see, Tennant was on the fast side.

Here are the unofficial times of other offensive linemen of note. West Viriginia's Ed Wang 5.46; Cal's Mike Tepper 5.37; Notre Dame's Sam Young 5.19, LSU's Ciron Black 5.49, Iowa's Bryan Bulga 5.26; Iowa's Kyle Calloway 5.51, Rutgers's Anthony Davis 4.38, UMass's Vladmir Ducasse 5.21; Idaho's Mike Iupati 5.26; Ole Miss's John Jerry 5.18; Oklahoma State's Russell Okung 5.17; Arkansas's Mitch Petrus 5.29; Boston College's Matt Tennant 5.13 and Texas Tech's Brandon Carter 5.36. Unofficial times are typically slower than official times.


BCMike said...

"West Viriginia's Ed Wang"

Didn't Wang play for VT? I only think this because he was not much of a fan favorite for most Hokies as he seemed to always be the one who had a timely screw-up penalty.

Meaning...I've heard "f*ck you, Ed Wang!!" more than a couple times.

mod10aeagle said...

Rutger's Anthony Davis ran a 4.38? That's an O-liner? No way.

mod34b said...

McLaughlin's I-can-long-snap-too strategy is a smart approach, especially with NFL bloodlines thrown in.

In fact, this was the same exact successful strategy used by LB Zak DeOssie* to get from Brown to the NFL. Hope it works for McL.

(* son of BC legend Steve DeOssie (a frighteningly crazy guy on campus back in the day!))

Zak went on to earn himself a Superbowl ring and became an all-pro long snapper. Not bad.